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December 5, 2018

Dojo of Wishes

by Firepower

BoomerHate is futile. Similarly, as would be Boomers ‘hating’ the GIgen for getting them into ‘Nam and saddling them with the blame passing down their generational form of crap. It’s common: Every gen hates the older because it shifts blame off youth. Boomers are 65 – that is well past combat age. War is the realm of youthful glory, or it once was, for today’s youth have never been a more coddled mess of uselessness wherein their only skill is excelling at blaming everybody else for their problems. They don’t even cut the lawn while living at Mom’s when they’re 29. Don’t expect them to storm the Bastille…

Thus, you see where and how it ends, and by whose apathy. This is not a time for Happy Predictions for the rosy future. It seems the more dire the predicament, the more Hopey McWishies prattle addled thoughts that are merely a reactive adrenaline fix to the deep fear swept under the rug reading daily headlines that make your forget the warnings you heard the day before.

Instead of heeding – and acting – upon clear warnings, Murkans retreat into Feelgood bwankies as is their practice of being the most bloated, overfed narcissistic materialistic spenders in human history.

Realize the LN/MMM is not scared of you anymore. wns – and especially trailerparknazis like to fool themselves that they are, like a kid getting his first purple belt at the dojo.
The real MMM is as intimidated by its captives as much as the SS was intimidated being outnumbered by jews at Bergen-Belsen. They keep up the barbed wire and guns to keep control, but not out of fear of losing it.

May 9, 2016


by Firepower

It takes more brains to write an article than read one.

So, witey writes – for those too old to rebel. For rare is the literate witey under 40.

It was told once, youth listened to elders’ admonishments, grudgingly accepting them as a warning how to improve their lot. Today, even slight differences compel youth to tell their elders to suck a cock – then screeching demands to kick their ass. They are ridiculously ignorant, silly and mindless. It’s why they suck.

But, most elders were potheads fucking hairy hippy whores at Woodstock or selling out to Reaganite corporations. Now, they repent by ….

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February 8, 2016

MediaPROP Online Control

by Firepower

MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp Not Only Worked For FUXNews, But Also The Lucky Ryu

We know who controls print media – and both NYC NewsPROP and Hollywood MoviePROP. Toss in Playstation junk. Make sure you categorize all media forms.

Online, just ten publishers control it ALL. They tell you what to …..

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January 18, 2016

Chinese Democracy

by Firepower

As Murka becomes murky with less clear White water, and more brown, this emerging non-white mass will increasingly disavow 1776 and all NRA/Bundy Ranch-Gadsden Flag* issues.

MINOs have no history, save for Stonewall* and Sacred MLK Marches. Give them food and a place to breed and they are content.

Murka will decay much further and rapidly under Brown Rulership; there will never be a colored Renaissance*  because there never was a colored Renaissance. Colored rulers here will be totally susceptible to …

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July 14, 2014

LEOs on Twitter!

by Firepower

Did you know?

On Twitter, you can find and locate our helpful Law Enforcement Officers who did so much for Murka by baking Branch Davidians and shooting Mrs. Randy Weaver and her little boy to keep us safe to import MIGGERS!

They even keep us safe from Bundy Ranchers with Land Management SWAT teams outfitted exactly as Military soldiers.

Here’s one of my favorite FEDS!

He’s even a Schwartz!

June 12, 2014

Socialist Status Quo

by Firepower

The extreme-hype mega claims of Social Media impact are blunted because the effect is basically an evangelist with blinders on preaching to a lobotomized choir…already with blinders on itself.

These are The Blog Blind POD Peeple. Life has indeed degenerated into a dark, 1970’s sci-fi, a bleak remake of a remake. Murka can’t even be a good fake anymore.

Both Left and Right exist as infotainment for each other side’s sake. It’s a dangerous trend that dis-unites the once United States into solid bilateral opposition historically proven to result in civil wars. The Mountain of Guns (TMOG) just sitting around today just may actually get dusted-off and used. That is good if you’re about anarchy; bad if you expect that results in a repeat of George Washington, Constitutionality – and chirpy fife dreams.

Silly BlogWorld 2.0 and its Twitterverse seem in solidarity, each with itself, when you only listen to The Me Channels. It’s not a “sphere” and it’s not a “cloud” unless you…

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