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June 24, 2016

Mossad Ayoob is a Shill for the Murkan Police State

by Ryu

Sacred cows make the best hamburgers. We aren’t going to allow any police state supporters off the hook – no matter how many books they sell.

Everything is an “industry” in Murka. The police and military have parasites too. There is a racket for teaching “advanced” courses in policework, like advanced super-duper shootgunner while driving one-handed (only $999.95 limited time only!).

Ayoob is one of the biggest hustlers there is and has stacked up the money because he is a good conman. This is no different than PUA, where mPUA-gurus charge $2000 for a live infield demonstration awesomeness seminar. Ayoob just choose a demographic with a larger budget – the Murkan police state and the public that admires them.

I recently spent some time on google and searched every iteration I could imagine: mossad ayoob articles waco, mossad ayoob ruby ridge, katrina, boston bombing martial law…nothing. The guy has never written a harsh word against the USG. Either Ayoob is blind to police state Murka, or he is foolish. He doesn’t even write about American interference in his native Syria. He

Like a true pig, he supports his masters wholeheartedly. Just like Rooshie, he doesn’t want to live in the Middle East with his Muzz brothers. He wants to live in a white country. As it is, he lives in New Hampshire – white people paradise, writing about crime in one of the safest states there is.

Ayoob is not a “lethal man.” The qualification there is a pile of bodies. Shooting paper targets don’t count – and bricks don’t hit back.

How many people has Ayoob killed? Anyone got a body count?

If you REALLY want to learn how to kill, be honest with yourself and learn from a real killer. Franklin, John Allen Mohammed, or Anders are good choices. Ayoob is a stooge for the American police. He works under their protection, as they consider him a demigod.

You cannot learn revolution from any cop or soldier. All cops and soldiers make poor criminals. They fight something they do not truly understand.

To operate on your own, without state permission, is a different ball of wax. It is the highest thing a man can achieve, the true definition of white supremacy. WNs will have to learn the hard way that the only teachers there are “criminals” and “terrorists.”

One of the hidden reasons why the survivalists are so impotent is who they listen to. SPs listen primarily to ex-solders or cops. All of their training time goes into shooting targets, just like a true soldier – which they aren’t. When a civilian does what a cop or soldier on duty does, he’s a criminal. Unconsciously, the SPers know this, which is why they do not and cannot act. Either you learn from criminals or you don’t learn.

Pulling the trigger is nothing. It is 1% of what’s necessary. The other 99% is getting away with it. Stop being fooled and impressed by police state hustlers. You will never have the protections they have.

Here is a man with something to teach. Whoever pulled the trigger here was worth 100 Ayoobs.

January 27, 2015

Choke-Points in USG Money Control

by Firepower

BIGFed – aka Uncle Beast – recently ordered “survival kits” for key members of its FED echelon. USG feels some sort of recent heat. But then again, those with all the power can afford a large helping of paranoia.

Notice the agency offices are in:

  • Champaign, Ill.
  • Billings, Mont.
  • Sioux City, Iowa;
  • Joplin, Mo.; and
  • Fargo, N.D.

Regular MINO & colored cities, huh?

These are not Los Angeles, Detroit or Ferguson…

It is true that if you …

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August 29, 2013

Staying Hungry

by Ryu

Survivalism has infected WN, like a cancer. I feel that we have a place for logistics people but the SP philosophy creates this mindset that we can go out to the retreat and the USG will not come after us. No way. The USG wants total control, you can’t just stay on the sidelines.

Life is more than just existing. You either remain the same, grow, or die. WN is good and there’s alot of anger, but without a target and progression, it is not enough.

Going out to the farm shrinks our minds and our ambitions. We become concerned with how our animals feel, the soil or some such thing. We should be thinking “how can I get more? How can I screw over my enemies and make more profit?”

The “gold” of voluntary poverty is that it teaches one to eat shit and like it. One isn’t afraid of pain, suffering or degradation anymore. One can live without. Being an outsider and being dirty doesn’t hurt.

At the same time, most of the poor are not a threat to anyone, let alone to the elite of their country. Their main concern becomes where the next meal comes from, or how to pay the bills next week – which is right where most of the US is. Then you can’t think about big things like race, economy or country.

I sense that my generation of WNs cannot do these things. We still have a semblance of morality and too much comfort. There ought to be no safety net, no way out. Like gambling, one’s attention and commitment vary according to the bet on the table. If you don’t have any stake, you don’t care. When it’s your future on the line, you care very much. We invest great hope in the children of today’s children, who will grow up in the gutter.

As is usual nowadays, I did not come upon this inside of WN. Arnold and one of my specialties taught me this. “Living…rich. Rather than just existing.” 11.15 min to 13.


July 25, 2013

Ark of Suffering

by doomdigit

Before the conjunctions of the planets, all of Christendom trembled. The sevenfold conjunction of the year 1186 forewarned of a world-wide tempest of huge proportions. In all countries underground shelters were built. The Emperor of Byzantium had the windows of the palace taken out and replaced by planks. The Archbishop of Canterbury ordered a three-day fast. When not a breeze stirred on the ominous day, the cynical monk who kept the chronicles of York made the sardonic notation: “We have experienced nothing but the tempest that His Eminence emitted from the pulpit.” For several generations thereafter, such prophecies were not in vogue. But by and by came new predictions of catastrophes: there were such for the years 1229, 1236, 1339, 1371, 1395, 1422, 1432, 1451, 1460, 1487. The greatest panic was aroused in 1524 when a popular German calendar noted a whole succession of dangerous conjunctions of planets—the most perilous being that of February 2. Spanish astrologers confirmed the prediction; a flock of broadsheets set Europe to trembling; priests and monks preached, read, spoke, and dreamed of nothing but the coming deluge.

