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March 16, 2018

MRAs Are Lost Pareenes Declare Win

by Firepower

Photo (Photo credit: davidrdesign)

It’s better to view an accident diagram or lost battle schematic from afar.

mra = men’s rights activist (light on the ‘activist’ part, in fact – it doesn’t exist)

A Persian Proverb:

“He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool—shun him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child—teach him.
He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep—wake him.
He who knows and knows that he knows is wise—follow him.”

This, of course, leads us to Casting Pearls Before the Swine that are Spearhead Posters

AfOR tries to talks sense into the troops, to rally them before Thermopylae.  But, alas Leonidas is speaking to the whiny, grown-up spawn of …

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February 23, 2018

Hate Mail: f*ck off and die!

by Firepower

This just in. A latest intrigue comes a familiar, unsophisticated pen:

firepower you are a fag. Where do you get off saying the sh*t you do?? and f*ck off and die and it cant be to soon and I hope somebody helps it along. [ed note: Where I’m from, nobody has the balls; they’re scared of me. It has been tried.] heartiste acts like he loves you

[I don’t presume to think so, but thanks for the compliment, maybe you see something.]

maybe cos he pities your small dick. [Well, he is a generous guy] i’m getting sick of him too and his smatass bs comments [My site is not the fair, fitting or proper place to hate him, try his – you’ll get even more abuse ha]. Just go away and leave forums blogs and the internet to us who want to talk about ideas.

Talking about “ideas” is the last thing we need more of. Application of those ideas was postponed too long. There’s a trillion ideas in a billion warehouses full of ideas: Pick one. Then, get off your ass and do it.

If you disagree with an intelligently presented concept, the proper response is an intelligent, cogent alternative similarly presented with a method designed to convince – not alienate by ad hominem insult and curses. That perfectly displays the problem with Emotional Education in our Government Schools. Everybody is supposed to value your opinion because “you’re special.”

You’re not. You’re one of hundreds of millions on the interwebz. Most, idiots.

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July 1, 2015


by Firepower

Hunting is the realm of males – mainly, adult ones. A rare few women hunt and are of the desirable kind, if attractive.

Hunting is killing and it forces the practitioner to face the reality of killing.
Most woodland snipers were and are hunters. Urban snipers of the kind in most recent (and future) wars are not particularly so; they are mixtures of disciplines. Hunting beasts in nature is indeed like hunting Man in conventional combat, but urban snipery is less so: Think Jon Muhammad, the most fearsome Urban Sniper in Murkan History.

What makes hunting valuable is its Training Of Blood. Getting accustomed to it and the butchering process demystifies gore.

Only childish modern males are morbidly fascinated with bloodshed as a toy. Slasher movies and twisted PlayStation games are produced for cityfolk who vomit at the sight (and smell) of fresh blood. As predicted, these are mostly tender whitebois. Colored boys are more likely to see a pile of their sister’s brains and make a pile or two out of their enemies’. In a degenerating society, this gives them the edge now.

Old time males, foreigners and hunters are not fixated on blood and death. They see it frequently and have no sick need to glorify it as a novelty; blood and killing is simply a condition of existence.  Anyone fascinated with mediated gore has not lived it. That’s why ISIS has so many volunteers for their Head Sawing Brigade. Beheading a live human is …

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May 31, 2015

Faggot GENBrandon!™

by Firepower

Millennial FAGGOTS

Told ya so.

When even a truly respected guy like Zimbardo (LIUFY) verifies MY conclusion – it’s pure truth, babe.

Porn and video game addiction are leading to ‘masculinity crisis’, says Stanford prison experiment psychologist

Zim was an original, brilliant guy – an innovator – and that’s something even I respect.

No wonder Men’s Rights non Activists can’t get Justin~Junior to stop longing to suck Kanye West’s Kock: Cuz even Doddy’s hugging it out in his sweat lodge

All you VRW/PeterPanzers: Is this the future you see smashing the LN/MMM and gooseshteppink in DC?

Fap on, dreeeemaz. Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet on….

September 19, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Earns $800 Million in ONE Day

by Firepower

It’s a bigger haul than the biggest Hollywood movie rakes in over an entire year.

Even though he’s old enough to be your Granpappy, Teen Brandons play Michael Madsen shooting shit up in a game.  Then, they get the spirit rush and march in an OWS reunion parade protesting G-G-Guns….like – and Stuff!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II earned $500 million in one day in the U.S. alone last year.  It went on to earn $1 billion in 15 days and set a record.

Tens of thousands wait in line for hours to buy it.

This is a giant, significant circus/game component of Bread & Circus.   Forget about learning Roman history – or even American history.  Fuck it. To hell with learning a God damned thing about last week.

Who says the Murkan|Economy suffers.  Just look at …

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September 5, 2013

Elective Affinities

by eurybates

Elective Affinities

I watched a video a while ago ranking the various recognized geniuses of all time.  During the course of the video a couple of similar theories were related that expressed the idea that people act like large molecules.  The name of the youtube channel is humanchemistry101.  Part three is where he starts to examine these theories and shares who first came up with them.  You can watch the video, here.  (I think that the guy behind the humanchemistry101 youtube channel is Libb Thims who has written a textbook on the idea and is the brains behind the hmolpedia website.)

The theory that human interactions can be represented as chemical reactions was first composed by Goethe early in the 19th century.  He wrote a book titled, “Elective Affinities,” which is a novel, in which he illustrates his theory.  You can read or download the book here.  The book has inspired quite a few adaptations and was made into a movie in 1996.

Another genius who developed the idea that human interactions can be expressed as chemical formulas was William Sidis – the guy who the movie, “Good Will Hunting,” was based on.  He wrote some pretty interesting stuff and predicted the existence of black holes 40 years before they were discovered.  You can read his book, “The Animate And The Inanimate,” here.  In his book he expresses the idea that human existence is a type of entropy reversal.  He also wrote a short essay on the effects of climactic change and revolutions, titled, A Remark On The Occurrence of Revolutions, which identifies sun-spots as contributing indirectly to revolts and revolutions.  Read the paper, here.

Christopher Hirata published a paper more recently that expresses the same idea in similar terms.  The name of his paper, which is available for download, is called, “The Physics of Relationships.” Download the paper, here.

There is as wiki page dedicated to the ‘science’ of human thermodynamics and which you can check out, here.  It seems that it has been an idea that has interested some pretty intelligent people for quite some time.

It is a branch of knowledge that might be of interest to WN’s from a practical point of view.  I have only recently looked into it but it seems that a basic understanding of human dynamics is necessary for anyone organizing small groups.  It would benefit potential matchmakers as well.

Even numbers seem to be  more stable – three is more often a crowd than not – whereas four will probably work out better for you in the long run.  Most guys by now have probably realized that having a wing man makes it a bit easier to pick up girls, too.  Girls tend to like to steal you away from your friend . . .

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