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October 6, 2013

Liberal Nazism From Clinton to Obama: Miggers*

by Firepower

Surgeons examine disease by its inception from first infection and subsequent symptoms.

Look at the fucking chart:  Now WHAT would make The Liberal Nazi BiGGov think there’s a problem?

For Them, There is NO problem.  This is what they want.  More immigs are more Democrat voters.  More breeders to pump out 13 bambinos – more lifelong Democrat voters.

I invented Illegal Immigs™, then abbrevieated it to immigs.  Now, I will call them miggers™.

May 27, 2013

Anti-White Media: ‘Red Light District TV’

by Luther Burgsvik

BabestationSelf-control and mental-activity are virtues that would serve any person or group of people well. In modern times self-control is shirked in favour of revelry, and mental activity is shirked in favour of ‘feelings’. ‘Red Light District TV‘ allows the paying customer to pursue both of these experiences in the comfort and safety of their own home. Live fights, Blue movies, phone sex, interactive TV gambling, adverts for ‘easy money’, all from the comfort of home: this is what Red Light District TV is.


In this article we’ll deal with the following:
What is ‘Red Light District TV’?
What programmes make up ‘Red Light District TV’?
Why is ‘Red Light District TV’ such a bad thing?
What’s the anti-dote for ‘Red Light District TV’?

What is ‘Red Light District TV’?’
Red Light District TV’ are TV programs shown late at night that cause men to produce hormones and ‘feel’ overwhelmingly strong…

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May 22, 2013

The Good Old Mino Network: Liberal Elite Rule 5.17.13

by Firepower

Today’s Ideal Man

The perfect example, really:

There’s no need to dig up secret Illuminati Plots; the truth suffices.  Today’s Marie Antoinette eats actual cake while telling proles to “eat cake” as more cake arrives from the IRS, served by The Leader.  Somewhere, Caligula is cumming in his toga.

Our African-American President appoints, as Imperial Czar of the IRS, one Danny “irish” Werfel as ruler.  He, of Werfel, Feingold, Goldblatt & Goldberg, son of famous Manhattan finance firm to Goldman Sachs.  I kid.  Werfel replaces “Belgian” Schulman, who hired Lois “Scotish” Lerner to persecute patriot and TEA Party groups.  Which, she did with muy goy-sto.  All this after orders from Democrat Party Senators in the Irish Caucus:  Schumer, Levin and Franken.

Another Nice Lady who persecuted the White Groups is Sarah Hall-Hyphenated-Ingram.  Her little old feminist self was recently decreed Ruler of…  New IRS ObamaCare.

3% of Murkan population are Struggling-Hebrew-Americans, and they represent what percentage of the “dis-empowered” US Imperial Senate?  I forgot.  You, tell me…

Funny, the MSM Propaganda Machine Huffpo wrote a year ago how the Noble IRS Battles Heroically against The TEA Party!  Thank crapping christ we Murkans have that decent, law-abiding IRS to protect our rights from the excesses of the TEA Party.  The…Taxed Enough ALREADY Party…What a coincidence the IRS would persecute a group with that title!  The TEA Party is composed of Whites.  The IRS and Liberal Nazism is Un-American.  (There’s a term I will revive.)

Simple facts suffice.  You are now ruled by minos, females and coloreds.  Here’s your key: Anybody who can hyphenate-their name or ethnicity – holds State Power over you.

Kathleen Sebelius.  Adorable Janet (Reno) Napolitano.  Hillary Clinton.  Valerie Jarrett. Sir Eric The Black Holder.

Not at all like that Good Old Boy Network.  The naive 70’s pronouncement that,

If ONLY women and minorities ran it – instead of EvilWhiteMen!© – all would be sweet peace-huggs & luv!

…is ridiculous now that the face of its real Fascism is exposed.

This is The Good Old Mino Network.  This is the New Regime.  Your real NWO: An alliance of diverse political action groups bundled together in one fasces to form an ax handle to weild the ax blade of State Power to chop your head off.

Here’s the difference: Google won’t be “forced” by LN regime to censor criticisms of Liberal Nazism – it will do so voluntarily for “the Good of The Volk People” because the fatcats in the google corner office voted for Obama.

Nascent (look it up) criminal Clinton fascists who Wacoed Whites are now immersed in State Power and use the IRS to inflict Liberal Nazism on White Groups.  Tell me:  How do you think 2033’s Liberal Nazi will act – in a post-Hillary Presidential Rule?

