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January 3, 2016

Simple Explanations: Understanding (Your) Patriotic Frustration

by Firepower

The 904,237th daily outburst against incongruities – unbelievable events – is for Repubbeez, NeoCons and nationalists. They are the ones suffering in misery. They are the ones soooo pissed-off:  It’s because they are repeatedly frustrated…at doing nothing.

Liberals are very content and satisfied – even happy. “Our” side operates on a traditional logic that is frustrated and angry. They constantly cry:

How can this happen – in a country like ours!!?!???”

Why? They believe America is still the Land of Mom & Apple Pie.
It is not: It is Murka. It is not their country anymore.  It is not the country of conservatives – or even whites. Not even for quite a long time now. That’s why they don’t understand.

It’s why that…

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December 9, 2013

Cloak and Dagger

by eradican

Information is a weapon like any other. The battlefield and battlespace are the same thing today.

Better information has changed the fate of wars. When the British mastered code breaking during WW2 it was a turning point giving them a decisive edge. That edge would be used to mentor their American counterparts in espionage and electronic surveillance. The formation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) would come shortly after.

There are a variety of intelligence gathering methods as well. The most common are HUMINT (human intelligence), SIGNIT (signals intelligence) and OSINT (open source intelligence). For proper historical context the KGB excelled at HUMINT while America did better with SIGNIT.

The value of an agent inside an enemy organization is immense. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to the mafia cultivates a spy network. Even governments assist in corporate sector industrial espionage. Chinese hacking is just the top of the iceberg. It’s not even uncommon for one branch of the security apparatus to spy on another. The gains don’t always have to be monetary but simply dirt for political blackmail.

One such legendary rivalry was between the …

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September 16, 2013

Bug Farmers & Fly Factories

by Firepower

Maybe one day, you will really, truly comprehend and understand.  But it looks more and more like… maybe not…

Reducing yourself to subsistence farmers does Uncle Beast’s job for him:  Reducing whites into peasants…umm… That’s what BiGGov wants.  You’re simpletons chirping in his boxcars about the “Freedumb O’ Plantin’ Taters!” as you chug toward his Arbeit Camp.  You aid him in his job.

But whuddawedoooo Firepower yooooooo Goddam Meeeeeeeeeeeany!

A five-foot-faggot named Bradley Manning did more damage (with more of a sense of true honor) to Uncle Beast than a Billion-man WN “army” online repetitiously Niggerspickiking!™ on AmRen-TakiPiggi – or burying themselves in the cat turds at another 2,000 litterbox-comment Roisshy post.

Doomi’s Smokin’ Hot Sister, Tweety

Edward Snowden strikes FEAR into the very heart of the Liberal Nazi Murkan FFOL because you plainly see Obamao and all the minions of His Regime rush, stumble and rail as they to try to kill him.

But not at present, for FOXNews – dumb hound dog it is – is busy chasing The Syrian Stick Obamao tossed at Fido to distract him from Tryavon, Chris Lane, NSA blah blah blah…

Fuck Fly Factories.  Do something truly profitable for yourself and simultaneously useful to a cause.  If you’re a Hayseed|Jordie Wannabe – cuz ya’ll got the knack wif ya’lls Green Thumb – grow stuff people really want.  Booze & Tobacco.  Legalized Marijuana.  If you want to act like the Clampetts – get to it.

Still, even that is a sideline – a hobby. Leader Obamao’s Gun Grab made ammunition fer yer Shootin’ Iron scarce:  Make and sell the stuff – duh.  Durrrrrrr…Rent out yer Okie Farmin’ Homestead to l-o-o-o-ong range shooters who (for some reason) need range and distance to properly sight in their Barrett .50 and Steyr SSG.  Many are City Folk who plumb jess don’t got thet thar land and need a silent, discreet place with kindly farmin’ folk that’s on their side – and ask no questions.  If you’re gonna be a Rural Clodhoppin’ Jordi, why…ya’ll plum ain’t got to be no dadgum hayseed.

