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November 24, 2014

Youthful Indiscretion – NSFW

by Firepower

Too often I need inform the Bon Jovi (and Beatles) generations of the awful truth: It disturbs me I need to take such action with folks who’ve lived that long, seen so much, and made enough mistakes to know better.

Even Dill-enials rely on the phony morality crutch – and bail with the “I bet their PARENTS are ashamed!” ploy. You see: Murkans “feel” that fabricating symbolic shame in a trespasser somehow corrects the misdeed.

Not so. This response is clearly seen in old-time TDO and emerging Twitter Mentality. It’s not only the USA, but writ large in Western Culture.

It is used prominently when today’s spectacle of ubiquitous Porn-Factor arises; everyone online experiences intrusive sex without escape, so porn becomes a cultural leavener – a universal that explains by example.

America is fixated on youth. Once it was George Washington who spoke and…

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May 6, 2013

Why PUA Will Fail: Feminism Resurgent

by Firepower

Neo-Feminism (NF) is a direct response and counterattack to pua.  It is a stealthy response, as it does not formally or

publicly label itself so.  It is inadvertently aided by dim mpuags blundering unaware that females will actually retaliate against oh, say… 300,000,000+ forums of crass brats blatantly celebrating how to Game them and get in their pants.  Even smart guys like Rooishy are shocked – shocked! – that the girls are mad.  PUA didn’t make guys “men,” it made them better dudes.  It didn’t make them smarter – it made them dumber. Such blundering strategy is not Mastery, it is Foolery; especially in a country now based on, legislated and totally ruled by females – or call this state mentality, feminine values.

The proof is this: Despite PUA being a potent strategy practiced since 2000, nothing has changed.  Those many tactics to tame The Wild American Bitch failed. If you’d have jacked-it to pics of Lindsay Lohan back then, you’d go to jail, but time passes and turns into decades.  Despite the fearsome reputation of “Game” now you have LiLo and 100 Million little copies of her at the club – with most even worse in the Post-Game Era.  The MTV cadre of Jersey Sluts, Teen Slut Moms IX and Housewives of fill-in-the-blank.  It’s what happens when you…

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May 1, 2013

Matt Forney-Bardamu-Lohan-Kennedy-Lohan ~ PICTURE Caption Contest!

by Firepower

Winners will be announced by gunfire.

Females will spend a night at the Firepowerian Manse – provided they are hot.

Guys will get knife-fighting lessons and Ferdinand Fighting Lessons – provided they are hot – to hot females.  Ferdinand Forney Hawt.

matt forney bardamu

Gramps Can’t Travel Anymore, But
I Show His Pants A Great Time!


April 29, 2013

Why PUA Will Fail

by Firepower

PUA has failed for a variety of reasons, many of which are similar to MRM’s total failure; these are reflective of the predictable future failure of all current “movements.”  These are my laws; you see them proven in the biggest movement to date: Occupy Wall Street.   These failures are caused by continual mental diminution of successive US generations and will continue throughout the entire 21st century – unless remedied.  However, no remedy is in sight: People now prefer being stupid.

The Reasons Why PUA Will Fail:

  1. It has already failed –
  2. Despite 15 years, Feminism still rules America – NOT men. Certainly not puas.
  3. No pua Leadership –
  4. Semi-Retarded Discipleship

In order to understand a definitive work on PUA’s failure (here now, itself further diminished and facilely described as pua), a primer on pua’s history is needed.

OWS Fox on FOXNews O’Reilly Factor

PUA: 1999’s Inception

Early pua was focused on Social Proof, Negs, Peacocking and Wingmen, with the online forum acting as surrogate wings and support system.  It promised a fresh new perception on the eternal mystery of courtship; it also delivered.  It was a dreamy combination of a dawning New Internet, new knowledge and that Fin de siècle magic.  It was the End of An Era, and a seeming, ostensible start to a new one.

Early forums in 2000 were (for about 3 months) a wealth of learning.  Then… The Stupids moved in.  Early Stupids were Yoda Faggots, who quickly transformed into Fight Club Faggots spouting…

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September 19, 2012

Soylent Super Sex

by Firepower

Part V: The Elite – The Wealthy & Furniture Girls

working hard


Update: October 03, 2012; Real Housewives Of Miami star Joanna Krupa on hooker allegations

The list of starlets who were big big big (even as recently in the ancient 00’s) is too voluminous to list.  In the category of “whatever happened to?” think of your own Ex-It Girls like Elisha Cuthbert and Heather Graham who’ll find steady employment in the Furniture Industry once they tire of making Old Spice commercials and want to return to sleeping in fancy beds.  If you were an oil sheik and you eternally make $40 Million per week off idiotic, selfish Americans – wouldn’t you blow …

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