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October 1, 2012

Letters From ferdinand bardamu

by Firepower

Joie de Vivre: le idealisme du Enfant

Letters from ferdi: Or, “how I, Firepower, almost succeeded in saving a teenage Community College Dropout from a life of poseurship, emulating an obscure, failed French Collaborateur”

In this Age, there really is no longer any salvation for a person with intellectual conceits.  Once, in a Golden Age, there was self-appraisal and checks on one’s behavior based purely upon the common good of Virtue.  You know:  All that Socratean examined life “stuff” instilled within from a common teaching.  Today it’s all about he who dies with the most videogames – and biggest online porn collection.  As with Money, Blogging does not destroy character – it reveals it.  Without further delay, the epitome of Clueless Virtue is thus presented.

Ferdinand Bardamu Says:

I AM not Crusty or any other of the commenters FP spars with. I don’t know who they are. For that matter, no one else could know who they are, since only I and my moderators (Antagonist and Mucius Scaevola) have access to the IP numbers of IMF commenters – and those two have only had access for a week.

BS. You, who professes Noblesse Trollhate Oblige – all the sudden let “Crusty” run rampant. Then instantly banned me the mili-second I mentioned that “coincidence” on your blog.  It is purely senseless to let trolls run wild,  yet censoring and silencing critical dissenters.  Dissent mainly aimed at the shrill impotence that infected the bulk of your gang.  Being your own Sockpuppet is as insipidly banal a thing as a male can be.  If you don’t have the balls to confront somebody in a virtual world – how brave can one be?  As brave as it takes to eventually run away.

I suspected crusty (and the others) were you all along – and your friends informing on you sealed it. You are were crusty: Then again, maybe I’m wrong and it was your mods (Antagonist and Mucius Scaevola) who were the ones who sold you out to me.  How odd, that those professing a knowledge of Latin names are today, the blindest of them all.  All is really, indeed lost – until their grandkids grow into maturity.

He’s also lying about me having “secret correspondence” with Sofia vis-a-vis him, because he and her have a history. If Firepower wants war, all I need to do is give Sofia a ring and demolish what’s left of his reputation in these parts.

Dood,  you have no “secret correspondence” yet …you have the capability to give her “a call.”  Sounds E-Z…like ya done it before.

You’ve got your nose so far up her ass – that if she ever comes to a sudden stop, she’ll look like she has an Adam’s Apple.  From what I heard, you gave her a ring alright – it’s why you left.  The way “Relationships N’ Stuff®” are today, a lifetime commitment lasts about 4 years.  If ya make it last that long, then it’ll be finished in eight.

Firepower’s Rule of Internet Relativity:  A Good Blog Lasts as Long as A Good Marriage

Sufi whines about me kicking her butthurt ass about some inane teacher-sex post – and you White Knight the big-boobed Brahmina. Leave our history out of it. Kids like you two lovebirds are too fucking sensitive to have blogs.  Which…is also why you left.  That – and Fear of A SPLC Planet.

When do you kids grow up?  Is 40 to be the “new 20?”  Yep.  You can tell how diseased a society is by how long it takes self-proclaimed wise folks to wise up.  By all current estimates and figuring, The West has approximately 50 years left; I’ll (gladly) be dead by then.

My credibility you weasely impugn as damaged – is instead displayed by the approvals of  that handy-dandy vote-up system on TS, plus my wasted years posting on roissy’s;  It’s because I’ve never whined like a cunt to get somebody banned – not even Lady Raine.  Plus, I’m smarter than you.  But, you’d never believe that anyone could ever be. Ever. Hence, your weakness.  Fools avoid allies.

When the issue becomes obfuscated by internecine contests, it was never really about the issue, but prestige.  Avoid people (especially “leaders”) who prefer dogmatic prestige over an alliance of substance.  Words have become so common and empty in the Internet Sea that intent is made dissolute and dissipated.  One would expect an easy tyrant to spring up in the midst of all this confused stupidity and harvest the hate, yet the common folk are so stupefied as to prevent even that.

As for the “double standard,” – I have a simple rule when it comes to email – the minute you insult or attack me is the minute you lose all rights to email privacy.

My rule’s even simpler: Have the courage to bear it when (sadface!) Pee-poo don’t wike woo!

Run a blog, say nothing publicly about purported “troll offenses,” insult me as a troll – then become Mr. Tuffguy in private and I WILL put a hot pepper up your ass. You have big balls – and a big mouth – AFTER you ban somebody and you’ve silenced them.  Coward – publishing my email was your way of getting someone else to do your assassination.  No problem:  all of your cult were/are even more cowardly than yourself.

It displays your 7th grade mimicry of my style, compared to my recitation of pure fact.  I still have trouble situating into a real-live structure, your reliance upon such fiat via delusion of grandeur.  I know, that within that kernel of incongruity lies The Secret to why your gen is so fucking useless and impotent.  But, it will never do me any good because you all are so equally clueless about even that slavery.   You can’t free da slaves when da slaves think theys be free.

It’s the result of 50 years of TV infotainment and its resulting technological descendants:  The internet, the blog – and now Twitter – in that order.  It’s the decadent decline of those for whom all things are made easier than those in the preceding struggle.  The pioneers were hardy, our generation is spoiled.  Grandparents make the money, children spend the inheritance.  That would be easy to accept now – except for TV, the internet, blogging and tweeting supposedly imparting that vast wealth of knowledge that ostensibly exists to enlighten the sleeper.  I wrote about the internet (specifically, blogging) being a gilded cage, yet discover it is more of a virtual gilded cage – some even more under-utilized, under-described facet of Orwellian Prophecy where speech is not censored so much as it is merely dismissed and ignored.

Oh, poor you, sentenced to break rocks in the digital gulag! Poor you, deprived of your right to free speech! You’re only still leaving your droppings all over CR and TS, and lying to Pat, Cameron and Ryu trying to dredge up sympathy from the only people you haven’t pissed off yet! Firepower is soooooo oppressed!

Young furd, no wonder you were indeed so popular with The Young Set.  You were a screeching prima dona censor hiding behind self-aggrandized statements of “free speech” all while hogging the Nintendo Controller.  To the blind, the one-eyed are King.

Ohnoe…Kleenex Time Again

I had the initial impression Sofia was actually smart from her roissy comments and sassy defense of her positions.  I was disappointed after she started her own blog and her subject matter revealed just how childish she actually was.  All intelligence today must be strictly scrutinized because once you scratch the surface of even the apparently wise, often hiding underneath is the soul of the now ubiquitous 21st Century Fool; no one today is to be trusted.  Better to stay silent than open up your mouth and reveal your foolishness; in other words: Sofia should just keep sucking on the head til gooey finish.  Never act smart when you have such big tits; it’s waste personified.

Welmer sticks around because he has an ax to grind – an agenda of revenge.   Hate is a good thing when justified.  The main problem is the wispy, delicate and ephemeral moths attracted to His Flame of Hate and their sputtering rage.  So much sputter, it turns the ground soggy, sticky – leaving the wheels spinning helplessly in The Mud…

The biggest discouragement was the Cadre of Idiots In Mala Fide eventually attracted to spawn and flourish in the primordial soup of stupidity.   It became Spearhead Lite… Spearhead Jr.  It diminished itself early as boys in awkwardly grown-up bodies re-synthesizing the exact same shitty concepts their whiny, brainwashed single mommas live by as a moral creed.

A chip of the ole’ block!  The apple truly does not fall far from the tree.  But instead of being like daddy’s lil’ apple – they grew up to be Just Like Dear Old…MOM.

Writing doesn’t hide – it reveals true character.  Not just in the writer, but the readership.

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