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January 25, 2016

Liberal Media As Worship & Church

by Firepower

I Love Firepower THIS Much!

Liberalism, now accuratley defined as religion, thus has its deities – like  Kennedys, Clinton and Obama etc.

When the Ark of The Covenant comes home from the big tour (after showing itself to the mob as magic totem) there is a requirement for a proper, reverential cathedral in which to worship what we went to all that trouble for.  Gods need temples.  Gods need underling-priests to interpret cryptic terminology and define the riddle of ……

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May 1, 2013

Gay Message Management

by sobl1

Some guys on the alt right have commented on the non-stop gay gay gay propaganda from the media. It is part of cathedral propaganda for us to accept the weird and different as normal. ESPN (targeting young + middle aged straight men) has been in overdrive with this big gay retired NBA player story. At 35 with minimal playing time and no contract, he is not active; he’s retired. It’s also a big FU to those religious types that don’t fully accept it. Constant propaganda works pretty well though because the fiercest pro-gay straights I know now told the best gay jokes 15 years ago. The friends I see on Faceborg who often say they are OK with gay marriage usually called their friends ‘fags’ 10 years ago during football games or out at bars. I’m fine with gays, and I give them the attention that they deserve as 3.5% of the population (minimal). Problem is, the media loves them, and libs love to be known as loving them (earn their “I heart gays” badge). Athletes come out as gay to celebration. Television shows spotlight angelic gay characters. Pop songs focus on queer experimentation. They all avoid a big gay thing. This thing was huge 15-20 years ago with gays. You couldn’t mention gay men without bringing this thing up. It’s still around, the issue is unsolvable, and we will be paying billions for it. Heck, it affects 10% of the gay male population (600K out of 6.6 mil total), which dwarfs the number of gay men who would ever marry. It never gets brought up though in the current sea of pro-gay talk.

Because mentioning everything else gay as if it is 100% cheery positive all of the time is going to make us forget that, because of gay men, HIV isn’t just a foreign disease that we donate money to charities for (“Oh those poor Africans with the HIV”). Thanks for forever altering the sexual realm. Gay guys, pray every single night to these guys. AIDS deaths cratered from 50,000 per year in the mid-90s to roughly 15,000 now. Without those most likely heterosexual nerds, the HIV/AIDS cocktail meds wouldn’t exist, and we’d spend time watching the AIDS quilt instead of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” on TV.

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