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June 7, 2018

Combat The Beast Fears

by Firepower

Fucked FOUR Generations of Bush – AND Clintons!

Vietnam proved long ago the USG is beatable. The same Perfumed Princes who dodged the draft in 1971 became colonels in 1991 under Bill “Cumshots” Clinton and generals in 2001 – or outright Republican Rulers like Georgie (Pantload) W. Bush. They are an Evil that serves wildly disparate rulers with equal duplicity. There is a proof Mr. Firepower freely gives you to always use as a test to determine Evil: If a demon survives both a Bush and Obama regime it is a True Evil.

Supposedly, Bushie was a “history major” in Harvard; he obviously got The Gentleman’s “C” while dodging class to bang debutantes in his drunken frathouse seccapades.  It’s what Elites do. They’ll keep on doing worse to your grandchildren and ancestors until they are eradicated – both Houses of Filth.  It truly astounds how a …

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February 1, 2014

Waging War…Over 50

by Ryu

The Murkan way of war is very specific. It can only be waged by kids from 17-30 years old.

I used to see alot of soldiers after the USG was done with them. Most had lingering injuries – bad ankles, hips, knees, and shoulders were common. Hauling around 120 pounds of crap will do it to the body. On top of that, many were mentally burned out. They had seen that they’d been used as pawns in someone else’s game. They just wanted to use Uncle Sam back and max out their benefits.

Soldiering…is about killing.

It’s about murdering the enemy, taking his stuff, destroying his homes, and breaking his spirit. It has nothing to do with honor, integrity or duty. The reason the USG can get away with the honor line is because their recruits are foolish kids right out of high school.

A full two-thirds of life occurs after youth. There is both middle and old age. Few men over 30 will be able to devote the time needed to be good at fast tempo, high-stepping, run and gun, all out aggression Murkan-style. That style of war burns out the body and the mind very quickly.

When I think of the best of modern warfare, drones, snipers and IEDs come to mind. The physical requirements of these are very low. Patience and intelligence are the only necessities. The mindset is more important than the physical training.

People look at military training; they see screaming, pushups, jogging, firing guns, and pain. What does any of that have to do with killing? There’s a presumption that those activities assist in the work, a presumption which may be true or false.

Once one has acquired the mind of a killer or soldier, the rest is details. The proper mind will always find the means. The infatuation with gun specifications, how much a knife costs, or the number of pushups done per minute are all diversions. We don’t care if guns are banned. Not only is the gun irrelevent, but making guns illegal would be as effective as making meth illegal.

The young man wants to impress others. In time, he learns to please himself and he loses the need to satisfy others. Praise and blame are forms of ego manipulation no longer needed. If one succeeds, he prepared well and won before the contest began,so there is no need to celebrate. If one fails, he prepared poorly and lost before he started, no need to lament losses.

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