Today’s ideal Nazi Superman is the brown person of multiracial birth and PC multiracial ideology.  The targets of obliteration, eradication and genocide are White.

The Propaganda Media and Liberal Nazis want you enslaved, then after your taxpaying usefulness is expended – dead.

May 20, 2013

Anti-White Media: Police State TV

by Luther Burgsvik

[Preamble: This and the next four posts will explore the Anti-White Media themes that I touched on in the introductory post: ‘Police State TV’, ‘Red Light District TV‘, ‘Nanny State TV’, ‘Nostalgia TV’, ‘Lord of the Manor TV’.]

‘Police State TV’ is a common programme style that is found on prole television channels like ITV and Channel 5. The most well known series being Cops and Police, Camera, Action!. While these programmes are not explicitly Anti-White because of the race-based content that they show, they do nevertheless degrade they Aryan by cultivating bad ideas in his head (seeking cheap thrills, feeling self-righteous when criminals get caught, and presenting the police as the only standard bearers of justice). These bad ideas have a drip, drip, drip effect on the proles that watch them, simply by virtue of the number of ‘Police State TV’ programmes out there (sometimes up tp 6 hours per day on Sky 3. That drip, drip, drip effect drips right on the viewers pecker, slowly eroding his sense of masculinity one hour at a time.

This article will deal with the following points:
What is ‘Police State TV’?
What programmes make up ‘Police State TV’?
Why is ‘Police State TV’ such a bad thing?
What’s the anti-dote for ‘Police State TV’?

What is ‘Police State TV’?
‘Police State TV’ is a development of the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ style of documentary that sprung out of the ‘reality TV’ genre. They include action-based programmes centred around regular police forces, SWAT teams, bounty hunters; aswell as the less action-packed (more sedate) programmes like Customs UK which televise the antics of the customs and excise people in the UK. The cops themselves are the centre of attention because you rarely have a visible ‘narrator/guide’ walking you through the action like you do in documentaries (like David Attenbrough in Life on Earth).

[Caption: ‘Brit Cops: Zero Tolerance’ shows the type of policing you can expect on a visit to cheery ol’ England. Minus the rock music soundtrack of course..]

The ‘Police State TV’ programmes are designed for the proles who enjoy action, cheap thrills, a mild rush of adrenaline, the chance to watch real men in uniforms (swoon!), or the opportunity of seeing a drug-trafficker trying to smuggle a few grams of cocaine through customs. You won’t catch many <SWPL or respectable Middle-Class types watching this drivel. Oh no, they’d much prefer seeing an hour-long documentary on (and I’m not making this up) <The Secret Life of Ice

What programmes make up ‘Police State TV’?
Examples of ‘Police State TV’ run far and wide and across many continents. Below are a few examples garnered from a TV guide.

Police, Camera, Action!
Brit Cops: Frontline Crime
Brit Cops: Zero Tolerance
Brit Cops: Rapid Response
Brit Cops: Law and Disorder
Brit Cops: War on Crime
Police Interceptors
Frontline Police
Motorway Patrol
Worlds Wildest Police Videos
Road Wars
Traffic Cops
Cop Squad
Customs UK
Nothing to Declare
UK Border Force
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Australia’s Toughest Police

Why is ‘Police State TV’ such a bad thing?
‘Police State TV’ is a bad thing because it degrades the Aryan in three ways: by making him enjoy cheap thrills, by making him feel unjustifiably self-righteous, and by portraying the police as the only standard bearers of justice. All of these are negative female traits, which the viewer will absorb and make part of his own psyche. Out goes his masculinity and up goes his femininity. This is how the Police State TV turns its viewers into low-grade females.

‘Police State TV’ degrades the Aryan by making him enjoy cheap thrills like car chases which often result in crashes and sometimes gunfights all of which involve real people. It portrays police-work like a low-grade action movie complete with real life shoot outs. It’s designed to get the adrenaline going in the viewer, and make them feel rather than think: “Someone might get shot! OMG, it’s real-life action! Wow! What a thrill!”

It degrades the Aryan by making him feel self-righteousness when the Cop arrests a ‘suspected’ villain. This feeling of self-righteousness arises because the viewer only sees the action from the police officers perspective, rather than impartially or from the suspects perspective. If you think I’m being absurd here, then imagine watching a Cops style programme shot from an innocent suspects perspective, you’d see police justice in a whole new light.

