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April 18, 2016

Texas Faggots

by Firepower

map-mexican-origin-us-population-largeLegends are dangerous. Especially lies. Texans once were tough, but today they epitomize wytes. Beaten down and conquered by the LN MMM BIGov they talk tough to hide their shame of defeat – like the big guy whipped by the little guy who makes lame excuses.

Don’t Mess Wif Texas!

Horseshit. Shove a spick cock straight up Tex’s asshole – he likes it.

Tex has taken it up his big fat fake cowboy ass since….

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April 11, 2016

Colored ϟϟ

by Firepower

Blacc Wiking Diwision! ARISE!

Here are your future boogeymen. They have the guts even now to march with guns while whites do not. Whites have lost their courage; what’s worse, they’ve lost even the Will To Fight. So, they content themselves by venting online in ever-increasing, futilely complicated “letters to the editor!”

PeterPanzers still “think” coloreds are Saturday Night Special monkeys. They can’t picture them with ARs decked-0ut in $5000 worth of red-dots & SWAT gear. Coloreds march for coloreds while witey hides in bunkers for Mt.Zion type Bundy ranchers. That’s the same as waiting for….

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November 20, 2015

Ryu’s HEROCops!™ ~ The bestofthebest!!!

by Firepower

Let’s salute our Nation’s Heroes!™

Those brave Praetorian Guard who stand watching admirably as Slick Willie busts a nut on teenage interns; as Bushi “The Pantload” hides in the Pentagon basement for a week after 9/11 – and as Our Historic Black Ruler phones the jews at the IRS, commanding immediate persecution of Americans who hate surrendering Taxe$ to Dagon.

It’s a tuffjob guarding Ruling Royalty, protecting them from…

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November 4, 2015

Ryu’s FAVE HeroCOP!!!™

by Firepower

Honors For Heroically Embezzling Public Funds

Propaganda. The BIG Lie.

I repeat: ANY body who looks like Sheriff GI Billy~Goe is fucked-up in the haid.

Burying SWATZIs iz SWPL…

Now, our LN Propaganda Media does as it always does when one of the cause celebre/sacred cows bites them on the cock: They hide put the story on page 73H in ultra-fine print.

The US GIJordie Seal of Approval pallbearer. The grim, stoic faces of Real Hero donutmunchers. The pomp. The ceremony. Fuck you.

The MRKN flag once again used – literally – to cover-up a fucked-up, slimy douchebag.

Where all da black fokes at?!?

Propaganda. The BIG Lie.

September 9, 2015

Mourning Gomer SWATZI

by Firepower

ONLY A Tool Has THAT Hairdo At Age 50…

Poor fellow died “For YOUR Freedom!™” – ya’ll ungrateful fucks.

Lake County’s lakefront homes filled with whitebread families fleeing that first colored who moved on their block in ’98 and took in those engineer dads and lawyer moms – danger personified!

Chickenshit pigs always gravitate to the burbs, and the fancier the better. Rich kids cower in fear when you pop a boner while …..

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August 22, 2015

HEROCop!™ Rapes Him Some Sweeeeet 15-year-old Pussy!

by Firepower

And! NOT just ANY HEROCop!™ – one with the sainted, godlike NYPD status!


The PTSD from saving all those WTC Hero stockbrokers and mortgage bankers finally got to him and he had to bury his cock in sweet teen cooze.  Hillary’s lawyers will fight for justice and get him off – provided they’re 14 and swallow.

Every BIGov employee Got Game – and now that most Murkans work for UncleBEAST – that means errbuddy Got Game.

Remember folks: Obey ALL SWATZI COMMANDS!

If FBI scamps can cook babies at WACO for Mr. Janet Reno, it looks now them SuperFEDS!© get to fuck 10-year-olds – including boys.

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