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April 12, 2018

Timetable For America’s Demise

by Firepower

In the narrative of prophecy, ballpark assumptions are required as the currency of communication, conveying an idea of future potentialities.  I wrote this article months ago so it’s interesting to see how it played out, laying in its WordPress draft time capsule.

In reality, the Death of America won’t be like the death of a living being, where it’s there one moment and gone forever the next.  Countries and societies in decline stumble, seemingly disappear, then re-emerge briefly only to fade away again in a lingering, protracted death.   Think of a drowning drunk bobbing and gasping for air.  Such a rich country will take longer to extinguish – but fall it will.  In the ocean, whale carcasses take the longest to completely decay.  England died in 1900, yet it still built Titanics.  When it fiddled with World War One. it was an elderly chap who wanted a fight.  He took a few punches and really seemed OK, but the …

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May 16, 2013

US Elite Arrogance – Policy is Not in a Vacuum

by sobl1

The average American donates to charities with a global impact and is aware of the world around them. They may not know much about other countries or a foreign language, but they are not total idiots. The elites accuse them of being jingo-patriots when really they are just America First volk. We also have our swill that has no clue about the rest of the world except for Mexico. Our elites claim to be international men and women of mystery, yet they act and behave as if the US is it. They have swallowed the US is the hyper-power forever syrup. Other powers are waiting like tigers or jackals in the grass for us to tire out from our head-butting of trees. Because of our elites’ awful globalization and financialization rackets our economic policy is not in a vacuum, and we’re approaching the moment when we hit the wall.

A band of rising foreign powers came together for a G20 meeting. They named the meeting “Reinventing Bretton Woods”. The Russians took the lead and openly talked about not just wanting to change the dollar as the world reserve currency system but even the how it could happen. This is pretty huge as it is a second bloc of power openly criticizing the dollar system and discussing how to replace it. China, of course, being the first and foremost open upstart. The major focus is removing the dollar from its central role. This is the problem of running huge trade deficits in a switch from a manufacturing based economy with tangible exports to a financial economy with debt as an export, and then buying elected officials to enhance your share of the national income. Because our elites are making moves to protect the status quo but trillions in wealth has been shipped overseas, our policy moves which protect a financial oligarch class put us at the mercy of foreigners. The non-dollar dependent economic zone can carve us out or minimize our impact on them to the point where they reprice everything and then bid us out on raw materials. America would have to stop the collective dancing in the mirror and get back to work.

This is also why I do not expect Elite-Brahmin trends to go on forever. Eventually, their self-destructive policies will weaken the US enough that the Chinese will simply push us over or China and Russia will act on their interest in breaking us up. China, Russia and the other BRICs are rising powers elites created through their globalization greed. A non-dollar monetary system may simply be a gold or gold and silver backed system. Knowing the centuries of silver traditions in China, a bimetallic system may get backing from them. Gold still looks to be the winner, plus no country may want to incur the wrath of being the reserve currency and no one may trust the other from expanding their influence by even sharing the lead of a top three or five currencies. The US-EU-UK banking system, which is so interconnected that it is all one as the FED did bail out Europe in ’08, will fight this, but by delaying the inevitable, it actually strengthens China’s hand. They want to bleed us out slowly to use their dollar hoard while it has value. A sudden shift or come to Jesus moment by US elites would throw off foreign plans. This is why for all their cosmopolitan, multinational flair in conversations and on business cards, the American elite still thinks that the American empire is here to stay.


May 9, 2013

Private Cities, Public Guard

by Firepower

Guatemala is such a shithole, it is to Mexico, what Mexico is to the US.

Yet, even it still manages to produce elites – elites unashamed about separating themselves from the filth of society.  They are proud to stand apart…and they have the firepower to back it up.  It’s easy to express your luxury with sunglassed-UZIs body-guarding your toned tush.   Even in Progressive Ameriexiqa, Jordy fights to keep it’s Banana-Manhattan Safe.

Some articles below tell the tale of “enoble gringo doctorrrrres ees coming to Huatameillllia” to donate time to fix broken babies.  LMFSAO: In a land where life is totally worthless and the rich know it enough to buy bullet-proof glass instead of cleft palate-fixing tools.

Even in poverty, the elite still manage to find the funds to create their safe, plush sex and pleasure playgrounds.

If Third World hellholes have the capacity to do so, just what about them Manhattanites, Martha’s Vineyarddies and Hawaiians?

Guatemala builds private city to escape crime

The private-sector segregates the country’s wealthiest from the urban poor.

“Cayala creates a world for those who can afford it. Cayala sells an illusion that everything is OK, but it is not open to all people.”

Gated Community to Gated City:
Coming your way, soon…


April 15, 2013

Cellphones, Señor Slim, and RFID Chips

by eurybates

La Bête de la Mer (Tapisserie de l’Apocalypse)
A medieval tapestry of the False Prophet, the Dragon, and the Beast of the Sea

It has been out there for quite a while that the beast is going to implant these RFID chips in peoples forearms or something like that and you won’t be able to buy or sell without having one in your arm.  It is my understanding that these chips don’t need batteries and they are obviously waterproof and small to boot.  A lot of the people that are spouting off about these chips are Christians who are convinced that this is a sign that the prophecies are coming true.

