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July 3, 2018

Eradican Manifesto

by Firepower

What your enemy fears most … do.

America is finished; it is gone. We now live in Murka. A nation ruled by (LN) Liberal nazis, staffed and implemented by MINOs (all preferred classes of minorities) running the Minority Master Machine – the MMM.

Most jews are your enemy but so are WASPs.  Combined, these exclusive groups are The Ruling “elite” – those living in Fortress Manhattan, etc. and the local “rich cities” near you that you know.  Combined, they are the one true enemy: TOTE.

Most whites are your enemy – your greatest enemy. They are hopelessly brainwashed from successful decades of LN/MM BIGovSchool brainwashing propaganda programs. The administrators of BGS (BIGovSkools) are Harvard, Yale and Ivy League Elites living in DC and funded by Manhattanites. It is staffed by MINOs but ….

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July 11, 2016

Dallas Shooter’s Manifesto

by Ryu

Yet again, one has to fight to learn anything in the “Land of the Free.” Apparently the big bad Murkan cops are afraid someone might be inspired by it. But it’s always different when true equality is present – many can dish it out, but few can take it.

I found it here:

“I served my country before they betrayed me.

This is my manifesto to be released after my death. I am utterly sick and disgusted. I could not bear watching my brothers and sisters die every day by these insignificant self-righteous pigs. With the continuous shootings by these cops with no moral beliefs and who think they have the power to control a people’s way of life, I had to take a stand. They had to be taught a lesson.

If you are reading this, it means I’m dead. And clearly I have departed this Earth. But if you’re reading this, it means you are clearly still alive. You still have a chance to do more damage. If you truly care about your brothers, if you truly care about the black race, you will defend us.

The BLM movement has been destroyed from within. Al Sharpton and his cronies have torn the real message of truth, we need to declare our independence and take it by force.

We shall prevail.”

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