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May 4, 2015

Elite Castles: Feudal Martha’s Vineyard

by Firepower

Every castle needs strong natural defenses. They’re built on hilltops or river sides. Trenches are dug around the walls and dammed, then dismantled to fill with the river water – making a formidable new moat. Every great castle has another castle within the fortress. It’s called a ringed defense.

It’s all basic military strategy and tactics. Walls simply just keep people out. Armed thugs on those walls provide the eyeballs and beatings. Think of SWATZIs, SS and Murka’s own wonderful S(S)S.

The more tech grows, the more sophisticated castles must be; they’re not obsolete – no matter what The Establishment History Channel tells you.

Why do you think all the Super-Elite live on….

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April 25, 2015

Who Runs The World

by Firepower

What Made Kim The Star

This is a roster of The Liberal Nazi Wetdream: Take note of the majority of MINOs, Darlings of Manhattan, coloreds and liberal nazis. The only white males are effeminate hipster faggots or foreigners safer from the USSS.

You see, this is the real Murka. It’s not the pretend one in Dreams of Victory where the LN/MMM simply evaporate without serious resistance, then you put them into camps for eradication. This is the reality of whom you would shed your blood for to preserve for future Murkas…

I’ll do my best channeling of LOTB with attendant, minimalist Fosetism and expect 502 comments.

April 20, 2015

Sabotaging Tiger Woods

by Firepower

Tiger has way too many lickspittle PC whites eager to suck his cock and pat him on the back for batting a ball around.

Liking tiger equals some white dribbledick pinning the “See-I’m-NOT-A-Rayciss!” medal on their flabby bitchtits.  Mostly, it was Golfaggots too rich to live near coloreds.

Now that tiger’s insatiable craving for white pussy (go figger, a colored jock addicted to white gash!) has sapped his dirty niggaballs of those once Magical Powers, I like to sink the knife in and give it my usual twist – for sheer shits n’ giggles, mind ya.

Hot white women lined-up to spread their legs for this monkey. I had such immense, profound delight in assassinating his…..

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March 21, 2015

A Million for Your Hacksaw

by Firepower

When two bucks costs two million, it’s called Victory.

Uncle Ho knew this in Nam, when one AK round would bring down a Huey…and all its crew.

And as such, then…

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March 2, 2015

Students Suspended for Viewing Porn in Class

by Firepower

Although a Cosplay Nerd, Eradican’s Mom Still Did Her Sit-Ups

Literature once held the idealized aspirations of how to conduct a gracious life in the real world – imagined in words and thoughts. It held a nation’s and peoples’ history in works like Beowulf and Le Morte de Arthur.

Now, public education fer kidz is: masturbating while looking at pornography on their cell phones during English class.

People (and especially SWPL titsuckers) forget Collidje is run by the same BIGov that runs the IRS – that runs SWATZIs and all of that DC mess. Coloreds rarely go to college and still fewer be graduating, an shit…College is run by government. College is government.

This is your “Dollar” Bill ClintonGEN – why kids grow up to be empty amoralists. While he was getting his cock sucked-off by Monica in the Oval Office, children were hidden – observing. We heard about the “potential damage to murka” Bill’s cock caused, but just kinda forgot how it would manifest. Well, here it is.

Klinton Kids grew up as the 30-ish do nothings satisfied jackin’ it online:

Students Suspended for Viewing Porn in Class: Report | NBC San Diego.

February 23, 2015

Insights and Observations – Introductions

by eurybates

Currently Still Fucking a God

I enjoy reading the different translations of Greek literature.  The tragedies don’t change and remain a point of reference whereas our interpretation of them is constantly changing.  I have been reading the various Greek playwrights and philosophers for a couple of years now and by no means would I consider myself and expert or scholar.  I have just discovered how enjoyable and inspiring they are and can be.

The most exact translations and the ones that I enjoy the most are those which were published in the 19th century.  The rhetoric of the 19th century and their style of writing is superior as well.  The introductions really reflect a different society than….

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