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May 9, 2016


by Firepower

It takes more brains to write an article than read one.

So, witey writes – for those too old to rebel. For rare is the literate witey under 40.

It was told once, youth listened to elders’ admonishments, grudgingly accepting them as a warning how to improve their lot. Today, even slight differences compel youth to tell their elders to suck a cock – then screeching demands to kick their ass. They are ridiculously ignorant, silly and mindless. It’s why they suck.

But, most elders were potheads fucking hairy hippy whores at Woodstock or selling out to Reaganite corporations. Now, they repent by ….

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September 25, 2015

Reader Mail: Jack Donovan – Literal Cocksucker

by Firepower

Today’s love letter comes from Ireland via a Miss McNmnælðnad Sclçrthðne – pronounced Gladys Smythe, for you idiots. Couldn’t you FIGURE THAT out?!?

when somebody mentions an Eradica post around Jack on the internet, there’s nothing but crickets.  Frankly, I think he avoids Eradica because it will challenge his position and right now things are good in Jack’s world.  I don’t interject my own thoughts in many conversations because I would be blocked from the group as was Paul Bingham for challenging the soldiers in Donovan’s camp.”

Jack D is a homo. That never bothered me. What bothers me are their universal…….. feminine, little-girl-like emotional responses to threat; in that way, they are like blacks who react with the same female tendencies.TX Miggers GOOD

JD used to write a blog about soldier worship with…tada…a soldier. I fired them my Jordie bomb theses and they hated it. They lionize soldiers like homos do; i.e. The Village ppl. Homos bring sex into every aspect of maleness and warriors are the ultimate male.


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July 27, 2015

Liberal nazis Expect Miggers To Eradicate Whites: Told Ya SO…

by Firepower

Coloreds: Good Enough For Krauts, Good Enough FOR YOU

I wrote on this concept two years ago: Told ya so…

Once latent*, it is now the manifest* policy of Our Historic Black President to use the full power of now firmly established Liberal nazism to empower the MINO Master Machine with ever greater powers. White guys do not rule – MINOs do.

As the USG grows ever more MINO, the policies will be ever more fascist and include greater genocide for whites. In fifty years, the Migger Majority’s quatro El Presidente del Los Murkas will sign a law deporting whites – instead of wn Fuehrer-Fapanzers realizing their dream of deporting all Miggers back to their 3rd world shitholes. With Miggers, you get LA, Tijuana & drug cartels. With coloreds, you get Detroit & Somalia.

While PeterPanzers & NewsreelNazis played dress-up in modified SS uniforms, dreaming of Munich, hollering about ….

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November 6, 2014

Republicrack Election Hangover

by Firepower

I don’t listen to Rushie anymore but I’m sure he is in the chorus with Drudgi, Billo and The Shannity – whom I also have proudly ignored for years.

For a long while, I’ve skipped by most of them channel surfing to new destinations, but I hear snippets of their cackling. Just enough to make me remember…

Lots of Republitalk-talk now re-emerges regarding the “sea-change” in how “things” are gonna be diff.

Heard the same shit when that pantload Bush won – along with RepubliControl of both the House and Senate. O, the great expectations touted to…

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October 2, 2013

Why the ALT-Right Will Fail: the altright is SWPL

by Firepower

Tweeting… Takes Itz Toll!

Actually, the ALT-Right (AR) has already failed.  The entire right has failed: Look at “Mitt Romney” and look at who’s in the White House.  Does that look like WINNING to you?  And why must I need point that out??

ARs are chicks.  They’re the chick who’s madly in love with you one second , then when you tell her “hey, babe: don’t wear your Slutty Nurse Costume to my grandma’s Halloween party”  they suddenly hate you and never call again.  It’s the MySpace/FaceBook/Twitter-sphere mentality of instant befriending & defriending.  I hate that you like Pokémon and The Beach Boys so therefore…I hate you and goodbye forever.

ARs are Feudin’ Rap Stars.  Arguing about who’s got the most bling and who called who’s momma a bitch.  Stupid shit.  Girl shit.

They just lost their caps:

Other ar “heroes” banned me instantly for disagreeing with them for longer than a day.  Piggy, Roosh (temporarily)  and Foney Ferdinand.

The modern ar has zero tolerance for disagreement.  It’s either True  Love Always! or Goodbye!! Forever!!!  Either response is full of Drama.  Even that was long ago already better described as histrionicsliufy

This is how chicks reason – how children think.  Dude Drama is ridiculous.  Far worse, this hypocrisy is just…

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July 31, 2013

Modern Manboobian Murkanism: Wild American Bitch

by Firepower

So Feminine, So Inflamed, So Infected…so Irritating

Manginaboob makes merry on All Things Firepowerian, waxing wistfully on

A douchebag’s lament: Pickup Artists have failed to tame the Wild American Bitch

Now, an inked-up skank with a 5th grader’s permanent black crayon puked all over her back becomes the Avatar of Class our Future Fuggirls are to emulate.

I deduce it’s a Harpy or Medusa growling about menstruating and cramping, thus forcing her to take 5 weeks off with Evil Men co-workers picking-up her slack.

Now honestly, what Modern Murkan|Man (aka Murman) could resist choosing such a wonderful display of feminine pulchritude?  Dear. Sweet. Kind. She is the exact reason why so many Murmen now rush to slap a ring on her inky finger.

Ever teh Feministzi, if you don’t trick out today’s Lil Ms. Tinkerbelle with fingerbling – watch how Modern Independent Girl screams and throws a tantrum.  She’ll scream so loud and make such a scene, the Dianne Feinstein Reading Room at the local Oprah Woman’s Publick Libarie will hear her roar!

Mr Manboob is not married despite such PC vocal luuuurrv of teh wimmins. Implanted with one Ovary and One Teste (to be diverse) he should be the supreme baby-making catch for SWPL papoose-baby lugging preggerz throughout Murka.

It’s really because it is ignorant like its Tatted Tramp Club Fer GRRLZ; internally too ignorant to see Bikerslut Couture attracts just the perfect biker mr. right.  More likely, it’s PC whiteknights like Teh Boob that make her pussy yawn, dry up and vanish.  What modern Perseus would not want to marry a Mizz Medusa of the Gorgon Cult?  Now, the Gorgon is the norm of beauty.  Look into her eyes (or full-on cobra skull backpatch) and be turned to stone.  If not, the IRS will do it for her. Hardcore!

1975: The UN Could NEVER Be Wrong, Right?

G’wangurlz – get tatted up like men.  Emulate men.  Be more like men.  PC Whiteknights became more like Women with their nurturing, huggz, compash – and whipping out the nipple to quiet noisy Babies; look how wonderful that’s turned out for Murkan Marriage!  Maybe…women will ultimately develop REASON… just like men used to have!  We iz saved.

• This is the method of operation of the Feminist Falange of the FFFOL as it conquers for LN. They’ve been dormant for a while, celebrating giant victories, but just wait until Hilary campaigns and is coronated as your next ruler.

The US either gets better, stays the same – or gets worse.  Follow the trend.

Modern Manboobian Murkanism is simply too brainwashed|stupid to grasp – that from what he got now – more tatted, arrogant, bigmouth skanks only mean more rejected women competing to join the ever expanding California PornGirl star pool : You’ve come a long way baby!

I am Woman, hear me whore!

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