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April 16, 2014

From Russia With Love

by eradican

Russia is a unique place European but not western. Their links to the continent are racial and cultural but not political. Russia’s borders with Europe, Islam, and the Orient have always kept them at a civilizational crossroad. Russia itself has never been quite sure what it wants to be. The best description of Russia is an army with a country. The Russian idea of human rights also begins and ends with Vodka. Recent Russian history is the most relevant to the modern era. It’s almost the 100 year anniversary of the glorious Russian Revolution of 1917 which not only transformed Russia but also the entire history of the 20th century. The outcome of the second world war was mostly decided on the eastern front as well. Nazy Germany and the Soviet Union (both totalitarian empires) would wage an epic battle of annihilation against one another for continental supremacy.

Russia was a country made through conquest, from its very beginning as the Duchy of Moscow the city state had enemies on all sides. Its biggest threat was …

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December 9, 2013

Cloak and Dagger

by eradican

Information is a weapon like any other. The battlefield and battlespace are the same thing today.

Better information has changed the fate of wars. When the British mastered code breaking during WW2 it was a turning point giving them a decisive edge. That edge would be used to mentor their American counterparts in espionage and electronic surveillance. The formation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) would come shortly after.

There are a variety of intelligence gathering methods as well. The most common are HUMINT (human intelligence), SIGNIT (signals intelligence) and OSINT (open source intelligence). For proper historical context the KGB excelled at HUMINT while America did better with SIGNIT.

The value of an agent inside an enemy organization is immense. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to the mafia cultivates a spy network. Even governments assist in corporate sector industrial espionage. Chinese hacking is just the top of the iceberg. It’s not even uncommon for one branch of the security apparatus to spy on another. The gains don’t always have to be monetary but simply dirt for political blackmail.

One such legendary rivalry was between the …

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June 16, 2013

Your Government Will Enjoy Murdering You

by doomdigit

doomi’s hillbilly flyy-farmoor nayba

Americans (and others) do not understand that force must be met with equal or greater force.  If you are not prepared to back your beliefs with force you cannot expect to live.  Many victims falsely assume predators have the same motive, and that somehow appeasement will work.  As someone who has experienced both (bullied and bully) I can tell you that appeasement does not work.  Appeasement may delay, but it is not a solution.

There can be no doubt as to why the death roll of the West Cork I.R.A. dropped so amazingly. It was solely because British terror was met by effective I.R.A. Counter-terror. We were as hard, cold and ruthless as our enemy had been since hostilities began. The British were met with their own weapons. They had gone down in the mire to destroy us and our nation, and down after them we had to go to stop them. The step was not an easy one, for one’s mind was darkened and one’s outlook made bleak by the decisions which had to be taken.

Tom Barry, Guerilla Days in Ireland (Dublin: Anvil Books 1981), 112.

With this in mind, understand that in any society there are always people who will…

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June 15, 2013

Soviet Murka

by Ryu

When I was young, I had alot of admiration for the Soviet Union. I admired the military displays, their discipline and bearing, their seriousness. I always used to wonder – what would it be like to live there? Why don’t the Russian people revolt? Surely they must have known that everything was lies and all the numbers were cooked.

The answer is clear now: they were too busy working. The party knew that if a man works many hours, he’ll be grateful just to watch TV or listen to the radio before going to bed and doing it again the next day. Decency, progress, enjoyment – these things are unnecessary. When the body is tired, the mind will also be exhausted. On a smaller scale, interrogators use this tactic to reduce the subject’s resistance and increase suggestibility/cooperation.

A similar situation unfolds in Murka. Wages have not risen relative to inflation since the 1980s. The average American’s pay is so low that he must work long and hard just to stay where he is. In the next few decades, most of our current middle class will disappear. New retail directives call for few full time employees, with everyone under 30 hours to avoid ObamaCare coverage. There is no recovery from the current depression.

It’s very hard to see the decline of Murka if you just look in the obvious places. Superficially Murka looks fairly good today. Federal grants have released alot of “free” money into small towns who have spent it on beautification projects.

You have to look carefully – check employee areas, breakrooms, back alleys, ceilings, bathrooms; where customers do not go. Large cities, when they can get away with it, will actually outlaw the homeless and try to export them to other cities. With the exception of cell phones, car body style and the internet, I believe that most of the US is actually sitting on 80s level infrastructure.

The federal government will grow larger. Imagine more rules and regulations. The type of people working government jobs will be people who obey the rules to the letter – forget Oathkeeping dreams. Thus, any form of progress will be absent, except negative progress. There will be more informants working for the USG. Soon hospitals will be cooperating fully with ObamaCare.

America is a third world country TODAY. Not in 20 years, but now. It’s the same as saying Guatemala and Venezuela are third world – don’t fooled by the malls in Capital City. Ask the man on the street, Joe Sixpack, what he thinks.


I don’t wish to leave WNs unhappy and unmotivated. Nothing in life is all good or all bad; there are advantages to our situation. Relationships will become more important. WN is a way for you to find true lifetime friends. Work will go from being a purpose of living to a means to make money.

Your true life’s purpose has to do with areas where you are special and unique, irreplaceable. There’s not an employee in the world today who isn’t replaceable. To your employer, you are just a part in a machine, one of a thousand. To your family, friends, and other WNs, you’re a person with value. You’ll be remembered.

I encourage all WNs to find an area interesting to you and to make it your own. Become better than the experts; you can do it if you stick with it long enough. If you want to make a living off of it, fine. That’s not the point. Everyone needs a reason to live and something to be excited about. The rest – District 1 and their games, the media – is not real.

Even mockery can be a useful ability. It takes a sharp mind.


October 21, 2012

Might Makes Right: Part 1

by Ryu
Police State USA

Police State USA (Photo credit: Saint Huck)

This is an announcement.  After spending much time in the survivalist/patriot movement (SP), I have decided to abolish all talk of right and wrong, justice, the bible, the constitution, the founding fathers and all of that.  It is lies and sophistry.  It holds one back from the truth of this world – freedom comes from the sword.  If I ever write otherwise, please flame me.

And so the training begins.  I am going to break my chains and those who wish to join me are welcomed.

Feeling of indignation must be replaced by the clarity of the power relationship.  The stronger man makes the rules, and commands everyone who is weaker.  This is the code that all SWAT, SEALs, Mossad, Delta Force, Rangers, cops and so on live by, even if they like to lie about it to mommy and daddy, and worse, to themselves.

What follows is a video.  The pucker factor is the flood of adrenaline that occurs in time of danger.  The greater the danger, the harder it kicks; it cannot be fooled by “reality based training” but it is good to understand the feeling.  I wish to learn complete control and dissociation from those feelings that have no value.  Try not to breathe faster, to slow your heart beat, to ignore the yelling and screaming.

We live in a police state now and we must accustom ourselves to reality.  THIS is what a police state looks like.  It’s not what you see in the movies or in your imagination; even in Stalin’s USSR, people worked, made love and had children.  I’m not going to indulge in warning that this is violent and ugly.  Such is life, get used to it.  The important part starts at 15 minutes in and lasts 10 minutes:

Those officers went home that evening, hugged their children and talked of virtue.  Maybe some of them are Oath Keepers.  All of that is irrelevant.  They were able to beat the man to death because they had power and he had none.  Power.  I hope this motivates you to train harder and to give more.  It is the well-spring from which everything else flows.


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