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January 24, 2018

Future Uniforms Part I: Your Rulers’ Finery

by Firepower

You eat it, they’re payin’ for it

In Roman times, patricians dressed one way, plebeians another.  In feudal England Lords & Ladies dressed in finery and feasted, while peasants wearing rags dug in the dirt for bugs.  The peasants were Anglo-Saxons, a conquered people defeated by the Normans and despised as such. Romans may have forced sex on their slaves and killed them, but Normans and their chattel had Church Morality in common – so they only killed them.

Safe inside the stone castle, the playground of luxury kept the elites safe from…

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October 7, 2014

25% of US Students are Now Beaners

by Firepower

Welcome to Murka.

The best way to counter-propagandize targets is to ask them questions challenging the lies the Left installs in their cribs. That way, they don’t think an outsider is trying to propagandize them. They come to their own conclusion and feel they decided for themselves.

It’s easier than you think. LeftLies cannot bear the scrutiny of The Truth we hold.

When they reactively proclaim “blacks and diversity are peachy-keen!” ask them what is…

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January 16, 2013

Flashback Biden 2008: ‘Obama Aint Taking My Shotguns’

by Joe Rebel


H/T Reagan Coalition

Obviously, that still doesn’t stop him from convening over a task force to confiscate them.


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