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April 27, 2015

White Urban Sports Tourism & Baltimore RIOTS

by Firepower

Ball-less In Baltimore

I love sheltered Suburbanites indulging in the safety of Urban Sports Tourism getting a jackboot up their ass.

All it takes is one colored to defeat 100 whites. Whites are so domesticated, they’re like a pack of Suburbia Yappin’ Yorkies Yelpin’ at a wolf swaggering around their property; the wolf’s leer says he can’t wait to eat them.

It’s funny seeing Roundasses (and their fatter wifeys) ejected from their territory by one colored. Mr. Jiggaboo Junior is so s-s-scarey, an entire bar of white sheep plunking down $6 for a “Bud LITE” at their prized trough won’t even unite to defend it from a criminal thug they outnumber 50: 1.

One geezer had the balls, but he probably owns it and got $4.3 Million from a HUD “Urban Renewal” BIGov Program. Either way, he’s so scared,he looks like he’s fighting a demon in Revelation.  The rest? They cower like sheeeeeep.

I bet Mr. Fatboy gets REALLY outraged and …writes a teensier check to Habitat Fo’ Humanity this year. I bet he forbids his hot white daughters from …..

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