It kind of reminds me of the Branch Davidians who were convinced that they were fulfilling certain prophecies when the tanks were rolling around outside their compound spouting fire.  Maybe they were fulfilling prophecies.  I don’t put too much weight on that sort of thing but, hey, sometimes it is interesting.

What I would say about this whole schtick is this:  it is a distraction, a smokescreen, a faint – they be psyching you out, man.  A couple of years ago I heard that Walmart was tracking where in the city certain products were going by using RFID chips.  Maybe they were and they probably still are.  The elite are info junkies; check out Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelations 13:17

Anyway that is part of the distraction.  They have already implemented their plan, man.  While a bunch of kooks were convinced that the government was going to make the number of the beast mandatory practically everyone on the planet has acquired a cell phone.  So tell me how hard would it be for the ‘government’ to put the RFID chip into your cell phone.  I do know from personal experience that cell phones emit a signal even when they are turned off.  Maybe not absolutely sure but I am pretty sure.  I heard of a guy who was growing weed outdoors and he was in the bush and the police were in a helicopter following him and even after he turned off his phone they were still were able to follow him.  Anyway like I said if you believe that they can put a RFID chip in your arm then why not in your phone?  And over the last couple of years you can buy more and more things with your phone . . .

Slowly but surely – isn’t that the Fabian plan?

While we are on the subject of cell phones I would like to talk about Carlos Slim.  Not really that much about him but I would just like to use him as an example.  Carlos Slim is supposedly the worlds richest man.  People have a pretty funny concept of wealth these days so maybe I can give some of our readers a different perspective.  Senor Slim is the worlds richest man because he has tons of contracts.  That’s right – contracts.  Commitments.  Mr. Bill Gates was the worlds richest man for a long time running.  Even though he was the worlds richest man two consecutive years his ‘wealth’ diminished by about 16 billion dollars from 56 billion to 40 billion (this was back in the 90’s.)  The reason Mr. Gates ‘lost’ so much of his wealth was because he didn’t/doesn’t actually have that wealth in ‘cash’ in the bank or something like that to begin with – his wealth was/is always fluctuating because the financial big wigs estimate what his wealth was/is based on projections based on future contracts and future sales and stuff like that.

So back to Senior Slim -in a country of 100 million people Sr. Slim has contracts with 90 percent of the population (Senior Slim has a monopoly.)  90 million people in Mexico are committed to giving Sr. Slim a percentage of their income every month – forever – or at least the rest of their lives.  I could get into GDP and the average income and try to come up with a snazzy argument but I am just going to make a wild guess and make some (wild) assumptions and say that I think that the average Mexican gives Sr. Carlos 5% of their income.  And they are committed.  He is rich because he has a lot of slaves.  I guess technically he only owns a 5% stake in every Mexican south of the border so maybe he can say with a straight face that he doesn’t own any slaves at all.  At least he can claim that he doesn’t own any slaves outright.  (It is all voluntary slavery anyway.)  Although I don’t see it happening any time soon, if all the people decided to quit using cell Sr. Slim’s fortune would diminish pretty quick.

But that is probably not going to happen because, well, cell phones make you stupid.  (No offense – the written word made people stupid, too – they didn’t need to remember stuff anymore.)  And cell phones, like, microwave your brain, too.  People who are being poisoned by carbon monoxide or diesel fumes slowly go to sleep.  When people freeze to death they start to hallucinate.  People dying in the desert see mirages.  And I have heard that drowning is a pretty enjoyable experience – after a while – kind of dream like.  You start to enjoy the sensations.  People seem to enjoy the sensation of getting stupider.  Television anyone?

There are other hazards associated with cell phones as well – some have been rigged with explosives for example – but I think the Israelis are the only ones doing that sort of thing.  Sometimes I wonder, though, how the USG have been able to navigate their drones so ‘accurately’ . . .  I once read the beginning of a Stephen King novel called, “Cell” in which cell phones made everyone who used them into flesh-eating zombies.  I could only read a few pages of Mr. King’s book because, well, he is a really, really, shitty writer.  But on the back of the book it said that Stephen King doesn’t own a cell phone and in case anyone out there is wondering – neither do I.

March 29, 2013

Mexican Votes – For Liberal Fascists

by Firepower

So Easy, Even a Murkan Won’t Do It

This is the kind of story “Free Speech Murka” must now read of from Limeyville UK, – but that’s only because they love to bash America.  Britties cheerfully submit to their own Socialist State wallowing in PC Fascism, for far deeper and longer.

Murkan Nooz in giant, sophisticated border states like Texas can’t seem to report lurid stories of Mexican Gangs shooting up resorts, where fat, dumb & happy Murkans play.

Deliberate Mexification

If illegal mexicans were to revolt even today, Maobama would let them revolt; he would not want to risk alienating all those juicy California-Mexicrat votes for his Dream Congress 2014 – and Queen Hilary the Great’s Ascension to His Throne.

This willful, deliberate neglect of the borders is the Obama Regime’s solution to filling the need for more illegal mexicans.  The Sequester cuts cause deliberate security breaches near the border…all while our Liberal Fascist government deliberately releases illegal mexican criminals because of…


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