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October 24, 2018

From Sniper to Beer Truck Driver

by Ryu
1982 arm compared to post-1982 arm

1982 arm compared to post-1982 arm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Firepower and Dr Doom have made some good comments on how The Beast disposes of its Jordies after their “service” term is us. I found a very nice story on that today:








So this guy shoots Bin Laden. Then he drops out of the military before his pension goodies would have kicked in. Command told him to pound sand on health insurance. They said they could set him up driving a beer truck.






LOL. I have known a few guys who drive beer trucks. Not bad work! Get paid about $20 an hour. You’ve got maybe 10 stops in a day. Pickup the truck, drive to each store, stock it, next. There’s nothing to trouble one’s sleep, just put in your 40 and go home.






It must be hard to go from GI Joe – Real American Hero! to just another dude. I think we could get these guys on our side somehow. A stumbling block for me is my unending disgust with Murka, but a plus is that most white men who’ve pulled triggers leave racially aware. Any suggestions?












October 13, 2012

Real Life Soldiering

by Ryu

I watched a remarkable video today.  It was interesting because it did not show ZOG’s best kicking ass; running and gunning while rock music plays in the background.

This is what you never, ever see on TV, but you should.  Whatever you may hear, SWAT, SEALs, and the Marines don’t win every encounter.  That’s when we find out a thing or two – not when you’re winning, but the other guy is.

It would be conventional to write a warning for this 30 minute video: blah blah there is blood and realism.  You’d pay $10 a head at the movie theater to see the same thing; I don’t think there’s anything shocking here.  Any modern horror movie or action flick will be exactly the same, except there is no music playing in the background here.

The IED is triggered at 1 minute in, treatment afterwards, helivac at 20 minutes in.

See how one injured man ties up 3 others?  Who is minding the perimeter?  See how they rigged the “easy” way out of that bunker, knowing human nature?  See how hard it is for the uninjured soldier to get up when he’s in body armor and carrying God knows what else?

Those who know me will know that I emphasize training self control in dangerous and uncomfortable situations – the pucker factor.  Hear how the soldier is swearing every other sentence?  That’s a stress response.  He has lost part of his frontal lobe functions.

As an aside, the IED has been the single most effective weapon of the insurgents in the sandbox.  Curious how none of the writers in the survivalist/patriot (SP) community have explored it.  They will devote many pages to ordinary guns but nothing to the game changer.

The helo appears at 20 minutes in.  That means the ETA for this particular area from the time the  incident is reported to the helo arrival is about 20 minutes.  It’s on the ground for less than 2 minutes then it’s off.   Do you hear the man panting at 22 minutes in?  He wasn’t running – again, that is a stress response.

There it is.  The thing to learn here is the primacy of fear and self discipline.  Everyone has fear – even 200 lb elite ninja warfighters wearing 50 lbs of body armor and carrying rifles with 6 buddies around.  Self control – being able to control your breathing, controlling your heart rate when everyone around you is swearing and afraid.  Pressure makes most people break.  Be abnormal, be different and don’t fold.


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