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November 23, 2013


by Ryu

Before a man can act, he needs to have the will to act. One has to feel compelled. The first steps are always the hardest; its true in other areas and its true in nationalism.

Little is written about the confidence that a revolutionary must have. Having the guts to actually take on a power like the USG…and win. Winning can have several meanings. I would say that being able to work ops and get away with it in the long-term is tremendously successful. The cartels and minos beat the USG everyday, so it’s certainly possible.

Many nationalists seem to have LSE or low self-esteem. They do not feel that they are worthy to win. This is due to a lack of training and study. When you do the work, you gain confidence and you feel that you deserve to win.

The world is your mirror; that’s a phrase we’ll rip off from PUAs. You see what you abilities allow you to see. The world reflects your level as a nationalist.

The great problem of TDO and NAJ is that victory isn’t possible from that vantage point. You have to develop a skill and an area where you are better than the USG. From atop that mountain, the USG looks much smaller, and they become the amateurs.

I have written, and will continue to write, that what happens between your ears is more important than any news story or technological development. Your feelings are the most important thing in the world. Nationalism is not about liberals, jews or minos.

It’s a simple thing really. A deep and abiding desire to win creates a hunger to find a way. Everything seems impossible until it’s done. The white race as a whole has a confidence problem and it shows in nationalism. Earned confidence can change a lot and that’s where the training shows.

Anders Breivik prepared for 10 full years before his action. Do you think there was a doubt in his mind that he could swing it? He executed flawlessly and he did a better job than whole organizations could do. Magnificent. It’s his mind that made him different.

A suicide mission is all an untrained person can do. Remember Joe Stack?


November 13, 2013

When Things Go Bad…

by Ryu
English: Territorial expansion of Greece (1832...

English: Territorial expansion of Greece (1832–1947). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…they really go bad. Especially for racists.

To be a good nationalist, you have to know what trouble is. Trouble. Keeps you up at night, running it over in your head again and again trouble. Real regret. Not that false “I’m sorry” that one hears so often.

Nationalism is a very dangerous thing. It’s not a joke, it is your life. Golden Dawn is finding this out in …

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November 9, 2013

A Change of Focus

by Ryu

For a long time, we have focused on the why of nationalism. The new mission is to focus on the how.

Police states are made possible by police. It is their job to enforce the laws, to protect those with power and to maintain the status quo. By desiring change, nationalists put themselves into direct conflict with the authorities. Some of you know what is occurring in Greece now with Golden Dawn; the police are involved with the system in that effort.

Therefore, nationalists have to know everything that a cop knows. The most common variety of cop works patrol. That’s the starting point.

Everything you want to learn can be found. I’ve been associated with an effort to teach nationalists STEM. The purpose was not necessarily to learn science, but to demonstrate that knowledge is possible. That you can learn anything you’d like to if you’re willing to do the work. Many do not believe in their own abilities.

Overall I am critical of the obedience of LEOs to their masters and their rigid dogma that they are always “the good guys.” However, there are promising aspects of their training. They value their own lives above the rules, above anyone else’s life. They do not believe in fighting fair, that they should ALWAYS have the advantage. They use morality as a tool for their own means and continually recite a mantra that reinforces their own POV. Nationalists ought to do similarly.

One of the most hopeful events in nationalism is what’s occurring in Detroit. It’s being abandoned by the USG and the authorities. Dealing with gangster thugs without badges is much easier than gangster thugs with badges.

Serpico. It’s a movie about a cop bothered by what cops are doing. As you’d expect, it was made far in the past, 1973.

October 25, 2013

No More Nationalism

by Firepower

Humans have cried out for freedom since the dawn of history.  They also like reliving the past.

They can return to the ostensible limitless strength of youth they now know is lost.
For a time, they fantasize about, what I label, preferred outcomes: They see with their now experienced eyes the mistakes they could’ve avoided to make life better.

It’s the same as reliving that chance meeting with the Playboy Bunny or Hollywood actress that ended with No Lay; you get to fix things to satisfy your gnawing conscience.

Nationalists (I’m increasingly repelled by the defunct term “wn”) are susceptible to these same faults. They VRW and fap to whoopie Whermact Whet Dreams as distraction from the ugly business they must face…but, do not face.

People relive their past to fix it.

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March 4, 2013

British nationalists chase off “Hope Not Hate” leftists

by Joe Rebel

H/T MarmiteMan4

This is completely priceless.

Groups like these are notorious to disrupt meetings of those they don’t disagree with. Well this time, the tables turned.

Pay close attention and take notes on this. The nationalists didn’t have to get violent or rough them up at all. They just stood their ground and made the leftists feel completely unwelcome. Eventually, they got the point and left.

Remember folks. Always stand your ground no matter what.

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