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October 24, 2018

From Sniper to Beer Truck Driver

by Ryu
1982 arm compared to post-1982 arm

1982 arm compared to post-1982 arm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Firepower and Dr Doom have made some good comments on how The Beast disposes of its Jordies after their “service” term is us. I found a very nice story on that today:








So this guy shoots Bin Laden. Then he drops out of the military before his pension goodies would have kicked in. Command told him to pound sand on health insurance. They said they could set him up driving a beer truck.






LOL. I have known a few guys who drive beer trucks. Not bad work! Get paid about $20 an hour. You’ve got maybe 10 stops in a day. Pickup the truck, drive to each store, stock it, next. There’s nothing to trouble one’s sleep, just put in your 40 and go home.






It must be hard to go from GI Joe – Real American Hero! to just another dude. I think we could get these guys on our side somehow. A stumbling block for me is my unending disgust with Murka, but a plus is that most white men who’ve pulled triggers leave racially aware. Any suggestions?












September 24, 2013

SP Training Madness

by Ryu
Osama Bin Laden at 9 (by Latuff).

Osama Bin Laden at 9 (by Latuff). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sympathetic magic is the idea that by imitating a person, you will become like them. All current SP gurus offer the US military as the best model. You’ll learn how to fight just like a real American soldier!

The problem is, you don’t have what the American soldier has. You’ll have no air support, no transport, no budget. You’ll have no team – you will be lucky to find 3 other people you can trust. For every one Murkan soldier pulling triggers, there are 20 doing logistics, medivac, intel, cleanup, and prep work.

Then there’s the military training itself. What poor psychology for modern war. Brutalizing and pissing on their recruits, who then brutalize the next down, which is the people. It’s like using a garden hose to beat a dog so it will become a fight-dog. All these soldiers do is antagonize and piss off the people they should be “saving.”

The American way of warfare is tremendously expensive. Even with the world’s biggest economy, the US can scarcely afford it. Why would you learn their way of fighting when you don’t have their budget? What is there to admire about the US military, apart from their money and their influence over the Murkan populace?

Modern warfare is not about the killing of enemies, nor destroying his equipment. It is about convincing the enemy to give up, which is something different. It’s psychology and human moves. Sun Tsu talked about how taking a country whole, without firing a shot, was the acme of excellence. The Americans have not done this in any modern war; not in Korea, Vietnam, Germany…

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