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August 26, 2014

Never Mourn DEAD Liberals – Rejoice

by Firepower

Min Yer Tax Dollas
Werkin Fer U!

The Daily Outrage prescribes your reading now (daily) accounts of black on white Hate Murders on a forum like Taki or AmRen – then responding with your comments composed of something like: “Blacks are animals!  Somebody should do something!!”

NYC School Teacher Simonette Mapes-Crupi Found Fatally Stabbed Inside Staten Island Apartment « CBS New York.

Responding with any more words is a waste of time.  Two thousand word response essays belong on…

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June 19, 2014

The Worst President In History: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

It’s not Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s Lyndon Baines Johnson – LBJ.  He forced through the Civil Rights Act, coddled the degenerate Martin Luther King, Jr. and wasted trillions on his Great Society.  And that’s just domestic policy – without even mentioning the wasted gore of Vietnam.

Even Jimmy Carter is worse, for he did nearly as much damage in half the time.

So what.

Obama is indeed, among the top of that list.

But it’s not that he’s The Worst President in Murkan History. The true answer is…

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April 8, 2013

US Rulers as Elites: Media Repeats Key Eradican Concept

by Firepower

The message that Murka is ruled by Serial Royalty is catching on.  Never underestimate a capitalist institution’s lust (like greedy media) to usurp ideas.

His Majesty Hussein, it seems, is finally noticed for his extravagance.  Fuck, and it only took five years.  Next, Chris Matthews and Jon Stewart fight over who gets to have their tongue gold-plated to better entertain the Presidential Cock.

Our Ruler IS the 1%

They live like sultans – Roman Emperors with a Praetorian Guard and Secret Sex Service Goons to cover-up their indiscretions.   Fifty years after the fact when no consequences can befall The Sainted Martyr, we now all know JFK’s cock simply couldn’t stop bumping into Marilyn Monroe – and anything with a vaj and a 6+ rating.

Jimmy Carter was a phony liar. The idiot now does “penance” for fucking-up the entire…

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November 12, 2012

Real Explanations: Obamavictory

by Firepower

As I’m writing this on November 7, 2012, the white circular firing squad prepares to yet again round up “the guilty” for immediate execution after Sadobamaday II, it behooves us to think rationally amidst emotions of our new, very own and uniquely personal Daily Outrage!™

Will Read SWPL – But Not Buchanan

He didn’t expect to win his first.  I’m sure his second coming was equally a surprise to His Majesty.  With worse economic data than Jimmy Carter, imagine his improbable reelection as if Carter squeaked by Reagan – then imagine what America would’ve looked like after such a travesty.  It was a vastly different country in that time:  It was not overrun with over-breeding coloreds and fags in uniform.  Toss in obnoxious feminists, too.  Back then, it had a chance.

Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible.

Did you expect those kind of people to vote any other way than Obama?  Don’t be a fool.   Don’t add stupid to the festering wound and imagine their continual out-breeding you in future numbers suddenly stops as if by magic because you shout and blog at them:  The trend is for more of them.  HATSOFF*

Yes, the biggest culprits were the “swpls” the “herbs” and the aptly named Champagne Socialists who have the money to live far away from urban reality.  That money truly inoculates,  preventing the approaching, uncomfy Onset of Reality.

It’s been said that a Conservative is a Liberal who’s been mugged.  The kernel of truth underlying that maxim is:  It takes real pain to change a True Belief.  Believe me, Liberals are True Believers.  Liberalism is a religion.  This explains the irrational, faith-based beliefs that run counter to common senseDo not view The Enemy as a mere political enemy – view them as infidels in need of conversion or eradication.  That way, you can understand them better instead of eating your heart out with dumbfounded anger.  They are no Great Mystery with which to torture yourself.

A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, it is an act of violence

Until real pain is applied to the Fat Idiot On The Couch you will get more of what you got last night.  Much worse.  I fear many of you will be old, gray and helpless when TSHTF and finally arrives.  Problem is:  Each new successive generation of kids gets stupider – as planned by The Government Schools.  Dumber cohorts get you fatter sheep – not Patrick Henry.   Che Guevara said america is unlikely for a revolution because its vast material wealth makes people too comfortable to engage in strife.  Firepower says:  Fatties don’t revolt when they have air-conditioning and cake.

In previous illustrations, I’ve told you what the future should be, because of events like Obama’s reelection.  Don’t let such Ancient Words like “soylent” disconcert you more than those other ancient words like Enlightenment, Patriotism – or Liberty.

Such a calamitous, final decline of america comes only after many decades of degeneration.  It takes a long time for the biggest creature in the ocean to rot down to its briny bones.  Rome was not built in a day…nor did it fall in a day.

Will Build HFH – Never Move There

Obama is America’s most diabolical leader.  He appointed Lesbian Liberals to the Supreme Court – but nobody talks about that amidst TDO cries of “hee oughter be hung!”  Sure.  But who’s to do it.

As amerexiqa Liberalizes further, so will the Supreme Court appointees who’ll ensure every remnant of White Culture vanishes as completely as cowboy movies.

Your One True Enemy cannot be deciphered by defining YOTE;  it is interpreted by illustrating who it is not.  It is not “nigras” or Jews or wimmins nor “ZOG.”

It is all of these combined plus Open Borders types along with fags and feminists.  Your one true enemy is not defined by who it is, but like how Liberals successfully defined their movement as being defined as whom each separate faction hates.   YOTE is the entire Liberal Collective. 

Quite a bagful, right?  It is easier to detect YOTE by whom all these groups hate in common:  White Males.  Discover the truth and you have a chance to drive a stake through its heart and live out your Golden Years in safety amongst grateful grandchildren instead of reminiscing together about McTwinkies in an extermination camp.


July 2, 2012

Why US Cities Fell & New York Thrives Pt. II

by Firepower
English: Mayor Ed Koch of New York, Congresswo...

Mayor Ed Koch of New York, Congresswoman Bella Abzug (Dem-NY) and President Jimmy Carter during a meeting in 1978. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part II
Our Side’s Money & Votes

Now, with the added pressure of all-powerful media, there was no more Carter taking for granted those once assured Democrat votes; Jimmy had a re-election campaign to focus upon.  The natural Plutocrat/Democrat inclination was to make somebody else pay the bill for NYC’s remodeling and still take the credit.  Today, nobody cares about Stockton – not enough votes. Haha.

In macrocosm, NY is the Rich Neighborhood for all America.  Just as where you live, in microcosm, certain neighborhoods are where the factory workers live, others where the undesirables fester in ghettos and los BARRÍÕS – and others…

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