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June 12, 2014

Socialist Status Quo

by Firepower

The extreme-hype mega claims of Social Media impact are blunted because the effect is basically an evangelist with blinders on preaching to a lobotomized choir…already with blinders on itself.

These are The Blog Blind POD Peeple. Life has indeed degenerated into a dark, 1970’s sci-fi, a bleak remake of a remake. Murka can’t even be a good fake anymore.

Both Left and Right exist as infotainment for each other side’s sake. It’s a dangerous trend that dis-unites the once United States into solid bilateral opposition historically proven to result in civil wars. The Mountain of Guns (TMOG) just sitting around today just may actually get dusted-off and used. That is good if you’re about anarchy; bad if you expect that results in a repeat of George Washington, Constitutionality – and chirpy fife dreams.

Silly BlogWorld 2.0 and its Twitterverse seem in solidarity, each with itself, when you only listen to The Me Channels. It’s not a “sphere” and it’s not a “cloud” unless you…

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February 26, 2014

Urban Terrorizing The Elites

by Firepower

It takes balls to threaten The Elite.

They’ve lived so long without fear of The Little People that even spraying graffiti on their mansions warrants the Fascist FBI helping the hundreds of standard local SWATZIs while they’re pulled-off investigating huge caseloads of Miggers murdering whites or cranking out Escalades full of Meth.

The IRS jamming a telescope up the TEA Party’s ass and Imperial MINO Commissar Sir Eric the Holder’s stammering on who ordered machine guns given to Illegal Mexican Miggers will just have to wait while the Feudal San Francisco Elite demand Federal executions for those spray-painting their nine-car Garages.

I wonder if the CCTV surveillance cams will identify these rascals – or if they wore ski masks?  Maybe they even bragged to their Weather Underground profs at Berkeley.  Angela Davis, can ya feel me?

Maybe Hippies re-figured it out that the only establishment government that respects you is the one that fears you.

February 25, 2014

Dissident Dumbass

by eradican

Unlike elsewhere we here at Eradica welcome dissent and free speech. Within limits of course but overall we uphold this cherished value. At another blog recently I was reminded again why we’re so unique. This blogger and several of his commentators do not support climate change science. Regardless of what you think of the matter let’s be real; internet know it all bro science isn’t real science. 911 truther morons aren’t experts despite their techno babble and pseudo intellectual nonsense. While my comments were of a derogatory nature this wasn’t the first time I was censored needlessly. This particular blogger lets his personal favorites get away with provocative stuff all the time. He’s been blogging for over a decade now going under a variety of names. He’s one those wannabe alt-right journalist types that would cream his pants if the NY beta times mentioned him. He was once quite radical but he purposely created a new blog just so his name could be safely mentioned at Manhattan cocktail parties. A rather sad fellow craving a smart badge as RSS puts it.

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November 4, 2013

Why White Nationalism Will Fail

by Firepower

White Nationalism (wn) is given small letters for a reason: It has not earned the right to Big Boy Letters to get called “WN.”

It will fail for a myriad of reasons.  They are the same reasons why whites in general have let the country slip away, with eternal, daily  predicaments of re-claiming their power.

These same issues infecting wn (no caps) are the same infecting PUA, the Men’s Rights “Movement” (MRA) and even Propaganda Media darling Occupy Wall Street (OWS).  The TEA Party also flops impotently under the same fate; combine them all and you have the entire white political spectrum of failure.  The man-ohnoes!-fear is barely a fart in the wind, for it’s only a bunch of talk – merely online, no less; they are contemptible. Actions speak louder than words.  Talk is cheap:  Online talk – is fucking worthless. Do I know how to fix it?  You bet I do.  More importantly, so do you but to prove…

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May 22, 2013

The Good Old Mino Network: Liberal Elite Rule 5.17.13

by Firepower

Today’s Ideal Man

The perfect example, really:

There’s no need to dig up secret Illuminati Plots; the truth suffices.  Today’s Marie Antoinette eats actual cake while telling proles to “eat cake” as more cake arrives from the IRS, served by The Leader.  Somewhere, Caligula is cumming in his toga.

Our African-American President appoints, as Imperial Czar of the IRS, one Danny “irish” Werfel as ruler.  He, of Werfel, Feingold, Goldblatt & Goldberg, son of famous Manhattan finance firm to Goldman Sachs.  I kid.  Werfel replaces “Belgian” Schulman, who hired Lois “Scotish” Lerner to persecute patriot and TEA Party groups.  Which, she did with muy goy-sto.  All this after orders from Democrat Party Senators in the Irish Caucus:  Schumer, Levin and Franken.

Another Nice Lady who persecuted the White Groups is Sarah Hall-Hyphenated-Ingram.  Her little old feminist self was recently decreed Ruler of…  New IRS ObamaCare.

