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July 7, 2018

Why the Discovery Channel Turned To Shit

by Firepower

Here’s to Fat Entitled Females who Didn’t Know They Were Pregnant

Not just the namesake, but every channel in the stable. Quite an accomplishment.

Nice pic on the right: Fat Migger feminist twofer, check. Racist black gazzilionaire female. Check. New York Jewish attorney. Yep.

Oprah’s OWN network: Losses approach $330m amid predictions it will be axed within the year | Mail Online.

No long-winded analysis of who controls the media, just a good old picture.

We all know Discovery Channel’s staples of pregnant teen midgets “struggling for self-esteem” fits right in with the morals of the Torah and Oprah’s Christian upbringing.

Rosie, too.

Zaslav (right) took over in 2007. That means if you recall correctly, that also is the time when ….

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June 10, 2015

Supreme Race Consciousness

by Firepower

This is why I present an integrated approach to Liberal nazism, learned from observing the complete failure of the Men’s Rights “Movement”.

It’s not one enemy destroying us, but an integrated, diverse phalanx of United Liberal nazis seeking the destruction of one enemy: White Men.

Marx had it wrong – he missed the totality of it all by not being inclusive enough: Class Consciousness was/is needed to awaken the Proletariat, but it is not the sole activating revelationRace Consciousness is also needed. That is my Cause.

I’ve never heard that term used before so I …

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January 18, 2013

Doprah of Debasement

by Firepower

Fame is the most important status in America.  It is no mere status symbol; it is true reality.

Reputable fame is most valid, with degrees of notoriety ranging the scale of acceptability:  One day Lindsay Lohan is notorious and celebrated, the next day the straw breaks the camel’s back after a line is crossed and she is no longer regarded as “admirable” but contemptible.  These sliding standards of acceptability reveal much about the standards and state of the nation.

Fame is a type of ignorant, meritorious justice system.  So is infamy.  Both are trusted due to the implied cultural impartiality used as judging criteria.  Lindsay was famous because the culture declared her so; she is now infamous because the culture also declares it so.

The highest American fame is Hollywood actor, the next, professional athlete.  Somewhere down the scale is the athlete who rides bikes.  No American heard (or gave a shit) about Tour de France before Lance Armstrong.

Oprah, herself, is part of the machine; she is famous for asking prying questions of fat housewives and interviewing other famous people she admires.  Her own automatic absolution from the public without apology for being a race-card-throwing racist proves her high status.  Her high status grants her Official, Catholic-like Indulgences.  Her sins are forgiven before she commits them.

Such a saintly person exempt from social norms creates and imbues the perfect being to become the modern A’merexiqan Priestess to the Stars.  This grants her real powers to hear Confession and, most significantly, grant Absolution.  In Persona Christi.  Surrogate of Christ, now Surrogate of The Public.

One is granted absolution in precise steps & levels:

  1. If one cries on TV
  2. The actual amount of teary liquid (measured by cc’s)
  3. Were these tears “believable?”
  4. Oprah’s judgment whether to accept the apology
  5. Afterwards, does Oprah publicly defend you (most important)

For most of history, the lowest status human being was black female, and rightly so; they never did anything remarkable in all of human history. They still haven’t, and I challenge any and all to provide examples.  A great meatloaf recipe does not compare to creating the Polio Vaccine, nor does it measure up to the catalog of Western Achievements.

Today, the world (the West, for it’s the only worth mentioning) has declined so far, now former Highest Status members confess to the former lowest:  White Men now confess to black females.

It is inconceivable to imagine William the Conqueror, Cortez or Douglas MacArthur debasing themselves so.

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