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November 4, 2015

LN Media Analysis ala R-Lim

by Firepower

Valuable analysis of our complex Propaganda Media Structure is always welcome.

Rushi is still the best for thorough and simple descriptions, although he could use an editor. Being A God, he’ll never admit it. Even with his massive audience, he is but a big fish in a little pond compared to the Triumvirate of LN Media network nazis:

“…the conservative-media revolution has caused the liberal media to abandon any pretenses of objectivity and fairness and actively advocate on the Left’s behalf. This has led in turn to the hyper-partisan nature of our politics today. When Republicans were perennial losers and happy about it, the media could stay hidden behind their wall of phony objectivity. But they were called out. Now there is a fierce competition for the hearts and minds of the American people, which the Left used to believe it owned.

Yet what crucial next step Sir Rushi still does not grasp is: The….

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May 8, 2013

Reader Mail: Fight Lactating Dadginas (NSFW)

by Firepower

A worthy fan of Eradica writes:

Honored Pool Party Guest at FP’s – 2013

“I used to enjoy reading your comments at TSH, even the more pointedly critical ones. That is, when you were still writing them there.

To be more precise I focussed your critical attention to those you considered lamenters upon myself.

I occasionally found what you had written applied to me: (on)paper, tigers. I write “occasionally”.

Now, you’re very busy with your own domain.

When finally owning a quality PC and homehooked to the webs I went searching for men’s issue sites. This being roughly 4 years ago. By pure accident stumbled upon The Spearhead, the No-Nonsense Man and A Voice for Men. Finally!, something.

The SH appeared to be just commencing. Others, too, found relief by expression in W.F.’s site. Before TSH I participated in Glenn Sacks‘ blog, under my real name, at 1 hour allotted public library computers yet. Glenn’s site cut out the commentary feature and …

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November 28, 2012

Why Blogging Will Fail 3

by Firepower

Generation of Lost Bloggers, Lost Generation As Bloggers

Deny it all you want – stick your head in the sand – call me a “buzzkill,” I care not.  It’s true and you will see it come to pass no matter how much you deny.  Americans are kiddies always wanting moar candy and a bigger tit.  Nixon was right – problem is, ain’t nobody left to remember who Nixon was to kick around…

“He who forgets history is doomed to…”  Damn, what was that funny saying again?

Piggy & mangan et al,  present nothing distinguishing themselves from their ‘grecyclers.  More importantly, they do not distinguish themselves from other writersPat Buchanan, Sowell, Rush or Krauthammer.  Having “a blog” is all about saying the harsh, inflammatory words restricting Elite Millionaire Pundits.  They’ll never call A Spade A Spade if it costs them a FAT book deal or gig on O’Reilly Factor.  Blogs such as these are failures (and shall fail) because they are …

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October 24, 2012

Autumn and the fall

by hbdpolicy

While coloreds continue to make up stories of attack and rape, young white girls are slaughtered. This is a growing story, but it shows the absolute and determined ignorance of white parents and white society. We are under attack.

I suppose this story resonates with me because I have nieces that are in the same age range. And they live in an area populated by coloreds.

I like to think that government policy changes will alter the dynamic, but that is not enough. Policy is more than the words and actions of politicians. Policy is your personal action and reaction to the world. Too many parents have bad family policy. They do not teach their kids the fundamental truths and rules that Derbyshire wrote about (and caused his banishment from National Review).

Autumn Pasquale was murdered by two colored thugs and her body thrown into a dumpster. She was riding a bike. Her parents, and society, convinced her that colored thugs were not a threat. Electing a black president supposedly promised to end this racial division. Anyone with half a mind knew this would not occur. Instead, the coloreds are more entitled. They feel the world owes them, and they strike for any reason. Don’t you dare attack their emotions and actions, however reprehensible – because they are… poor?  Less intelligent? Aggressive? Products of “disparate impact”!? Or, they don’t belong here?

Autumn before the fall

Obama’s son?

