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December 1, 2013

America’s Coastal Royalty by Victor Davis Hanson

by Firepower

…This, is why VDH is a demi-god.  Fuck Madd Foney, piggi and sadly, even roissy.

The densely populated coastal corridors from Boston to Washington and from San Diego to Berkeley are where most of America’s big decisions are made.

They remind us of two quite different Americas: one country along these coasts and everything else in between. Those in Boston, New York and Washington determine how our government works; what sort of news, books, art and fashion we should consume; and whether our money and investments are worth anything.

The Pacific corridor is just as influential, but in a hipper, cooler fashion. Whether America suffers through another zombie film or one more Lady Gaga video or Kanye West’s latest soft-porn rhyme is determined by Hollywood — mostly by executives who live in the la-la land of the thin Pacific strip from Malibu to Palos Verdes.

The next smart phone or search engine 5.0 will arise from the minds of tech geeks who pay $2,000 a month for studio apartments and drive BMWs in Menlo Park, Palo Alto or Mountain View.

The road to riches and influence, we are told, lies in …

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October 11, 2013

Mino Murka Machine: Gas from Beaners

by Firepower

A THREE-fer!: A Mexican, Feminist Lesbian Female, Colored Mulatto and Plain Old Feminist Femme.

Nothing like an Ivy League elite to run “energy.”

Succeeding Steven Chu, is Erñesto Mõniz (far left). We now realize mexes and chinamen were the ones to pioneer the US Oil industry and make it great.  While America was a grass hut of 19th century Industrial Revolution, Mehico and China were golden shiny examples of *ahem* how to prosper…

From the kind folks at BiGGov who brought you SOLYNDRA and countless rejections of the Keystone Oil Pipeline, I present yet another key murkan government position filled by a Mino: Secretary of Energy.  You know, that stinky stuff you put in your car and selfishly use in January for heat while Millions of Starving Africans!™ can’t cook for their 23rd infant.

White Hick Jordie’s enlist and come back Extra Crispy so Minos can be given Federal Sinecures and boss them around – boss their parents around, fuck them all up the ass with the IRS if they dare join the TEA Party – oh, and cut their Veteran’s Bennies and all that massive rehab they need to operate those hook-hands and stop sniveling from grisly memories of Their Buddy crumpled in a foxhole with the teeth blown out the back of his hamburgered head.

That John Wayne image of George Washington storming Omaha Beach in his Cowboy outfit is gone: Your Once America is ruled by mexes, feminists, faggots, lezzies and coloreds.  You are subjugated by the FFFOL.

September 30, 2013

Defusing White Rage: Negr0bama

by Firepower

Paroled In 9 Years After 9 Years of FREE ObamaCare

The resurrected Obamacare “debate” of crap we’ve all known for five years recently reemerged from its sheltering Media Cocoon to be The Shiny Object that distracts whites from justified militancy over Christopher Lane and Delbert “Shorty” Belton.

On FOXNews and Twitter, there is sappy Flag-Wavey Bleatery how “dat Sharty dada soul~jure!”

They are feeble, empty gestures – for Shorty would tell you from his own (real) Okinawan experience that he died dirty, ugly and miserably; just like those old Jap seniors who couldn’t escape and were mortared and shot on Okinawa long ago…

Flag-Wavey is SWPL.  It makes nice-nice.  It lets us off the hook because it “lets” us believe that those cute little kitties we sent to the pound all found “Happ-ee  Homes! :)” and weren’t actually gassed in a miserable box. Heavens, NO!  Flag-Wavey is Reality Avoidance.

Still, when even FOXNews detected The Trayvon/Lane/Shorty Nexus build-up was stoking the inextricable powder keg of White Anger, the drumbeat suddenly went silent.  They don’t want to shovel that shit back into the horse.  Once whitey starts using his guns, you can’t un-ring that bell and that Ocean of Blood starts to fill.

So, The Great & Powerful Oz whipped-out a shiny bauble, swung it back and forth and whites were distracted.

Don’t attack that enemy who needs attacking on the flank!  Switch directions and attack that new kinda enemy, over THERE!

Gone is the The Daily Outrage!!!® from NewsTeam 2000 NewsBreakers!!!™ every 10 seconds on Chris Lane, the White Child Bus Beatdown and Lil Shawty; proving again, that if they don’t talk about it, YOU don’t think about it because now, you’re too “fixated” on ObamaScare and Gummint Shet-down 6.0!

If I see this clearly, 24 Ivy-League grad staffers plotting in the NϟϟA kremlin see it also. They see how easily led you are and thus, how hopeless you appear, so they shit on you.  And you…take it up the ass.

Is it really worth fighting (or typing) to save such a stupefied doltish lot who let themselves again and again be duped?  Nope.

