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August 7, 2014

Eradicating Christians Effectively

by Firepower

The Good Old Days

NewsFlash: Muslims hate Christians.  Christians  Muslims!

Christianity is close to extinction in the Middle East.  Learn your lesson on how successful eradication works. Hint: it is not via importing muslims to western countries to burn the American Flag during Liberal-sanctioned protests, then impose Sharia Law to the foaming cheers of our PC liberal rulers.  Lessons are multi-faceted and applicable to other solutions.

According to The Christians, once upon a time, in land far, far away, there lived the naughty…

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February 10, 2014

Nothing to Lose

by eradican

Why don’t people take action? Forget anything major like a revolution simple self improvement is beyond the reach of most. There are several answers but what it really comes down to is they have too much to lose.

Only those without a stake in the status quo initiate change. It doesn’t matter what context. A radical is simply not a person who is happy, satisfied, or otherwise content. The greatest conquerors in history have been backward and primitive by the standards of their day. The most successful industries and enterprises of the modern era began as endeavors suitable only for societal outcasts. The most lucrative frontiers were also explored and settled by misfits unable to properly fit in with established societies.

The Greek civilization historians laud today was a tiny and impoverished kingdom in its own era. What changed was their desire to remake the world in their own image and by any means necessary. That meant doing what radicals do best……

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November 21, 2013

Why Fanaticism Works

by eradican

Everything in moderation is sound advice. In a kuntry as rotten as Murka it might even save lives. Addiction is rampant here from food, drugs, alcohol, video games, even texting. Where this axiom falls apart however is in the goal setting area. People who lack goals normally fall into the trap of addiction. The less people achieve the more they seek cheap highs elsewhere.

Pleasure is fickle it comes and goes but lasting happiness only stems from the joys of achievement. The greater the reward the more effort required. What’s worthwhile is never free. I haven’t met anyone successful who lived a balanced lifestyle. Sometimes established people comfortable in complacency say “balance” is the key to success but they’re mistaken. People change and the person they once were is not the person they are today.

Why is extremism necessary then? The answer comes from the orient. I’m no fan of goofy eastern thinking but they correctly understand that mind, body, and spirit have to be in harmony. If you’re lazy but ambitious you’re a slacker. If you work hard but lack ambition you’re a drone. Most people live life simply going through the motions. Only when you truly want something and give it your all will you go far.

Starting is always the hardest part. How do you get the engine running? I don’t have the answer. In my experience only someone with little to lose and much to gain has the willpower needed to conquer one and all. The older a person gets the more they have a stake in the status quo. It might even be a shitty stake but people are creatures of comfort and habit.

Singapore skyline

Genetics may also factor into how strongly a person is committed to something. There is no denying assigned biological roles. Someone meant to crunch numbers can never be a warrior and vice versa. This is likely how the caste system developed.

Islam was at the apex of it’s power when the Muzz were most fanatical. When they settled down and became cosmopolitan their military prowess vanished. It took decades to conquer a quarter of the known world. It would take over two centuries to defeat the tiny crusader states of the Levant.

East Asia is lauded today as an economic success. Having traveled abroad I’ve seen it myself. The people are disciplined and devoted to achievement but for centuries these places were backwater cesspools of opium addiction. It’s hard to draw the precise line between genetics and culture. Drug smuggling is a capital offense almost everywhere in the far east for that historical reason.

Fanatic, extremist, radical, and zealot are all dirty words because they work. America’s founders weren’t driven by “moderation”. No successful revolution is. Politics, enterprise, self improvement, it doesn’t matter. To get ahead you need what everyone else lacks.

February 14, 2013

The Spread of Modernity: Arabic Festival in Dearborn

by beothuk jackson


Observe in this video the staunch defenders of Islam, they are dressed in today’s latest Babelo-Negroid attire. they speak in vulgar American negroid mannerisms. the walk about defending their traditions oblivious to the fact that they are the living embodiment of their traditions own destruction. the Negrified Arab Muslim, who is only one generation and a liberal education away from his daughter shacking up with “Brandon”. The infection then travels home and modernity makes inroads into the middle east through the consciousness of Negrified American Arabs.

September 12, 2012

Liberals Are the Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

LOVE Youtube for publicizing Muslim Brotherhood Jihadis’ Arab Spring revolution!

HATE Youtube –

for publishing The Innocence of Muslims!

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