It furthermore degrades the Aryan by portraying the police as the ONLY standard-bearer of Justice. If the police are the ONLY standard-bearer of justice, it logically follows that the average John Doe on the street ISN’T a standard-bearer of justice. Indeed it takes the notion of justice completely out of his hands and gives it to someone else. And that’s definitely NOT a good thing! It’s just like outsourcing manufacturing to another country (like the UK & US have both done), or outsourcing defence to another country (like the Romans did); if you outsource your justice to another entity then it leaves you vulnerable to exploitation, vulnerable to being ruled over by them. That’s what ‘Police State TV’ does on a daily basis, portraying the Police as the ONLY standard bearers of justice, and that’s why it is such a bad thing.

What’s the anti-dote for ‘Police State TV’?
What to watch then instead of ‘Police State TV’? What should the recovering ‘Police State TV’ fan watch? Perhaps he should watch vigilante films like Death Wish, Outlaw, or The Punisher. Though it may be tempting to watch such films, and indeed may have a positive effect on the viewer, I offer a word of caution before hand.

If watched in the wrong frame of mind, then vigilante films ‘might’ be just as bad if not worse than watching ‘Police State TV’. Why do I think this? I think this because vigilante films allow the viewer to live out their ‘rebellion’ fantasy through the characters on the TV, rather than actualising their own real potency in the ‘real world’. Like Matrix fans, or Fight Club fans, or porn fans who identify with the lead character in the film. It’s a way of living out their fantasy in a safe environment, and handing responsibility for the risky rebelling over to Tyler Durden or Neo. That way Tyler or Neo take the risks instead of the viewer risking their own necks to get something done. And as Firepower keeps reminding us Tyler Durden fans NEVER get anything done. Oh sure they can discuss the ideas presented in the films (freedom, the nature of reality etc) until the cows come home, but is that really action? Then compare them to other ‘independent subcultures’ like Golden Dawn, or Dutch Anarchists/squatters, or the hippy communes of the 1960s, and wonder whether Golden Dawn were avid fans of The Matrix or Fight Club. I doubt it. They were probably too busy handing out food parcels to the needy. So that’s why I say that you should be wary of your own mind before watching a vigilante film. Know, as best as you can, why you’re watching a film.

But let’s say that you’ve chosen to watch a vigilante film. How should you proceed? By ensuring that you use the correct method of film watching, the Ryu method of film watching: STUDY IT! Does a propane cylinder really burst into flames when it’s shot?  Why is it that in the sci-fi classic Alien the white men are killed first, then the black men, then the blond woman, and the only ones left alive are a brunette woman and a cat?  In short: have presence of mind & ask questions, both about the single-events and the long-term trends[1].

It must be said that this method has a definite upside because the more you know about something the less awe and romantic (romanticism = the opposite of Realism) feelings you feel towards it. Movies with big explosions are awe-inspiring when you don’t know much about pyrotechnics, but when you have knowledge of pyrotechnics, the wow factor vaporizes: [Points at the TV set]”Nah, that explosion is far too large, and it should be burning yellow-orange rather than red.” [shakes head] “I’m not impressed.”

As an alternative to vigilante films, you could watch programmes like How it’s Made or Mythbusters both of which dissect the components of the physical world which also destroys any romantic delusions. (Just watch ‘How it’s Made’ and see hundreds of pizzas mechanically trundling along a production line, row after row, and you’ll end up seeing ‘flour based products covered in viscous red liquid’, rather than ‘scrummy yummy pizzas, with pepperoni!’.)

[1] The easiest way I find of spotting differences is to focus on one thing and then find its contrasting opposite. Then all you need to do is to find what the context is that the two things exist in. Most of you have probably done this already, e.g. focussed on one thing: the white race; then found its opposite: the black race; and then found the context that they exist in: racial discrimination.

*** End of Programme ***

*** Commercial Break ***

[I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Master-card TV adverts, but if you haven’t seen them before, or need reminding, then click on the link.]


[1/2 body camera shot of a man in a supermarket aisle picking up a plastic bottle of ‘Cornucopia-Cola’. He pulls a face at it and shakes his head. He then notices a carton of orange juice on the shelf, puts the cola back, picks up the orange juice, half-smiles contentedly, puts it in his shopping trolley and walks on.]
“Healthy food for your growing children: $5”

[Full body camera shot of two 10-year old boys in a gymnasium, one blond, wearing protective head-gear and fighting martial arts. The blond kid throws the other to the ground-mat and holds him there. He is victorious and thrusts both of his hands in the air in triumph.]
“Martial arts lesson for self-defence: $50”