[ed note: on PC WordPress, I found ZERO links to “Related Articles” on Chris Lane & Shorty Belton]

July 3, 2013

Mino Master-Machine: US Ambassador to Egypt

by Firepower

Stuffy old white guy?  Practitioner of DWEM-ism?

Nope.  Our glamour girl is an Ivy League Wellesley College grad who likes polo, weekends at Martha’s Vineyard, calling in CIA Hit Squads, urging Hayseed Jordie’s to Faht-fur-Syria!® and dining on Petit Foiche Tidbits of Steak …when they’re the $205.30 blue plate special at The Russian Tea Room… in Manhattan.

Know who rules The State.  Know who rules you.

January 21, 2013

Liberalism: A Religion & Pure Cult

by Firepower

In this article, it’s not just Chris Matthews tingle-up-the-leg straight to the shriveled coin purse:

Newsweek veteran Evan Thomas, gave Obama God-like qualities during his first year in office, saying on MSNBC, “In a way, Obama’s standing above the country, above — above the world. He’s sort of God. He’s going to bring all different sides together.”

Religion is suited to children and simple people; some would denigrate them by calling them stupid.  Either way, the simple, children and stupid are what a’merexiqa is indeed today.

What better day, than the Most Holy Day of Our Lord’s Simultaneous Orgasm in the Holy Sepulcher of The Holy-of-Holies:  His Ascension to heavenly heights on his coronation, on of all days, Martin Luther King Day?

One would assume western american liberals being the most godless, atheistic heathens in history as exempt from such a quaint, blatant religious concept – but wait!  Liberalism is their religion.  So, they’re fine with one religion – provided it’s theirs and they define the tenets.

Liberals, like all religions await a messiah.  The process of delay is integral to the psychological conditioning of all religion.  Pray for a miracle. Wait.  Pray more: wait.  Really, really pray – wait some more.  He who built Earth in a day, takes years to cure your truly good and gentle pastor’s ass-cancer.

Evan Thomas, teaches “jour-no-lisme” at Ivy League Princeton, (one) Home of The Elite. He is a modern Jesuit and missionary teaching the savages to genuflect and recite their Commandments.  He is a missionary teaching future missionaries to spread that gospel of leftism.

Leftists waited upon Him to come from the “Dark Ages of Bush” – they got Him in the form of the Sacred Black Cow.  Just as they anointed Clinton Messiah after that other “Dark Ages of Reaganomics.” Every time someone other than a Leftist Liberal Democrat is President, is a “Dark Ages” for Liberals.  The typical period of lamenting.

[ed note: “Reaganomics” isn’t in the WordPress Recommended Links section…but “Jamie Foxx” is…]

The New Black color alone imbues Current Messiah with extra majikal powers of gravitas.  The mark proves him special – the realization of a Prophecy. He, is truly the Ultimate and thus, worthy of prostrate worship.  He is special, thus – The Messiah.  Religion has uncomfortable features of circular logic, which defined, is itself Faith.  Liberals view every Presidential victory as Salvation from an evil and the biblical Revelation as the reward for their sanctimony.  Jamie Foxx declares him his “Lord & Savior Jesus Christ” – then goes on to murder Whitey as DJ Django-Djesus.  Religion imbues the killer/warrior with justification and peace of conscience: Until the opposition to the Status Quo likewise enacts absolution for its own warriors, the one true enemy is armored and immune from future blows.

Unlike Xtianity, Liberals have many messiahs; Bill Clinton was one – still isFDR, the first.  Kennedy was a Greater Messiah until they found out he had a penis, but he still keeps his messianic status.  JFK stays because unlike other Liberal Messiahs, he died for some sins or some sometihing or other.

LBJ, still keeps his christ-status – even with all his Vietnam Bloodguilt: After all, 90,000+ senseless American deaths mean nothing compared to The Goode he done did for all them coloreds he freed – for all generations to cash Welfare checks forever.

Note: Liberals elevate every one of their Great Leaders to Messiah-ship.  Conservatives only have Reagan.  Liberal will have yet more Messiahs; they anticipate the tingle-up-the-culottes the first Female Messiah will bring.  Hilary awaits, serenely smiling in the vestibule, looking forward to their hymns of worship.


  • Liberalism is a religion unto itself
  • Liberals elevate all their Great Leaders to Messiah-ship
  • Each Liberal Messiah is forgiven all sins
  • Liberals also forgive/absolve themselves (collectively) of every wrong, thus nullifying conscience
  • There is no reasoning with them beyond the purpose of detecting their level of faith – and your proper response
  • All opposition to Liberalism is perceived as Devilry
  • Liberals, want you eradicated

Next up: The Cult


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