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June 7, 2018

Combat The Beast Fears

by Firepower

Fucked FOUR Generations of Bush – AND Clintons!

Vietnam proved long ago the USG is beatable. The same Perfumed Princes who dodged the draft in 1971 became colonels in 1991 under Bill “Cumshots” Clinton and generals in 2001 – or outright Republican Rulers like Georgie (Pantload) W. Bush. They are an Evil that serves wildly disparate rulers with equal duplicity. There is a proof Mr. Firepower freely gives you to always use as a test to determine Evil: If a demon survives both a Bush and Obama regime it is a True Evil.

Supposedly, Bushie was a “history major” in Harvard; he obviously got The Gentleman’s “C” while dodging class to bang debutantes in his drunken frathouse seccapades.  It’s what Elites do. They’ll keep on doing worse to your grandchildren and ancestors until they are eradicated – both Houses of Filth.  It truly astounds how a …

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April 12, 2015

Your Tax Dollars At Work

by eradican

It’s that time of the year again. They say two things are guaranteed in life; death and taxes. Your taxes once payed for worthwhile stuff but nowadays go towards Shaniqua and Maria’s ghetto brood. Your neighborhood is also destroyed with section 8 housing payed for by none other than YOU. Taxes also pay for your children’s MLK brainwashing. Kids today can’t get jobs, write well, do arithmetic, or even grasp history but they sure can tell you about “racism”.

If that wasn’t bad enough the shysters in the financial industry are also enjoying cream and caviar at your expense. Your money also pays for 500 pound smart bombs and…

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September 24, 2013

SP Training Madness

by Ryu
Osama Bin Laden at 9 (by Latuff).

Osama Bin Laden at 9 (by Latuff). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sympathetic magic is the idea that by imitating a person, you will become like them. All current SP gurus offer the US military as the best model. You’ll learn how to fight just like a real American soldier!

The problem is, you don’t have what the American soldier has. You’ll have no air support, no transport, no budget. You’ll have no team – you will be lucky to find 3 other people you can trust. For every one Murkan soldier pulling triggers, there are 20 doing logistics, medivac, intel, cleanup, and prep work.

Then there’s the military training itself. What poor psychology for modern war. Brutalizing and pissing on their recruits, who then brutalize the next down, which is the people. It’s like using a garden hose to beat a dog so it will become a fight-dog. All these soldiers do is antagonize and piss off the people they should be “saving.”

The American way of warfare is tremendously expensive. Even with the world’s biggest economy, the US can scarcely afford it. Why would you learn their way of fighting when you don’t have their budget? What is there to admire about the US military, apart from their money and their influence over the Murkan populace?

Modern warfare is not about the killing of enemies, nor destroying his equipment. It is about convincing the enemy to give up, which is something different. It’s psychology and human moves. Sun Tsu talked about how taking a country whole, without firing a shot, was the acme of excellence. The Americans have not done this in any modern war; not in Korea, Vietnam, Germany…

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August 9, 2013

Chief Kessler, the “resistance” and the shifting american conservative movement

by beothuk jackson

I don’t know if any fellow Eradicans are familiar with the recent happenings in the town of Gilberton Pennsylvania. A police chief of the red, white and blue  Survivalist variety seems to be goading the Federals into some sort of stand-off, here is the link.  Whether or not this is a serious endeavour and if Kessler gets “waco’d” then of course there will be some serious consequences. But overall the thing that my fellow Eradicans should be pondering and observing is the noticeable or perhaps  more noticeable radical libertarian elements beginning to come out of the woodwork in this country. It should not be uncommon for any of you to speak with others about the blatant police state apparatus that is being erected around us as you read this entry, perhaps drinking coffee in your snuggy or doing push ups in your mossy oak jumpsuit in your pacific northwestern bungalow, this is being constructed. In the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts our military invested lots of time creating a “system” to track possible insurgents, etc. this was done by compiling retinal scans on readers and the like, this tech will obviously be implemented on the masses in murca when and if the gloves come off.

Now back to the chief, the libertarians or “constitutionalists” want to reclaim this nation from the “bad guys”, the entire premise of this constitutional resistance  is the idea that the 200-year-old document made by a bunch of masons who all hated

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June 25, 2013

You Must Change!

by Ryu

And I must change. Everyone has to change. There are a wide variety of WN programs out there. They all have one thing in common – taking us from where we are now to where we want to be. One thing is certain, whatever method you follow. You will be different at the end that you were when you started!