[1/2 body camera shot of a 14-year old blond boy wearing ear defenders at a gun range and holding a revolver. A gun instructor looks down range with him and gestures at the target, then steps back out of shot. The kid squeezes off a few rounds; camera shot of the target – near bulls-eyes.]
“Glock 9mm and lessons on how to handle it: $500”

[Camera shot of numerous 18-year olds on a stage during graduation day. Brief shot to two parents in the crowd smiling and looking happy. Shot of their blond son stepping up to the podium and accepting his certificate.]
“Ensuring your kids get into the most prestigious schools: $5,000”

[Camera shot of 22-year old son and his wife carrying boxes into their new, but slightly dilapidated, home. They put the boxes down and wave to the son’s parents who wave back. The parents then get in their car and drive off. They pass a large road sign that says ‘Thank you for visiting Detroit’. The road-sign is being repaired by a group of four white workmen.]
“Your children being the future of the white race: Priceless.”

“For everything else there’s Meistro-Card.”

*** End of Commercial Break ***


May 13, 2013

Anti-White Media: An Introduction

by Luther Burgsvik

{ed note: AAB is the latest writer at Eradica from Europe, writing from a UK perspective.  enjoy – Firepower}

[Preamble: Watching any piece of Anti-White Media (AWM) is discouraging to any race and gender aware white man, and studying it even more so.  Focusing on the discouraging events in the world is something that ‘The Daily Outrage’ excels at, and in all the years I’ve been reading them (the Eternal Bachelor way back in 2003) nothing discernibly good has ever come of them.  Ever.  So instead of posting examples of AWM for you to shake your fist at and get hacked off about, I’ll try to avoid making these articles melancholic.]

*** Anti-White Media: An introduction ***

The Aryan Intention is to be Wilful and Creative; the Liberal NAZI intention is to rebel against this. 

This is the first and last thing you MUST be aware of when you read, see, watch, or listen to any of the media formats that are out there in the big wide world.

When you see men being portrayed as losers, when you see minorities on comedy shows, when you see miscegenation on drama shows, when you see Jews portrayed as victims for the Nth time, when you see un-realistic female role models, when you see quiz shows asking multi-choice dumb questions, or anything else that your gut tells you is morally wrong, ‘that’ is a Liberal NAZI rebelling against the Aryan Intention.  The Liberal NAZI is the original rebel: he is the rebel against his family, against his society, against his times, against his world, against God (or if you’re an atheist or agnostic then against the spirit of life – Creativity and The Will to Power).

The Liberal NAZI tendency to rebel against the Aryan Intention then grows and develops into a variety of themes/genres.  It’s these themes/genres (identical to movie genres like ‘action’ or ‘rom-com’) that I am interested in.  It’s these themes that ARE used to undermine our natural Aryan Ideals.  It’s these themes that I have listed below along with the ‘Aryan Ideal’ that they oppose.

Aryan Ideal: Men should be the embodiment of Justice.

Opposing Liberal NAZI Theme: ‘Police State TV.’

Because Liberal NAZIs are feminised, it means that they want someone else to take care of them and their safety, and that’s were the police come in. Cops, Police Camera Action are just two of the many cops programmes out there destroying the Aryans direct connection with justice.

Aryan Ideal: Mind should be dominant over matter.  (The neocortex is on top of the amygdala for a reason: to temper and control its impetuous impulses).

Opposing Liberal NAZI Theme:Red Light District TV‘.

The Liberal NAZI loves ’emotions’ and ‘feelings’ and ‘fun’ and ‘thrills’; like in action movies (with Sly Stallone), or blue movies (with Shannon Tweed), or TV phone-sex (on Babestation), or gambling (on Jackpot247).  The Liberal NAZI loves to let it’s amygdalan impulses run riot!  They don’t even ‘think’ about the consequences.  “The future, what’s that!?”  Like short-sighted baby boomer hippies dropping too many acid tabs.

Aryan Ideal: Men should respect other men’s personal space (in mind and body).

Opposing Liberal NAZI Theme: ‘Nanny State TV.’

The Politically Correct Liberal NAZI demand that you think and act in a certain way (e.g. five pieces of fruit and veg per day, love all races equally, blah blah blah), and tells you this in Scientific News storiesChannel 4 (UK) excels at this with various programmes like Embarrassing Bodies etc.

Aryan Ideal: Forward motion, progress, advancing, innovation, the future!

Opposing Liberal NAZI Theme: ‘Nostalgia TV’.

