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December 22, 2018

Scary Arson Sabotage

by Firepower

now vat do ve do?!?

It appears the CurrentGEN of disarmed Socialist Krauts actually can & do project ScaryPower – without even… a M-m-mountain of Guns! Still, Murkans are far more scarier; they’ve had safes full of AR-15s & Remington 700s with expensive scopes and lasers – for years.

Despite surveillance by millionz of CCTV Ünkel Merkel stasi-cams, brash neonaz* actually gave further instructions on making firebombs and using explosives. I can’t determine how a €1 skimask defeats such Hi-Tech. Good thing Killary and her LN Ascendant have spycams and Spynets* of BIGov informers to completely neutralize SO76’s MOG or I couldn’t enjoy Antman and a brew.

Imagine if when coloreds of The BLM do this.  Good thing wites were neutralized long ago or HEROFireMEN!™ would get too much overtime.

*see glossary of Firepowerisms



April 4, 2016

Tom Sowell Sees…Liberal NAZISM!

by Firepower

my sister, the future mrs. Ryu at Spa-Flammkrauserramfunk

It ain’t braggin’ if it’s a fact: I invented the term Liberal nazism years ago and write on its pernicious power. J-Go may have coined “Liberal Fascism”, but that’s wrong because it is simply too mild a term: LIUFY on Eradica’s search. Now, no less than the greatest Black Man to have ever lived suddenly caught the Eradica Bug

As the colored gains more Presidencies, their goal is not some pie-in-the-sky crap “uniting of all Murkan Peepulz” that Liberal Hippies historically spew. This is great propaganda intended to lull the last few Whites to sleep and join the Pod Peepul. The goal of the black (operating inside the FFOL) is the same as all conquerors: Kill Your Enemies & Listen To The Weeping & Lamentations of Their Women.

Long ago, the LN successfully conquered the wheels & gears in the daily minutiae of BIGov operations by installing its operatives in every niche via Affirmative Action. Every level of Rule and Law is spanned from …

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March 28, 2016

Murkan Legal Institutions

by Firepower

Murkan government is a strange BEAST.
Even back when it was America, the Bill of Rights and that individual Liberty via Limited Government thing made it unique – made it exceptional. It was exceptional…in its past. Today it is Socialist – but of a Socialism based upon MINO-rights. Even that is unique.

America/Murka was has always been a difficult nation for foreigners to understand; it is actually not difficult at all, it is merely a nation of extremes living amid great material bounty.

Both American and Murkan justice institutions work(ed) by grabbing and consuming vast amounts of money. The goal is to convict – everyone. In both nations, Money=Power=Ultimate. In that way, The System acquires even more cash with an ultimate goal of….

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June 5, 2014

Dynasties of Filth

by Firepower

Even the fabulous 1% – the Merchants of WALL Street – throw tankers full of money to a Clinton: A super-liberal dynasty of filth bent on flinging wide the rotten drawbridge over the drained moat, to more swarms of Miggers, while sitting in splendid comfort behind towering Upstate New York walls guarded by free Secret ϟϟ Sex Service hit men. Rome’s Praetorian Guard ignored evil if it got a cut of the action.

The top 30 Dow-Jones companies are shoveling gold her way. They are donating heavily to the Clinton Global Initiative, the secret, diabolical function of which is…

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June 3, 2014

Why All Liberals Must Be Eradicated: Blog Reviews

by Firepower

Hymie Myersteinberg, Ph.D

Pasty & effeminate: Check

Feminist: Check

Atheist: Check

Liberal Professor at a white liberal state college flunking conservative kids: Check

Jew: Check.

This site is a counterpoint to Nationalist VRWism, replete with its own version of “these people should killed” and hoo-ray for us.  The commenters aren’t coloreds or even the wider net of minos. Most are SWPL whites who hate other whites.  The name-calling is delicious. They want “The Government” to round up all NRA members to protect them.

They are Murka’s version of Tories in 1775. They are traitors.

Both camps gather to their respective sides and…

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June 26, 2013

Coloreds Raping Whites

by Firepower
Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The only spur that motivates a decadent government is violence.  It is a fat, stupid horse that must be controlled lest it trample you.  Once it was spirited, sleek and young – it had a noble purpose.  If you can’t control a horse – you’re dead.

Upset Channon Christian had to die with table-leg splinters jammed into her holes?  Poor Chris had stuff jammed up his ass, too.  This is how you do protests that shock.  Even OWS did not shock, hence, it’s failure.  That failure was the result of sympathetic old liberals reminiscing and waxing nostalgic about their hippy~dippy days and glorifying OWSkidz who fell into the trap of Queen For A Day.

National crime records show that 228,650 of the total 256,329 violent crimes recorded last year were against women.

Wow…in a nation of what, 333 Million people?  Compare that to …

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