Mindweapon has WN 2.0 which emphasises revitalizing the local economy and logistical growth like agriculture. If you follow his program, you should start a garden, network with your neighbors and open a convenience store.

The WNTT system believes in pursuing the highest paying careers. Spinal surgeons can make up to 2 million dollars per year. That’s sufficient to fund any racist movement. To follow that method, you’d have to study and go to med school.

Some WNs believe in raising awareness. To follow them, you’ll have to blog, pamphlet, and march. Some WNs believe in direct action. There you’ll have to read military field manuals, go to the range, PT and practice other skills.

I heard of one system where white men were to impregnate as many white women as possible. A follower would have to practice PU to succeed there and one can imagine he’d need to make alot of money as well.

I do not have an emotional stake in any system. Whatever works. Optimally it will minimize personal risk while maximizing system damage. People have different risk tolerances and different skills, so naturally different systems spring up.

Every system requires work. News and jews (NAJ) does nothing because it provides no new information. I consider sites like Amren and SBPDL NAJ sites. After a while you can just read the headlines and experience will fill in the blanks.

Develop yourself! Find an area of expertise. There is no law that says you need to use someone else’s system. The more methods, the better we will be able to determine what works.

A personal hero of mine. 200 cops and SWAT against one survivalist – in HIS forest. He was the best in the world in that forest. He shot a pig, and got off clean. Why wasn’t this publicized? Because the police work with the media, not to “encourage” criminals. Their successes are known, their failures are not.

Alot of people are afraid of the USG or other organizations. When you are expert at something, you produce the fear in others. The ability to intimidate is something present in all sports and in all fields, separating the winners from the losers. That people are afraid of the USG says that they are allowing the USG to dictate battles. When the USG fights others on their ground – they lose. See Vietnam, Iraq 2 and Afghanistan.

You *are* WN. It’s success or failure depends upon you and no one else. WN becomes stronger with a higher probability of success as each WN in it improves. Nobody will do your part for you. WNs are not rebellious enough! Take the risk.

If you want to crush the opposition, you must become different from others and develop specializations. If you feel fear, it’s because you are allowing others to dictate where things are decided and you are surrendering control. There is no field of human endeavor where you win by placing your weakness against the other man’s strength! WN is no different!

When you know how the enemy works, you own him.


July 23, 2012

My War on the Olympics

by Kate

As the nation gears up for the 2012 Summer Olympics, I, an occassional television viewer of something other than children’s cartoons, have already been privy to public interest stories regarding certain Olympians. We all know Lolo Jones is a virgin. An ironically foul specimen of a woman competing in rhythmic gymnastics was lately interviewed on E news and, not atypically, had little of value to say. And this tidbit may have caught your attention: the number of condoms issued for funny, fun sexy time in the Olympic Village is 150,000. Run, Lolo, run! I’m rootin’ for ya!

All of these stories are the tip of the sunray compared to the soul-searching accounts of failure and victory we will witness when the games actually begin and we need some filler stuff between boring events. And as I watch the preview of the main attraction, I can’t help but think…what for? While I do admire the athletes who compete on their own natural prowess who do so simply for the honor of being the best (not for multi-million dollar salaries) and realize it is important that we have pleasant international events as opposed to world wars, there is something in my mind that is just not right.

Often when an athlete is interviewed, whether they have won a medal or not, they reflect on their pride in representing their country. This is admirable. But not quite so admirable as the story of Pat Tillman, who, after the September 11th attacks, left his professional football gig and enlisted in the U.S. Army. He voluntarily chose his country over his sport and put his muscle and dedication and heart into a cause greater than himself. It was a cause he gave his life to.

Sobering thoughts tend to ruin the best of good times, and so they are very often dismissed. Party pooper! Over six hundred athletes will compete in the Olympics representing the United States. Six thousand, four-hundred and forty service people have died representing the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. Would it have killed us to have heard more of their stories?  Stories of the people who died for us, so we could sit in our living rooms and watch the Olympics?  Or can we only collectively focus for two weeks.

Here’s what I say: Olympians, you are at least better than gym rats who pedal and run and lift maniacally for no reason other than to look good in tight t-shirts, but your sweat and tears will never compete with the blood your brothers and sisters have given. How ’bout poking some holes in those 150,000 condoms and breeding us a new army?

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