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February 10, 2014

Nothing to Lose

by eradican

Why don’t people take action? Forget anything major like a revolution simple self improvement is beyond the reach of most. There are several answers but what it really comes down to is they have too much to lose.

Only those without a stake in the status quo initiate change. It doesn’t matter what context. A radical is simply not a person who is happy, satisfied, or otherwise content. The greatest conquerors in history have been backward and primitive by the standards of their day. The most successful industries and enterprises of the modern era began as endeavors suitable only for societal outcasts. The most lucrative frontiers were also explored and settled by misfits unable to properly fit in with established societies.

The Greek civilization historians laud today was a tiny and impoverished kingdom in its own era. What changed was their desire to remake the world in their own image and by any means necessary. That meant doing what radicals do best……

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December 8, 2013

Confidence: Climbing the Ladder

by Ryu

There’s that word again. Confidence is the most important thing a racist can have.

Knowing what to do isn’t enough. Being able to do it isn’t enough. Information isn’t action and ability is not action. You need the confidence to make assesments and to lay down some money on them. If you are right, you collect the profit. If you are wrong, you take the loss.

Direct action nationalists play with the greatest stake of all: their lives. Remember that when people speak badly of Kaczynski or Breivik. Everybody wants the payoff, no one wants to put some money on the table. You can’t win if you don’t play.
What’s the highest stake you’ve played for?

No one expects a baby to be able to sprint. We don’t expect that nationalists are born being able to do what needs doing. It takes time, practice, effort and ever-increasing risk tolerance.

Watch Golden Dawn in Greece. They had the confidence to run pamphlets, to hold protests, to feed the hungry. The system upped the ante by assasinating and bombing them. Now GD has to raise it’s level or be forgotten. Good try, nice effort. They’ll get a sentance in the failed movements dictionary.

You don’t realize how much you love being alive until there’s a risk of death. That fear of death and fear of failure is what carries one through the training and preparation necessary.

If I were to retire, confidence is the topic I’d end with. Everything we’ve written is masturbation and entertainment unless it affects your life. There comes a point where learning more will not help you.

Americans fear new experience more than they fear anything. They are the world’s greatest dodgers, because they dodge their own very selves.


November 13, 2013

When Things Go Bad…

by Ryu
English: Territorial expansion of Greece (1832...

English: Territorial expansion of Greece (1832–1947). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…they really go bad. Especially for racists.

To be a good nationalist, you have to know what trouble is. Trouble. Keeps you up at night, running it over in your head again and again trouble. Real regret. Not that false “I’m sorry” that one hears so often.

Nationalism is a very dangerous thing. It’s not a joke, it is your life. Golden Dawn is finding this out in …

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November 9, 2013

A Change of Focus

by Ryu

For a long time, we have focused on the why of nationalism. The new mission is to focus on the how.

Police states are made possible by police. It is their job to enforce the laws, to protect those with power and to maintain the status quo. By desiring change, nationalists put themselves into direct conflict with the authorities. Some of you know what is occurring in Greece now with Golden Dawn; the police are involved with the system in that effort.

Therefore, nationalists have to know everything that a cop knows. The most common variety of cop works patrol. That’s the starting point.

Everything you want to learn can be found. I’ve been associated with an effort to teach nationalists STEM. The purpose was not necessarily to learn science, but to demonstrate that knowledge is possible. That you can learn anything you’d like to if you’re willing to do the work. Many do not believe in their own abilities.

Overall I am critical of the obedience of LEOs to their masters and their rigid dogma that they are always “the good guys.” However, there are promising aspects of their training. They value their own lives above the rules, above anyone else’s life. They do not believe in fighting fair, that they should ALWAYS have the advantage. They use morality as a tool for their own means and continually recite a mantra that reinforces their own POV. Nationalists ought to do similarly.

One of the most hopeful events in nationalism is what’s occurring in Detroit. It’s being abandoned by the USG and the authorities. Dealing with gangster thugs without badges is much easier than gangster thugs with badges.

Serpico. It’s a movie about a cop bothered by what cops are doing. As you’d expect, it was made far in the past, 1973.

March 21, 2013

Young Greeks create self-reliant island society

by Joe Rebel


A small group of young Greeks frustrated with the modern world have created their own sustainable community where they freed themselves from the national electricty grid and grow their own food (mostly vegetarian). Whats left from their gardem they exchange for other supplies instead of using money.

Now some might consider this hippieish or utopianist, but I tip my hat off to these folks for wanting to escape from modernism, consumerism, and austerity woes by trying to get back to an agrarian form of life.


February 27, 2013

Some News From Greece

by Ryu

In addition to more bombing of GD offices, it appears their 1% are now bringing in mercenaries, also known as private military contractors such as the equivalent of Blackwater and Executive Outcomes.

Here is Golden Dawn’s news blog:

The Beast is going all out to prevent GD from winning the elections in Greece. And this is with GD playing the system’s games, playing nice, working it old school with food drives, helping the poor, etc.

A depiction of the Meandros, a classical Greek...

A depiction of the Meandros, a classical Greek theme and symbol of the Greek “New State”. This Meandros is colored & fimbriated in the style of the Greek nationalist organisation Golden Dawn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t like to just write on the news without some context. I know some GDers are scared for their lives right now. The system is protecting the PMCs, the strike-busters, the antifas, the communists and the men who bombed GD offices. This is SOP for the the power that be: slashed tires, bombing, mysterious deaths by suicides, gang stalking, surveillance, harrassment, becoming a google felon, etc.

To Golden Dawn:
You guys are playing for keeps, the highest stakes in the world – political power. Killing an enemy is nothing for them.

You need to develop your own counterintelligence, executive protection and surveillance teams. Since many Greeks are out of work now, finding suitable volunteers should not be hard. They need to be serious, disciplined, no booze, no drugs, no women. High intelligence and willingness to learn are necessary. People skills and people reading are important. Above all, go for quality first. It is cheaper to build your team right at first than to go back and try to fix a bad one.

All the information you need to protect your people is out there, free. You just have to find it and put in the time. There are no secret techniques, just the basics done over and over with no mistakes.

WNs across the world are watching what Golden Dawn is doing. You guys are leading the way. If you need help, train, just ask.


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