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January 4, 2013

Mens’ Rights Movement HOT Lez Couple Noo Yeer Winnery Stampede!

by jenibear


A Craigslist sperm donor is forced to pay child support to a HOT lesbian couple – despite giving up parental rights to the baby BEFORE she was born!

The arrangement changed earlier this year when Ms Schreiner, the only parent registered on her daughter’s birth certificate, applied for social welfare.

This is the continuing proof of How To Win in 2013.  Golden dawn it aint’t: Technology allowing manbatter to be sent over Craigslist harkens a New Creamy Dawn for MRM.  MRAs are constanlty getting Big Winz from the fruit of their labors. Like getting the state and government to bend to their MIGHTY WILL.

The couple adopted eight children together during their relationship. Ms Bauer and Ms Schreiner had been together for eight years and adopted eight children. They ended their relationship in 2010 but continue to co-parent their sons and daughters who range from three months to 25 years old.

Hannah Schroller, Mr Marotta’s attorney, argued that the case was consistent with a 2007 case in which the Kansas Supreme Court denied parental rights to a man who sought them.

This is GREAT guys!  When you want the kid, you can’t get them – when you don’t want the kid, you get to pay for them!  Maybe even 8 of them.

You guys publicly protest so much and it worx – keep it UP!  Online Victory is only a few years away.  Why in ONLY A DECADE you’ll limit those evil lesbians to only FIVE kids supported by the spermz-donors!

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