“No!”  Says the Liberal NAZI.  “The past is comfortable!  The past is familiar!  The past isn’t risky!  The past is romantic!  We love the past!  We want to watch Edwardian Farm and Downton Abbey and another rendition of Jane Austin’s Emma!”  The Liberal NAZI is scared of genuine progress which can be seen in the comments they make on male technologies “Boys with their toys”.

Aryan Ideal: Men love freedom.

Opposing Liberal NAZI Theme: ‘Lord of the Manor TV’

You know Simon Cowell’s monstrosity X-Factor?  Yeah?  Well that’s the type of panel show I’m on about.  Any TV show where a man must parade in front of a panel of so-called experts and be judged is wrong.  Morally wrong.  It’s like a medieval peasant going in front of the Lord of the Manor and grovelling to get married, or grovelling for a job, or groveling for some food, groveling for anything.  It’s degrading, humiliating, totally emasculating.  King Rollo didn’t bow down and kiss the foot of King Charles of France (as a sign of fealty) when it was demanded of him.  Instead one of his warriors did, and afterwards flipped the seated King Charles backwards: heels over head.

Using these themes, and undoubtedly more, the Liberal NAZI tries, and sometimes succeeds, in perverting the Aryan ideals.

The themes themselves are based on my observations from watching TV in the UK.  If you live in America, Australia or any where else then you may dismiss these themes as irrelevant, because they only apply to the UK.  But this isn’t so.  Firstly just look at the rise of X-Factor, Top Gear, The Weakest Link, and Masterchef all of which have spin-offs in different countries.  The UK has also made popular shows such as Dragon’s Den (developed in Japan), and Big Brother (developed in the Netherlands).  These are just a few of the programmes that were developed in the UK and then exported all over the world.  While Hollywood still supplies almost all of the big screen entertainment, the UK is supplying more of the small screen entertainment.  What’s more is that this trend of USA importing entertainment from the UK is nothing new: back in the 1960’s ‘Brit-pop’ music was exported to the USAThe Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and others all from the UK.  And we know that they were loved by the baby-boomers who listened to them.  In fact, the baby-boomers loved them so much so that they’re still playing them on the radio, 50 years later.  That speaks volumes of the impact that it had on them.

Finally, my interests lay with themes and not the ‘who’s who’ of the media world.  Other men have done an excellent job of chronicling the names of people who dominate the media world, including Simon Sheppard  (‘The mind-bending power of the masters of the media).

*** End of Programme ***

*** Commercial Break ***

“Watching TV?  Nothing good on the box?  Bored with nothing to do?  Then play K-N-P-B!  It’s universal fun for all the family!”

“But what is K-N-P-B? I hear you cry.”

“It’s simple!”

“Kike, Nigger, Paki, Bitch!”

“It’s a fun-packed game that helps you learn how social minorities are being shoved in your face, daily!  All you need to play are your powers of observation, a TV with a remote, and one or more partners to play along with.”

“To play a game, first, each player chooses a letter.  Then the person with the TV remote starts slowly channel-hopping (~5 seconds per channel) from ‘channel 1’ right up as high as your cable/digital/satellite box allows.  Each time a player sees his letter appear on the TV (like a ‘K’ if John Stewart appears on Comedy Central, or an ‘N’ if you spot Eddy Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop) he gets a point!  After you’ve gotten to the last possible TV channel, the person with the highest score wins!”


“K-N-P-B  Try it out, today!”

Small Print: For clarity sake, a ‘Bitch’ is any pro-feminist artificial female role model, like Geena Davis as a super-human assassin in The Long Kiss Goodnight, or super-strength Keira Knightly in ‘Domino’.

*** End of Commercial Break ***

April 17, 2013

Liberal Nazism: Post-Boston Untermensch

by Firepower

First They Came For the NRA…but i was not a member. Then They Came for Smokers…but i did not smoke…Then, they came for…

Imagine what life will be like for Whites in 2050.

Hilary will make great changes for progressives during her two (three?) terms.  Imagine the kind of racial attitude the next colored President has – and enforces.

Whites are now the new üntermensch – the subhumans to be eradicated.  A Salon writer’s private convos with like-minded Liberal Nazis are quite more harsh than a published article: Bet on it.

They have plans for you.  Plans, for your children and granddaughters.

Oh, sorry – you ain’t gonna be around?  How about Junior – and that adorable little Brianna.

Today’s Subhuman for the Liberal Nazi is an object; it’s another lesson they learned from Dr. Joseph Goebbels.  From Goebbels to Saul Alinsky to Bill Clinton to George Soros.

The subhuman is hated, discriminated against and ultimately, eradicated.  But first, it is …..

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