3% of Murkan population are Struggling-Hebrew-Americans, and they represent what percentage of the “dis-empowered” US Imperial Senate?  I forgot.  You, tell me…

Funny, the MSM Propaganda Machine Huffpo wrote a year ago how the Noble IRS Battles Heroically against The TEA Party!  Thank crapping christ we Murkans have that decent, law-abiding IRS to protect our rights from the excesses of the TEA Party.  The…Taxed Enough ALREADY Party…What a coincidence the IRS would persecute a group with that title!  The TEA Party is composed of Whites.  The IRS and Liberal Nazism is Un-American.  (There’s a term I will revive.)

Simple facts suffice.  You are now ruled by minos, females and coloreds.  Here’s your key: Anybody who can hyphenate-their name or ethnicity – holds State Power over you.

Kathleen Sebelius.  Adorable Janet (Reno) Napolitano.  Hillary Clinton.  Valerie Jarrett. Sir Eric The Black Holder.

Not at all like that Good Old Boy Network.  The naive 70’s pronouncement that,

If ONLY women and minorities ran it – instead of EvilWhiteMen!© – all would be sweet peace-huggs & luv!

…is ridiculous now that the face of its real Fascism is exposed.

This is The Good Old Mino Network.  This is the New Regime.  Your real NWO: An alliance of diverse political action groups bundled together in one fasces to form an ax handle to weild the ax blade of State Power to chop your head off.

Here’s the difference: Google won’t be “forced” by LN regime to censor criticisms of Liberal Nazism – it will do so voluntarily for “the Good of The Volk People” because the fatcats in the google corner office voted for Obama.

Nascent (look it up) criminal Clinton fascists who Wacoed Whites are now immersed in State Power and use the IRS to inflict Liberal Nazism on White Groups.  Tell me:  How do you think 2033’s Liberal Nazi will act – in a post-Hillary Presidential Rule?

Today’s ideal Nazi Superman is the brown person of multiracial birth and PC multiracial ideology.  The targets of obliteration, eradication and genocide are White.

The Propaganda Media and Liberal Nazis want you enslaved, then after your taxpaying usefulness is expended – dead.

December 7, 2012

TEA Party, Flee Party

by Firepower

The Big Boss of a hope movement is abandoning the Senate.

Jim Demint states he’ll have more impact as the head of a Think Tank/lobbying firm.  That’s like Sean Hannity quitting FOX to work for GL Piggy, except Demint will actually make a few bucks and avoid that icky buffalo wing-sauce on his apron.

Imagine the logic behind this; discounting the impression average people will perceive at such an abandonment.  This resignation is suspect because it does not encourage the common man – no matter the spin-BS spewed.  The TEA Party was ostensibly to have more backbone, more righteous legitimacy than callow, button-mashing OWS Kidz.  Leftists don’t resign unless there are fifty dicpics floating around online.

OWSers get infiltrated by FBI informants; they were plotting violence.  That’s why they vanished suddenly.  The New York Times is livid, while Sean Hannity applauds, yet…if it were the TEA Party being spied-upon with mere e-mail surveillance, Hannity’d be frothing at the mouth.  Perversely:  If it was the TEA Party being taken-down by Government Secret State Police, the NYT would jizz it’s red lace undies.

Bold revolutionaries on either side, seeking an end to the Degenerate Status Quo are paralyzed.  America waffles in simpering paralysis the way Norway and France did before, during and after the Germans skipped into their countries and, in five minutes, conquered them   These Faggot States are still paralyzed today.  Germany, destroyed in World War Two, thrives, yet oddly, as a Socialist State.

Government of The Elite, by The Elite and for The Elite hates OWS as much as TEA.  They want coloreds checked by white gun owners.  They want white gun owners checked by coloreds.

The issue is: Big Government Jackboots on the neck of revolutionaries…all revolutionaries.  If it were 1776, those drafting The Declaration of Independence would’ve been arrested by Redcoat Spies and today we’d be living in a current British-model Socialist Welfare State with coloreds and illegal immigrants running amok, burning, looting and raping our major cities…  Hey

Jim Demint stood boldly in the face of opposition.  Backed with the firm knowledge of Traditional America he proclaimed: “Obamacare will be Barrack O’s Waterloo!”  When he turned-back around to see the cheers of that expected crowd behind him, he saw ten people button-mashing PlayStation – two of which had the deep wisdom to ask, “what the fuck is Waterloo – lol what the fuck dude!”

He was surprised.  He is disappointed.  That old America is lost.  FOX & Neil Cavuto will run a special praising (purely nostalgically – always a dangerous thing) America’s space program.  The last man on the moon was in 1972.

Neil asks mournfully: “Wha hoppen’d? Why we no can do same thingy today???”  Simple:  That era was run by White Males.  There wasn’t an Affirmative Action Hiring Quota for government designed to turn an already wobbly bureaucracy into a guaranteed failure bureaucracy staffed by FAT white broads, In Yo Face black mammas and ESL mexes.  We did not put a man on the moon.  White Men did.  There’s your problem all wrapped-up in a non-denominational-all-religiosity-inclusiveness holiday bow.  Neil, I know you can’t say that (that’s another BIG problem) but bloggers can.   I can also state that with an america the way it is now (small “a”) you’ll never see the likes of a moon landing ever again.

You’ll never see a White Man as President again, unless he’s in the mold of Jerry Brown D-CA or a gay guy.

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