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June 12, 2015

TTITS: Bicycle Boi

by Firepower

Ah, yes. True Tales in the Street.

There once was this weird kid on my street who creeped everybody out – friends, family, guests, hot chicks and people of all ages who saw him – I mean everybody. He was a chubster – and Pugsley look-a-like; it became my nickname for him.

He’d ride his bike up and down, up and down and up the sidewalk, aimlessly for hours on end, furiously peddling nowhere, muttering to himself like an ADD Ritalin Ranger, sprinkling Creep Juice all over the pavement.

Up and down he went for years on end. No friends. Disturbed – like  ….

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May 31, 2015

Faggot GENBrandon!™

by Firepower

Millennial FAGGOTS

Told ya so.

When even a truly respected guy like Zimbardo (LIUFY) verifies MY conclusion – it’s pure truth, babe.

Porn and video game addiction are leading to ‘masculinity crisis’, says Stanford prison experiment psychologist

Zim was an original, brilliant guy – an innovator – and that’s something even I respect.

No wonder Men’s Rights non Activists can’t get Justin~Junior to stop longing to suck Kanye West’s Kock: Cuz even Doddy’s hugging it out in his sweat lodge

All you VRW/PeterPanzers: Is this the future you see smashing the LN/MMM and gooseshteppink in DC?

Fap on, dreeeemaz. Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet on….

November 11, 2014

MINO Machine: Obamacare Creator

by Firepower

If it seems like every big shot in BIGov is now a MINO… umm, it’s because it is.

They are so rife, I could cop-out and make the entire publication schedule for Eradica devoted to documenting just their proliferation. (If the words are too big, borrow a dictionary from your neighbor in the trailerpark).

Jonathan Gruber designed ObamaCare.  He is Hahvahd Graduate Elite. He “teaches” at yet another Ivy League university (MIT) and spreads his …

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February 4, 2014

The Will to Win

by Ryu

Most wns today lack it. It overcomes every fear, the pain of training – everything; when present, it literally leaps off the page.

The superbowl is an example. Millions of Murkans will expend their emotional energy and their valuable time watching other people become champions. Why not become a champion yourself?

One must develop a will to win that is supernatural. Obsession, so that nothing else in life matters. There’s a selfishness that says:

I am the most important person in this world. What others do is irrelevant to me.”

Murkans are not yet selfish enough! Fuck the miggers! Let them starve. I’m going to help mine and to hell with the rest. That’s the attitude we want.

It helps to see it. Steve Michalik was the most intense trainer of his time. There is unfortunately no…

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December 30, 2013

The Test Never Ends

by Ryu
version SVG de Image:Testandlearnfr.JPG

version SVG de Image:Testandlearnfr.JPG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…and the trial is never over.

You have to prove yourself everyday.

There is no security in this world. Life is chaos. You can plan, but plan knowing things often go to pot. Then you  improvise. One has to make a friend of risk and uncertainty. The compulsive need for control turns one into a monster, like the USG is now.

Every skill is perishable. It doesn’t matter how good you were. I can already see that I’ll have to train the rest of my life to become and remain proficient at wn.

To be confident, you have to know you’re good. The only way to know that is by doing it, over and over.

“You know what to do.” The thing you need to do is already known to you. It’s different for each of us, because we all have different skills. But the training and preparation are for everyone. You hold yourself back more than any enemy could.

There are so many things to train. The senses, balance, smoothness of execution, patience, having no ego, anticipation, controlling fear. The discipline of preparation itself.

If a fool persists in his folly, he becomes wise. Most people fail to get what they want because they do not fail enough. The best way to learn is to make mistakes.

This movie has all the answers. One is taught according to one’s fitness to learn.

December 16, 2013

Your Mission Comes First

by eradican

The holidays are a good time to enjoy with friends and family. Well deserved rest and relaxation is healthy and necessary but all too often a little time off leads to more and more. With discipline there can be no moderation it’s simply all or nothing. The upkeep of discipline is also a sustained effort. Winning is difficult but losing is always easy.

Around this time of year people pack on the pounds. They later pledge that they’ll drop the extra weight but that almost never happens. Eventually they become just another Murkan fatso. This happens almost regardless of age after 24. I blame the booze.

How much partying can one person even do? Evidently a lot. For some people the weekend begins on Wednesday. Even if they could afford it (they usually can’t) how do these people manage to get anything done in the week? They don’t and what’s worse is that their health and looks deteriorate quickly as well. You don’t even need to be a party animal for that to happen.

Self restraint is not really an ingrained part of human nature. It has to be imposed by something from the outside perhaps lifestyle, attitude, scarcity, but on their own people will never embrace sacrifice. We ask ourselves why nothing ever gets done well it’s because people are still too comfortable.

You can’t change society when you can’t even change yourself. If the typical Murkan can’t conquer his or her vices you shouldn’t expect them to …

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