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December 22, 2014

Proof There is NO God

by Firepower

George Carlin, dead.  Bill Maher – still fucking Manhattan callgirls.

David Gregory (and Howdy-Doody lookalike) still brandishing illegal machine gun clips – Tim Russert, still dead…

Andrew Breitbart, dead.  Chris Matthews – holy christie, still tinglin’.

Christopher Hitchens, dead.  Paul Krugman – still spewing Liberal HateSpeech, and being paid millions.

September 12, 2013

Experimental WN

by Ryu

It’s clear that our current methods are not enough. They only produce hordes of angry internet people, of which I am a part. This, our current mode of living, is not what victory feels like. We shouldn’t be slinking about in the shadows, they should. I’d happily trade places. No matter how many “angry” people there are right now, without results to show, it accounts for nothing. To produce a different type of activist, we need a different method.

Hipster Racist is trying some interesting things at his site. Apparently women are very interested in sex – who would have thought? If writing erotica and BDSM gets women into….

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June 20, 2012

Are We in Revolutionary Times? – Victor Davis Hanson

by Firepower
Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are We in Revolutionary Times? – By Victor Davis Hanson – The Corner – National Review Online.

No doubt free green cards will quickly lead to citizenship and a million new voters.

VDH is one of the preeminent thinkers and scholars of our day.  His site is a bit deep, but there is much to learn for all.  As deep as Overcoming Bias (…but without the bias), it focuses on pragmatic politics based on martial history – Hanson’s area of expertise.  He pulls his punches too much because of the intrinsic academician’s fault of being too inclusive or whether by tether to the execrable Rich Lowry‘s Short Leash.  His site is listed in my blogroll – check it out.  Rather than gripe and whine about issues, he explains why they are issues, in the first place.

Once, during a speech, Hanson was asked why the Civil War happened, and could it happen again.  He answered (I paraphrase) that the prelude to the Civil War was because “all avenues of compromise had been taken.  Everything that could be compromised – was, and all it took was the gelling of both sides to make up their minds for war.”

He said that not only was another Civil War possible, he was surprised it hadn’t already, and that he’d never seen America so close to doing it again.  It all hinges upon the implacable differences spanning a wide gulf between Liberal & Conservative.

The time will come.  You, will probably be 65, old, worn-out and beat down.  You will remember one day about the warning – but your children and grandchildren will be the ones to pay the larger debt.  You, will be fortunate that your age grants you a quick exit in a refugee train.

May 13, 2012

Reader Mail: Lady Raine

by Firepower

Actual Photo!

Girl X writes:

I bet you get a ton of readers. If you can follow the direction of my thoughts you get brownie points. How many from the old days are even around any more?  I think Lady Raine hung up her machine gun. As for commenting on your blog, I lack capacity. But can I link it on mine?

Of course you can, but, I’ll make you pay in Sweet Delights – later. Besides, I give out brownie points.

I’m harsh, but I’m a good host.  Harshness is for dim commenters on other sites/forums/blogs (christ, I hate that word) who make me wade through their Sea of Shit Backslappin’ Comments such as (in best Krusty the Klown voice):
(yeah, man!  youdaman brao!! yuk-yuk-yuk!!!)

…to get to four decent comments.

Anymore, you are truly lucky to find a single …

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April 8, 2012

The Whiners of Derbyshire

by Firepower

J. Derbyshire RIP – Victim #5,742,379
This WILL Not Stand!

Long ago, in pacified placid Country Postponia, the Wise Elders & Scribes gathered in Wimpington Circle to mourn the Fall of Derbyshire – a civic fixture once lauded, but now lamented.

Long did Derbyshire’s influence stride across the country like a Colossus; For you see, Derbyshire’s school of education was long considered the finest for each neophyte herald to attain by scribbling away in the e-darkness to re-post, expound upon and expand upon yet again, until the glittering wheel, reinvented now so many times, just looked, well – fantastic.

The Fall, was itself, a stinging defeat: That it came at the hands of tiny, barbarian mercenaries bought by the Royal Court of L’eftism made the impotent howls to the status quo that much more L’miserable. Cries of “l’infame!” and “mea culpa” (sprinkled in amongst the usual majority of “boycott!” and “That’s Outrageous!”) shrieked out and lent an air of educated sophistication the online scribes surely felt obliged to once again copy. Derbyshire as Gulliver – sacked by the Lilliputians.  A plea was made to find Jonathan Swift, so he could save Derbyshire, but he already wrote the…

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