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March 20, 2016

Establicrats & The Republishment: Queen Hillary

by Firepower

She was once guaranteed ascendancy to the Imperial Throne of Murka. She was the obvious choice for the next winning hand in PC Poker. The LN had to up The Hyphenization-Game after electing a Colored Commie. What tops that? Since 1984, Murkans are always stupider than previously, so they elect the lowest common denominator.

Nobody expected such an evil, Machiavellian conspirator to be so stupid to fall to a homebrew server in her Royal Bath.  (Her body servant forgot to unplug it). But, hubris is well-documented even back to Plato’s days: I wish you all knew the definition of hubris. Ohwellmy.

Trumpists gloat over his rise, but that’s just because he sells ads – both on FUXNooz and the New jew York Times. There’s scant hope he becomes Prezz.

With new and rapidly developing politics, we need …..

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February 15, 2016

Tucker Carlson Redeemed

by Firepower

Jew Porngirls: Not Tuckers, But Cocksuckers

This is a genius piece. Simple in its Truths and elegant in its disbursement.

Mr. Carlson earned my respect. He shows how devastating Truth is and how it is impossible to defeat. Only morons can defeat Truth by ignoring it or accusing the Truth of being “rayciss” or changing the subject. If morons let this happen, they …..

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February 8, 2016

MediaPROP Online Control

by Firepower

MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp Not Only Worked For FUXNews, But Also The Lucky Ryu

We know who controls print media – and both NYC NewsPROP and Hollywood MoviePROP. Toss in Playstation junk. Make sure you categorize all media forms.

Online, just ten publishers control it ALL. They tell you what to …..

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January 25, 2016

Liberal Media As Worship & Church

by Firepower

I Love Firepower THIS Much!

Liberalism, now accuratley defined as religion, thus has its deities – like  Kennedys, Clinton and Obama etc.

When the Ark of The Covenant comes home from the big tour (after showing itself to the mob as magic totem) there is a requirement for a proper, reverential cathedral in which to worship what we went to all that trouble for.  Gods need temples.  Gods need underling-priests to interpret cryptic terminology and define the riddle of ……

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September 28, 2015

Miggers, Solved

by Firepower

Even sissy Britland does this.

The AP is a crucial (yet ignored) component of the Manipulator Media: It censored this link on its own site. Now, you get the 404 WSOD. Very clandestine. Very.

So, I had to find it reprinted elsewhere. Not surprising from a MMMedia Machine that now offers a PCpolicy of not calling Miggers “illegal immigrants.”

I know, I prefer the term, filthy spick scum.  PC is not taking over Murka – it rules Murka – and whites have done nothing about it but….

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May 8, 2015

Manhattan MINO Media Machine

by Firepower

No Milktit to suck on, so teh cahk’ll HAVE TO DO

Leet’s play Spot Teh MINO!

Often the arrogance and hubris of Manipulating Media does ryu’s work for him. They compile pictures worth a thousand words.

For instance, Anderson Cooper isn’t a jew, Migger or a colored…wait! He’s a faggot – there ya go, one quotient of a phalange in the FFL: The dainty, pinky one.

These are the Lords of Manipulon: The rulers of public opinion.

The shepherds of The Sleeple. They jump to the head o’ the line, buy a white baby, then tell you how to raise yours to slobberingly accept faggots, Manhattan faggots and Manhattan faggots who barge in to the head of the line.

Thus, the millionare, celeb CNN “news” reader maintains their inordinately high status among the Elite Worshiped Class.

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