White parents are so afraid of being called racist that they will allow their children to be murdered and raped. Autumn was twelve years old!  She needed parents to tell her that you don’t talk or socialize with coloreds. But, her parents did not do that.  They lost their daughter because they rejected the fundamental and obvious truth of race realism. They did that because they accepted this dogma of blank slate humanity. They know better, but they rejected the truth. Tragically, they have paid the consequence.

It makes me angry, but this is the social and political policy we follow. Reject the truth established for centuries, and invite our destruction. It seems that our society no longer cares about themselves and their bloodlines.  Instead of being individuals, we care about status.  As Pat Buchanan wrote, we are a suicidal nation.

People normally celebrate their past and ancestors. I was in a small Italian town last year, and the masses came out to celebrate some holiday. Everyone was there – parents, children, grandparents, etc…  They took the time to celebrate their people. They had a parade on cobblestone streets at midnight. Everyone was involved. It was a beautiful demonstration of blood, family and history.  This demonstration is offensive in a multicultural society.

How do we solve this? How do we get our pride back? How do we teach our children our history, our values, and our ideas of civic and religious duty? The schools are against us. Society is against us. Fortunately, we have truth and history on our side. But, in a society that rejects truth for invented passion, we are left on the sidelines.

In previous posts I have mentioned that politics is local. That is a fundamental truth. We need to get off the sidelines. I had a career in the military. While I was working there, people of like mind found themselves called to each other. I am now in the private sector, and while I work with a very diversified group, people of common mind find each other.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed. It is easy to accept the false narrative forced on us.  But, when we accept the pressure, we lose ourselves. Reject the pressure. Other people want to reject the pressure, but they feel alone and isolated. I don’t believe we are a minority, we just don’t know how to communicate effectively.

How do we change this? We get involved. Local politics are important, but personal relationships are important, too. Your family is important. Your neighbors are important. We make the break from society at the most necessary level – the individual in a common community. We change the community by allowing the community to understand and realize we are basically the same, and we have a common enemy. We accomplish this by engaging our families and neighbors and friends.


June 21, 2012

Great Books For Men Cartoon Philosophy

by Firepower

we no longer live in a democracy


we live in a

deCOCKracy lzzozozooozll

Great Books For Men
GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM)
GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

Wise words… Wisdom?

Today, lessons are not learned in school or college.  They’re not learned in those antiquated things once known as books.  Proven ideas and stuff that happened (history) are worthless compared to Shiny New Stuff. Books with ideas but without pretty colors and movement are too slow for those accustomed to shiny things moving around in the crib.  A generation babysat by TV, despite all those warnings.

Blame it on Yoda.  His Sagacity launched millions of deeply introspective introspections starting in the early 1980’s, so that immediately qualifies His Words to kids as ancient philosophy on par with Plato.

Fast forward to Mr. Tyler Durden, that revered tough-guy scion for Brandons raised by single moms – too scared to ask out Brittnee, pass Calculus or bash the scumbags who moved in next door.  He was a pretty cartoon: His philosophy of You’re Not A Special Snowflake reverberates squarely with those who…

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June 5, 2012

Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging

by Firepower

Everything in the alt-right blogosphere (how I hate those silly-ass words) is blog recycled (‘grecycled) from a few great minds.  Even Rushie gets his ideas from The Great Minds.  But, rushie has a purpose: He’s deliberately facile so you can listen to him on the radio.  Plus, he’s witty.

Read books from the writers starting at the top of the list, then decrease the amount you need/read as you approach the bottom.  Unless, your education level requires you need to get your info solely from bloggers.

Google them for yourself.  Buy their books on amazon.  Enlarge your brain.  Put down your light summer reading of 50 Shades of Sasha Gray. Put down the YouPorn andremote control.  End DWTS’ Dominance of Dance.  Pull your head out of your cunt.

Beware any blogger who ‘grecycles “ideas” from the top down of this list as if their own.  If you need someone to tell you what The Great Man Meant, you, my simple friend – are fucking hopeless.  You need ideas from the original sources in order to find your own way.  It’s called synthesis. Synthesis works because it forms actual new connections in your brain, that you in turn, can utilize to …..

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