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January 14, 2015

World’s Most Perfect Girl: Chanel West Coast

by Firepower

Amazing what being a couch decoration for an MTV-D wigga-nigga sandwich pays nowdays.


  • Not a virgin
  • silly
  • giggly
  • dsl
  • no dad (I bet)
  • dyed blond(ish) pubes
  • rich
  • nice tits


  • rapper
  • daddy issues
  • blond dye-job w/ roots
  • knows what black dick tastes like
  • lays for pay

* Le Sigh* All the good ones is taken…

September 8, 2013

Internet Search Trend: 8.27.13

by Firepower

Who says nobody watches MTV’s Video Music Award “show.”

The Couch Potatoes of Our Ancient Murkan History – 1994 – are now… Screen Potatoes.  Instead of screaming at the TV screen during the 6 0’Clock News like we used to, now we scream at our Smartphone touchscreens.

Can such a nation be saved?..

Trending Now

1 McDonald’s wings

2 Mley Cyrus VMA Awards.

3 Jessica Biel

4 Joseph Gordon Levitt

5 Destroyers Syria

6 Twerking

7 Xbox One

8 Fantasy football rankings

9 Linsanity trailer

10 Phoenix haboob

…Should such a nation be saved?


I waited to post this in order to examine what was topical a week ago; what utterly, totally and completely “captivated” Murkan Audience-Idiots so.  To see what “the fuss” was about.  And now, it surely is some New Dumb Crap.

It is clear why “we the peeple” don’t scare The Elite, the FFOL, the LN – or the monkeys in your state’s largest city shitting on your tax dollars.
Paging Kate Gosselin & Heidi Montag

April 4, 2013

The Rise and Fall of Shain Gandee

by snark1250

I have some bad news for going Buckwild. The star of the MTV reality series Buckwild died in a Chevrolet 4×4 mudslide at age 21. This young farmer had been the proponent of Buckwild in the post-Jersey Shore era, as parent company Viacom was saddened by Gandee’s death. In accordance with the Gandee family, Buckwild’s Gandee was killed in a mudslide caused by carbon monoxide fumes lingering inside the 1984 Chevy vehicle. Can mudslides be saved from the deadly effects of carborn monoxide poisoning?

Eradica predicted Gandee’s tragic poisoning of monoxide as a deadly assault, ending Shain’s life on the farm uncertain. Tragically, the American Medical Association moved closer to a “killer fume” having affected Gandee’s mudslides in the past.

The State of West Virginia plans a Buckwild Invitational Mudslide Chapionship Tournament schedule for this summer.

I have more on the situation later on this blog.


October 22, 2012

Underemployed Hot Teens

by Firepower

DON’T Hate: THEY’RE Working

Who remembers MTV’s 2011 Skins – all that controversy.  All that delectable teen smut.  Nobody.

Nobody remembers anything, which is why politicians find it so easy to dupe Americans – Americans who think they are sharp.  Duping idiots is easier when the idiots know not they are idiots.  Government School (GS) with its Institutionalized Propaganda Program makes it still easier.  Hell, even Skins was a re-re-tread of yet another tawdry British series.  ‘grecycling – fer growin’ groins.

If one is actually underemployed, it is a ….

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May 29, 2012

Media Jihad: Mainstream Media Wants You Dead

by Firepower

The media will never give up.

You Have Pretty…Eyes. May I Touch Them?

Despite sinking profits caused by fleeing readers they still – and will – continue pushing The Liberal Agenda & Propaganda.

You should find it odd that in Capitalist America, the Mainstream Media suicidally continues with money-losing liberal propaganda – while FOX News & Rush Limbaugh kick MSNBC and CNN ass.

You need tools to understand why all “The Daily Outrage!©” instead of reinventing the wheel each and every day The New Outrage!™ pops up.  As, I bet it surely does.  Wanna bet me?  Didn’t think so…

This is how you discover an agenda:  Imagine back in The ‘Nam: If you gave a Viet Cong $1,000 to go back home, they would spit on you, kill you, take your money, buy punji sticks – then return to persistently setting ambushes for Marines. The money would not matter. They were devotees, disciples and true believers in a cause.

The dichotomy and incongruity are easy to discover, once you determine the confusion is about ideology and propaganda – NOT profits.  “Online” is the word causing traditional newspapers drooling fits of envious stupor:  Yet, even online – where thousands of comments take the smart view and mock the Liberal MainStreamMedia’s transparent agenda – they still won’t recant.  Even in floods of opposing commentary they prize ideology over money; that is a suspiciously rare bird throughout American capitalism.  The msm merely censors comments like …

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May 11, 2012

Blogging: The Gilded Cage II

by Firepower

Part Two

Statcounter Disease

If you read Shakespeare (no, watching it on TV does not count) and choke on his elaborate language, you are incapable of interpreting language written for 16th century common masses; Shakespeare was neither highbrow or lowbrow. He wrote in a “midbrow” language intended for common consumption – the David Mamet of his day. It’s not that difficult; you can do it. But, why bother.

Bloggers imagine themselves being miraculously discovered by a Wise Someone who just happens to be a famous book agent… with grand taste. One signed contract away from the drudgery of a real life too frightening to act upon, lest consequences interfere with the self-indulgent Literary Fantasy.  The problem is, Americans may read, but not books – just blogs.

Each noble captain of his own destiny takes keyboard in hand to feed Statcounter Disease.  Those with MORE HITS are worth more to a society that values the higher ratings of Jersey Shore to history on H2.  More viewers mean More Importance – to the ignorant determined to pursue popularity.

While patiently awaiting discovery by the savior-agent, the toiler habitually repeats key concepts –  substituting actual action and subsequent accomplishment for daily attention.  It is thought, reduced to the ritual of thought, prepared and presented for an audience.  It’s the book club or e-nonymous Therapy Group endlessly discussing deeds of others – without they themselves performing a deed or achieving tangible accomplishment.  Even though, that is the very reason they first collaborated.

The original idealized purpose of the internet was, much like TV, to “enlighten” via communication.  We are aware of the results.  The new interactive medium was to give voice to the masses – to foster communication with a will to action.  Predictably, the internet and blogging has degenerated into a quagmire of time-eating hobby, devoted to self-expression via keyboarding.  At first come magnificent Rembrandts, then comes MTV.  Then, MTV with no music – just Pauly D.  Anyone who can construct a basic 11th grade sentence now has the tool to generate an audience of similarly immature 10th graders – and even more worshipful 9th graders and on down the ladder to kindergarteners reverently gazing upon the face of God 2.1.  That’s fine, but children never accomplish anything but delighting their elders with fantasy.

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