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April 4, 2016

Tom Sowell Sees…Liberal NAZISM!

by Firepower

my sister, the future mrs. Ryu at Spa-Flammkrauserramfunk

It ain’t braggin’ if it’s a fact: I invented the term Liberal nazism years ago and write on its pernicious power. J-Go may have coined “Liberal Fascism”, but that’s wrong because it is simply too mild a term: LIUFY on Eradica’s search. Now, no less than the greatest Black Man to have ever lived suddenly caught the Eradica Bug

As the colored gains more Presidencies, their goal is not some pie-in-the-sky crap “uniting of all Murkan Peepulz” that Liberal Hippies historically spew. This is great propaganda intended to lull the last few Whites to sleep and join the Pod Peepul. The goal of the black (operating inside the FFOL) is the same as all conquerors: Kill Your Enemies & Listen To The Weeping & Lamentations of Their Women.

Long ago, the LN successfully conquered the wheels & gears in the daily minutiae of BIGov operations by installing its operatives in every niche via Affirmative Action. Every level of Rule and Law is spanned from …

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February 4, 2016

FFOL Plot to Grow MINOs & Eradicate Whites

by Firepower


Pay coloreds to not have jobs THEN pay white girls to get BaconFaced in Iran 4.0.

The LN gets to eradicate witey twice as fast with twice as many future Arlington Cemetery boxes.

Then the MMM increases coloreds, Miggers and Muzz by paying them to stay home, PlayStation and fuck white girls into pregnancies, thus further increasing colored spawn with zero history or ties to 1776.

Obongo and his Black Jeh respond with what during Migger Invasion XXI?

Why, cutting border monitoring. When Manhattan or DC District ONE is threatened by terrorists, why Maobama pulls the FBI out of Times Square and the Capitol.

I’m sure the Capital ConserVaginas will “hold hearings” on it in DC.

But I’m unsure if paying furious White Men not to target locally accessible LN bastions of the FFOL or their LN/MMM Congressfilth would work if dwindling money is diverted from crucial funding of Colored Welfare Sows with their nine baby and free air-conditioned bus rides for the latest wave of Miggers, to the US Sanctuary City of their choice.

November 4, 2015

Ryu’s FAVE HeroCOP!!!™

by Firepower

Honors For Heroically Embezzling Public Funds

Propaganda. The BIG Lie.

I repeat: ANY body who looks like Sheriff GI Billy~Goe is fucked-up in the haid.

Burying SWATZIs iz SWPL…

Now, our LN Propaganda Media does as it always does when one of the cause celebre/sacred cows bites them on the cock: They hide put the story on page 73H in ultra-fine print.

The US GIJordie Seal of Approval pallbearer. The grim, stoic faces of Real Hero donutmunchers. The pomp. The ceremony. Fuck you.

The MRKN flag once again used – literally – to cover-up a fucked-up, slimy douchebag.

Where all da black fokes at?!?

Propaganda. The BIG Lie.

September 9, 2015

Mourning Gomer SWATZI

by Firepower

ONLY A Tool Has THAT Hairdo At Age 50…

Poor fellow died “For YOUR Freedom!™” – ya’ll ungrateful fucks.

Lake County’s lakefront homes filled with whitebread families fleeing that first colored who moved on their block in ’98 and took in those engineer dads and lawyer moms – danger personified!

Chickenshit pigs always gravitate to the burbs, and the fancier the better. Rich kids cower in fear when you pop a boner while …..

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August 22, 2015

HEROCop!™ Rapes Him Some Sweeeeet 15-year-old Pussy!

by Firepower

And! NOT just ANY HEROCop!™ – one with the sainted, godlike NYPD status!


The PTSD from saving all those WTC Hero stockbrokers and mortgage bankers finally got to him and he had to bury his cock in sweet teen cooze.  Hillary’s lawyers will fight for justice and get him off – provided they’re 14 and swallow.

Every BIGov employee Got Game – and now that most Murkans work for UncleBEAST – that means errbuddy Got Game.

Remember folks: Obey ALL SWATZI COMMANDS!

If FBI scamps can cook babies at WACO for Mr. Janet Reno, it looks now them SuperFEDS!© get to fuck 10-year-olds – including boys.

July 2, 2015

Fiber Optic Network Sabotage

by Firepower

In Nancy Pelosi’s Kingdom of Manhattan WEST, trouble is afoot: Dirty saboteur rascals have stumped the FIB on how they disrupt & destroy crucial infrastructure.

For, unless you’re a white baby in a WACO compound, they FIB doesn’t have a clue how to cook you.

Last year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accidentally released a document outlining areas where the nation’s electrical grid was susceptible to a terror attack.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the data, reported that an attack on ninekey” substations could cause power outages nationwide.

It’s a good thing white people are now totally subjugated by….

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