Although God had promised in Genesis i, 6, not to send another flood, everyone prepared for the worst. The Holy Roman Emperor was asked to dispatch orders to his officials everywhere to establish refuges for the people. The townsfolk of Toulouse built and provisioned a gigantic ark. In coastal cities the population was assigned to ships. People sold their furniture, their houses, drew up wills. Epidemics of mass hysteria ensued. Some persons actually went mad. On the day of misfortune the Margrave of Brandenburg, with the families of his court, took refuge on a ridiculous little hill in Berlin, surrounded by howling, lamenting subjects. Not a drop of rain fell. The whole year was cool and rather rainy, but nowhere were there any floods.

Rudolf Thiell, And there was light 70-72.

As much as the above excerpt from Thiell’s masterpiece amuses me, I realize that we all have those tendencies. There were plenty of serious events occurring in 1524, but many feared Apocalypse ShamWow. Today we should be concerned with immigration, fiat currency, big government, and many other issues. Instead, people are either worried about Apocalypse ShamWow, entertainment—anything and everything except that which is important.

When I was in High School a friend was murdered by a spree killer. When the police arrived the shooter blew his brains out. I thought about my friend’s death for a long time and wondered how I would prevent or react in a similar situation. I spent nearly a decade thinking about how to prepare for an event that never actually happened to me. Many of the Doomsday Preppers are also preparing for an event that could possibly happen. Some of the preppers have been preparing for years, stressing themselves out over possibilities that may never actually occur. Some of the preppers even admit that their prepping has become a way of life or a full time job.

There is something wrong about spending years of your life preparing for an event that never happens. Fear can be a good motivator but it can also make you irrational. Look at the survival plans that the majority of the preppers had; do they really seem adequate to you? The sad reality is that they are not building an ark to weather disasters but prisons. Their obsession with that one big day of doom ignores the thousand paper cuts that will bleed them dry.  They expect a grand apocalypse but they will meet a tragically boring end which could have been prevented.


June 2, 2013

The Modern Survival Retreat: A New & Vital Approach

by Ryu

In one phrase: Identify your one true enemy.

I love this book. It is almost as if Firepower wrote a survivalist book. The emphasis is on reality.

Previously, the authors wrote a book in 1983 and described nuclear war and the USSR. This book is written in 1998 as an update. It seems that Waco and Ruby Ridge changed Ragnar’s mind as to who the true enemy was.

Our true enemies as WNs are…

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October 10, 2012

Seedcorn of Self-Sufficiency

by doomdigit

I am a utilitarian at heart, so when people talk about “going green” or “living closer to the land” I want to know why I should significantly change my lifestyle and lighten my wallet’s load. People approach these and other subjects from a moral instead of practical standpoint and I hate it because they inevitably gloss over the hardships and the practical benefits. These supposedly morally superior people ignore the fact that others not only have a choice but a different worldview–one that does not involve drumming for a Cylon Spring.

I will tell you up front that trying to become self-sufficient is difficult.

You can fund her sex life or go to the rape rooms

There will be days when you will be exhausted, feel ill, or you will just want to take a break. Sometimes you will feel so overwhelmed that you will want to give up. Unfortunately, your schedule and feelings do not matter anymore. If you procrastinate you will lose your harvest or even your critters, and you will consider some of them your pets. You are completely responsible for your undertakings and you will have to live with the consequences. Accepting responsibility for your own life is difficult during a time when so many McMutants simply assume that they are so special that random strangers should be forced to fund their lifestyle. A recognition of responsibility is the first step on the road to self-sufficiency. The seeds of self-sufficiency were planted in my mind when I saw a clip on Youtube about how people have fallen into a “technology trap”. The seeds took years to grow.

In a series of articles I will share my experiences so that you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully be inspired to become more self-sufficient. I will not approach this subject as a wizened master about to be whisked away in a Nirvana nimbus so that I might piss on the little people. I have much to learn, but I think my experiences can be instructive and inspiring.

In the first series of articles I will present two arguments for self-sufficiency. These arguments are from opposite poles so that you can locate yourself on the “survivalism spectrum” and take appropriate, efficient action. The first argument concerns “Der Untergang”, the end, a TEOTWAWKI type event, and is what planted the seeds of self-sufficiency in my mind. Fear is the predominant motivator in this fire and brimstone argument. The second argument, Gesammtkunstwerk, is about shaping your physical and social environment into a total work of art. Fear converted me, but a sense of wonder and a desire to create sustains my efforts.

Before presenting the first argument, watch the following videos if you have the time:

Technology Trap (~7 minutes)

We the Tiny House People (~81 minutes)

Doomsday Preppers (~44 minutes x 11)

Further considerations:

FM 3-05.70 Survival “The goal of survival is to stay alive until you can reach help or until help can reach you.”

What is a Survivalist? “…a Survivalist is a self-reliant person who trusts himself and his abilities more than he trusts the Establishment. Insofar as the Establishment is deteriorating, the Survivalist prepares to leave it.”

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