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July 20, 2015

Nuclear Jew Connections

by Firepower

An easy way to attack TOTE*… is by making your target audience think about TOTE – and not the distraction of your “anti-semitism”

The jew does this – it uses this tactic. It’s how israeilis won: It may have nukes, but it doesn’t “discuss” them. It has these nukes to drop on a-rabs – but doesn’t bring up that dirty subject in “polite company”. The jew hates arabs and Muzz almost as much as whites because the Muzz is the one who most recently bombs and attacks jews. Just remember the jew will never forget or forgive whites for Nazi Germany no matter how many whites in Britain and the USA died back then to save the jew: So much for the religiosity of gratitude in the jewish faith.

The jew doesn’t even want its own conspirators to reveal itself fully. Oh, everyone is encouraged by both sides of the media to…..

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June 15, 2015

Elite Debauches

by Firepower

The Med: ISIS Won’t Ever Strike Here…

There’s actually not much remaining for them to…bauch or un-bauch. What was done in Rome is again done today. They’re just afraid their sub-89 I.Q. audience discovers what they really do – and are.

Instead of going to church, the Cannes Film Festival is where Hollywood, Manhattan and their lesser foreign counterparts go to receive praise & worship – like God. It’s a religion conducted in a splendid, gilded temple. It is a sex-money cult.

This separate facet of vileness has little to do with “BIGov” evilness, and then only in the sense these Empire Elites are the FFOL and fully support the LN. Cannes is what they do after the latest ….

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August 7, 2014

Eradicating Christians Effectively

by Firepower

The Good Old Days

NewsFlash: Muslims hate Christians.  Christians  Muslims!

Christianity is close to extinction in the Middle East.  Learn your lesson on how successful eradication works. Hint: it is not via importing muslims to western countries to burn the American Flag during Liberal-sanctioned protests, then impose Sharia Law to the foaming cheers of our PC liberal rulers.  Lessons are multi-faceted and applicable to other solutions.

According to The Christians, once upon a time, in land far, far away, there lived the naughty…

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September 27, 2013

Why Liberals Love Censorship: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

Sorry, Georgie: Already Happened…long ago

Liberals – and pure Liberalism – thrive on censorship.

Do you think such a ridiculous, unsustainable “system” and even an ideology could sustain itself on its own merit?

Liberals depend upon censorship to create a vacuum for their ideas.  Liberalism cannot survive scrutiny – not even innocent scrutiny.  They, are Flat|Earthers.

They are the modern version of the Medieval Catholic Church they so love to mock.  Modern Priests of Calcification, burning “heretics” disbelieving their dogma on some beardguy who’ll come n’ make life all bettuh.  Praize-0-Bama.  Praise the Next Big Federal Program & Agency.

That is why “niggernigger-spick-spick-n-n-n-niggering!” on a forum gets you banned.  You do get your “shot” off, but at the cost of it bouncing off a sandbag; it does not strike between the eyes or center mass.  You are sandbagged. You get banned, and the liberals bury you at sea.  The water closes over you:  It’s as if you, or your important message, never existed.  Any future, potential converts you might have made, will never know of your words and deeds.

To those people you’ve let down, it’s as if the written works of Thomas Jefferson or George Orwell were all obliterated.  Every book you ever loved – burned and successfully stamped-out and erased by your worst enemy.

You call that success?  If what you really, truly want is to call a spade a spade – do it in person, or spray-paint it on what they value and where they live.

Writing this, I searched for “related articles” to add.  The only provided were about censorship in China – not America, one of the most heavily censored States in the world.  stfu and learn

Eradicate others don’t let them eradicate you.

August 7, 2013

Castes, Karma, and Christianity

by eurybates



It has been observed that during the final stages of a civilization caste systems develop.  There are many examples; the most common one that I know of is the caste system of India.  In India there are four basic castes: Brahmins/priest caste,  Kshatriyas/warrior caste,  Vaishyas/merchants, and  Shudras/labourers.  There is some conflict as to which caste is the highest or supreme between the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas whereas the untouchables or Shudras are regarded as the lowest by the three other castes.  Supposedly the Brahmin caste of India were White Aryans who conquered and ruled and it was by them that the caste system was implemented.  Their goal of maintaining their race while ruling over (a) subjugated people(s) worked for a while until at some point the temptation to miscegenate mate with monkeys became too great.

Spartan society evolved into a caste system.  Spartiate, i.e. warrior men, were at the top of the caste system with Helots/slaves being at the bottom.  Aristotle made an observation in his Politics that the Spartans allowed their women too much freedom and that contributed to their decline.¹

Francis Parker Yockey observed that the Jews have evolved their own caste system as well.  I think that it would be safe to say that Babylon most likely also evolved their own caste system.  An interesting observation is that… ~

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July 1, 2013

Asceticism as a WN Path

by Ryu

An associate of ours has written an exceptional article. I can fully endorse it because it is also my way. Put me in a 2x2x3 meter unheated and uncooled room and I would not live dramatically differently than I live now. The mind is endless. Purity, determination, and focus – this is what WN is about.

“I choose an ascetic life because it gives me fulfillment as my writings will point out.

However, for the purposes of this short article I would like to point out a few other issues. They will point out only accidental benefits from a revolutionary standpoint.

1.) You will never vote your way out of this mess. Even if you get a majority White vote the minorities will swing the vote against you. If that doesn’t work they will nullify your vote through the courts. So you’re just kidding yourselves with your silly third parties and tea parties and what not.

2.) Spreading the word doesn’t matter. You are only recruiting more people to not act just as you are not acting.

3.) The only way to win is to form communities and hold your territory as they are beginning to do in Kalispell. Without land, you don’t have anything at all.

If you defend your territory from outsiders and enemies, you will go to prison.

If you live for material things or crave family interaction, prison will be hell on earth.

If you live an ascetic lifestyle, you will barely notice.

If you normally sit in a small room reading all day, and learn to enjoy it, who cares which room you’re sitting in? The state can give you a free room and board and you wouldn’t even have to work to pay rent.

If you don’t care about getting laid, you have lost nothing. If you know that the family law courts will take your children you will not miss the lack of them.

If you eat for survival and not entertainment, then you won’t miss the junk food. In fact, you might end up living longer. 1/3 of people on the outside will have diabetes within the next few decades.

If they take your books you can do complex mathematics in your head and learn multiplication tables into very large numbers or write novels or epic poetry in your head. An ascetic can never be bored.

The ascetic is an unstoppable machine. He is happy and content and fulfilled in any environment.

I’m not trying to talk you into prison. I’m not in prison. However, it is a distinct possibility for any political activist as Michael Weaver has recently discovered and many of us have known for a long time.

There is no free ride in this life. Prepare yourselves ahead of time. Material culture is nothing more than a never-ending quest for unfulfilling cheap thrills. It leads nowhere.”


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