Do basic machine shop and learn the skills.  Create tiny little parts that are hard to get and improve firearm performance.  There are all sorts of internal pieces and bolt-on gadgets for ARs and SA-93’s.

Stop thinking like a Jordie.  A dumb-ass clodhopper hayseed never seeing beyond your 30 acres.  Exchange your Flag-Flyuun’ Mt. Zion 40-acre (future artillery target range) and hide in plain sight.

Learn computers.  Get thet thar book-lernt reeeeel good, Opie.  Gitcha job in that dadbum gummint – like Snowden’s NSA. WW2 German-Americans and Japanese-Americans spied for The Real America.  They fit right in – right inside those enemy countries.  Spoke the language without an accent. Lookie that thar gol’durn Major Hassan-Nidal Muhhammad-al-Jihaddi.  Even that thar All-American lookin’ boy got right in…

White Folks is plum good wiffin’ puters n’ sheet. Coloreds man the parole and DMV offices, while whitey (for some odd reason) fills the STEM ranks.  Uncle Beast needs him some whities:  Good Boy, Whitey!  Hey that varmint Mr. Manning-Snowden done did some real damage, pardner!  No pressure-cooker marathon surprises, al-queda flying lessons, Karaté, scary knifery, tiring Schwarzenegging, NRA membership or even loud target practice required.  Lil’ Eddie Snowden got paid hella big bux from Uncle Beast so he could “run game” on (and fuck) Hot Dance Bitches – all the while fucking Uncle B more than he even did his hot dancer GF.  But, all this is forgotten now because Syria-Syria! is in focus: Fetch!

Yee-haw! Speakin’ o’ them e-lec-treacle contraptions: Many folks made money setting up confidential email servers with encrypted keys that even that dag-blasted NSA couldn’t crack.  Folks wanting security and privacy from The Fascist LN Gov flocked to pay.  The NSA shut them down, but those wily rascals erased all them files – Oopsy-Daisy! – and started new servers!  Nothing says ya’ll right-smart Hill Folk can’t also just start a new one every single time them pesky Revva-noors come-a knockin’

Pussy whitebois (no caps) don’t matter; they are already willing slaves to the LNs. You exist in a Liberal Nazi Empire run by The FFFOL and it wants you fucking dead. Especially all you White Men who don’t work your science-majick for the Elite.  Primitive White people with 4th grade educations and muskets once instinctively knew what to do to TYRANTS. You are fighting for your lives and you need me to tell you wtf to do because you can’t figure out how to put out the burning building of your “country?”  Maybe, we are finished.

Working your way back to “Liberty” one blowfly and rooster at a time means you’ve opted to take a bullet train to becoming the lowest of slaves – Chinese Peasants. Effective resistance to Uncle Beast’s MRAPs, tanks, CCTV Network, Satellites and NSA – with worm farms and lemonade stands is Indians flinging arrows at Gatling Guns – futile and just a comfortable avoidance of that Scary Stuff you know needs be done.  If you can’t figure it out, you are finished.


September 6, 2013

Angry Letters To…The Editor

by Firepower

Sputtering Activism runs from Scandal-To-Scandal.  It is:


Murmer, Libertarian, wn …or Lunch at McDonald’s?

The Propaganda Media, the regular FOX News and even Mighty Twitta all follow the new Red Herring (LIUFY) of Syria and put on the back burner (in order of blissful ignorance) Chris Lane, NSA, IRS, Benghazi and Operation Fast & Furious.  It’s the fifth time in as many months that they drop the ball and get you to play their New Game.

No wonder Maobama, The Elite, Future Queen Hilary and spinmasters all wipe their asses with Your Murka.

They learned during Bill Clinton’s dick-sucking sessions that We The Peepul are Yoo The Stupid.  They learned they can really, truly get away with “it.”

Twits flit around from scandal-to-scandal playing Whack-A-Mole and Pop Goes The Weasel, jabbering about putting out the latest fire – The Latest Outrage!™  Thus, you play Roulette with your descendants’ fates.  Me? I don’t care. I wasn’t stupid and made any.

