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June 19, 2012

heartiste, roissy & SLUTS

by Firepower

My Last Territorial Demand

There’s an interesting article up at Counter-Currents Publishing on PUAs Vs: Girls.  It is one of the few (if only) pieces rationally explaining the girl’s view refreshingly free from hysteria and Hate.

[Hat Tip: Laguna Beach Fogey/Admiral Cod]

Most of what she says is correct, but I want to help her clarify that The Sisterhood she wishes to defend is no different than wn’s defending a Pareene or Maher.  Just because you share a gender/color doesn’t mean appearance warrants loyalty based on similar characteristics alone.  Ava Morrettis must abandon the Snookis & LiLos to their deserved fate.

The only women puas treat as “disposable blow up dolls”
Are the actual real-life disposable blow up dolls.

The barsluts and bimbos.  The inveterate Jersey Housewives fan.  The JWOWW’s of the world.   Not female author types: The barslut dolls *should* be….

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June 1, 2012

Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism

by Firepower

Disenfranchised groups currently upset and disturbed by the state of America are also that favorite liberal buzzword: Dis-empowered.

But not being liberal special interest groups they are they are targeted as separate, fragmented “clans” of neutered Men’s Rights Activists, fake conservatives and anti-Illegal Immigrationists, etc.  This has all been seen before in “The Advent of The Isms” – GIFY.

The crucial point these varied groups fail to realize is

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