Have Teh Murmers in the Men’s Rights “Movement” accomplished a goddamned thing since I ripped them in May 2012: No.  Guess who else accomplishes nothing.  They will still be sitting with their thumbs up their asses in August… 2015.

Mao said. “All Government Power Flows From The Barrel Of A Gun.”  We Westerners have our own axioms stating certain entities only understand force and violence.  Today (at this very TwittaSecond!), we call them Iranians or “Syrians.”  Thus, all people only understand one constant: Force.  Violence.  It is the truest maxim there is.

Writing Angry Letters 2 The Editor! (ALTTE!) works no longer.  Tinkering with Social Security was once called “the third rail in American politics!” because Seniors wielded fearsome voting power and punished offenders.  Obama discovered they are now impotent, so he now uses their Medicare to pay for Minos’ hospital bills.  To the victor go the spoils.

Hate O?  He’s just a transient, interchangeable eight year ruler for the FFOL meaning nothing more to them than the next eight-year ruler.  He is interchangeable with any  future Hilary or Obama 3.0 or even The Future Hillar-Obama 4.0

Seen-ya’s don’t scare anybody anymore.  White people neither scare anybody anymore and that is why you feel frustration and anger at never-ending assaults to your values.  Liberals have discovered you are only bluster.  Letters to the Editor.  Paper Tigers.  Thus, they fuck you up the ass with impunity.  Get used to it; your kids will.

Glenn Beck Rally?…Idiot!

“Our” Side faps to wetdreams of “changing the system” and “restoring The Gummint!” when “our side” can’t even check the IRS and slow it down for one millisecond when it has mountains of evidence against it.  “Our” side can’t even control the fucking POST OFFICE. 

Kill the messenger. Bitch on VDare or AmRen all you want – does a whole lotta good, right?  BiGGov laughs at you – it even laughs harder that you haven’t figured that out yet.  Once you all knew how to slap that grin from their faces.  Now, you “tweet.”

You’ll hate the living fuck out of me that I’m right.  Brilliant…

August 21, 2013

Eavesdrop Edition: Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

…LUV  all your conversations recorded

by their Friendly Lil’ NSA


DEMAND Privacy for Illegal Alien’s Birth Certificates!

June 21, 2013

Privacy Is Power

by Ryu

There is a minor trend occurring in the MRM and it needs to be cut off right now for WNs. That is people revealing their true identities online.

Being anonymous is like being a sniper. You’re hidden and disguised. You can see the enemy but he can’t see you. You can gather all this intel, you can choose your shots. The person who outs himself stands up, waves his hands and shouts “Hey! Here I am! My name is XYZ and I live at ZQB! Come and get me!”

And they will come. If not today, 20 years from now. Once the information is out, you can’t take it back, ever. This is something that can screw you ten years out. Someone might want to out himself now, but will he be the same in the future?

The precautions you take will protect your family and your friends. Let me tell you – the FIRST thing the enemy will do is go after your family. It is the number one weakness of most people. Never delude yourself about this. And if it is the police or the fedgov, your family WILL cooperate. The peer pressure that can be brought to bear on them is enormous.

Incredible betrayals are the norm. Ted Kaczynski‘s own brother turned him in. Snowden’s father begs for him to come back to the US, where he will be jailed. Even the Boston Bomber’s uncle did it to him initially, and both were Muslims.

Knock and talks, tap and raps. NEVER open the door. Everything the police say is a lie. Listen to what happened to this man, starting at 34:30.

How to spot undercovers and informants. 95% of drug bustees turn into informants. 47 minutes, 30 seconds in.

It must be understood that the USA is a police state – today, right now. Look around and train yourself to see the signs. WNs are the equivalent of anti-communists in the USSR or China. WNs must learn how to live in and operate in such an environment.

Don’t let people manipulate your ego or pride. It is not brave to blow your own cover. It’s downright stupid. Have the discipline to do things right. If you need to confess, confess to God, a tree or a rock and be done with it.


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