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February 8, 2016

MediaPROP Online Control

by Firepower

MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp Not Only Worked For FUXNews, But Also The Lucky Ryu

We know who controls print media – and both NYC NewsPROP and Hollywood MoviePROP. Toss in Playstation junk. Make sure you categorize all media forms.

Online, just ten publishers control it ALL. They tell you what to …..

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June 15, 2014

Happy Father’s Day, Jay-Z!

by Firepower

We all know Struggling-African-Americans are poverty-stricken due to White Racism (past-present-and perpetual!) and that Patented 1% Evil~Greed!

If only Empowered-African-Americans (like Affleets, Rappaz n’ Shit) could lend a hand, help a brother out: Like OWS supporters Con-YaY and Jizzle-De-Dee or wtf ever his name is, in fashion…

If only coloreds could afford to:

  • help pay for Michelle-0’s sacred Niggerian “free our girls!”
  • Help the biggest ever Chocolate Ciddy, Detroit?  Nope.
  • Get that edjumication – and shit – for Innaciddyyouth

They’re smarter than The Average White. They don’t use their …

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October 2, 2013

Why the ALT-Right Will Fail: the altright is SWPL

by Firepower

Tweeting… Takes Itz Toll!

Actually, the ALT-Right (AR) has already failed.  The entire right has failed: Look at “Mitt Romney” and look at who’s in the White House.  Does that look like WINNING to you?  And why must I need point that out??

ARs are chicks.  They’re the chick who’s madly in love with you one second , then when you tell her “hey, babe: don’t wear your Slutty Nurse Costume to my grandma’s Halloween party”  they suddenly hate you and never call again.  It’s the MySpace/FaceBook/Twitter-sphere mentality of instant befriending & defriending.  I hate that you like Pokémon and The Beach Boys so therefore…I hate you and goodbye forever.

ARs are Feudin’ Rap Stars.  Arguing about who’s got the most bling and who called who’s momma a bitch.  Stupid shit.  Girl shit.

They just lost their caps:

Other ar “heroes” banned me instantly for disagreeing with them for longer than a day.  Piggy, Roosh (temporarily)  and Foney Ferdinand.

The modern ar has zero tolerance for disagreement.  It’s either True  Love Always! or Goodbye!! Forever!!!  Either response is full of Drama.  Even that was long ago already better described as histrionicsliufy

This is how chicks reason – how children think.  Dude Drama is ridiculous.  Far worse, this hypocrisy is just…

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March 25, 2013

Tales From the Frontline, America’s Nihilistic-Consumerist Youth: Part Two

by beothuk jackson

There is a noted breakdown attention span due to prolonged internet use, think about the youth in schools today, nevermind that they are sitting in ZOG brainwashing camp, forget that for now, think about what they are doing in there, feigning interest whilst texting, sexting and nubetoobing Russians on their phones. this spills over into the usage later in life at other inappropriate times. this detachment and nihilism is protected in the youth’s mind by “freedom”; by youthful rebellion©, libertarianism being the most contemporary shroud.  freedom for the youth means more time to frag,  fap and screw and get high© ! the youth of today spend their time in bars, cars and their prescribed  positions granted to them “at will” by the vast interlocking societal bureaucracy known as “the work force”. From these three positions a noticeable trend can be observed, detachment.  this detachment whether hormonally charged or socially is exacerbated by the use and proliferation of cell phones and Facebook.

At work there is no interest in seeing changes made to the system, not even a submission to the system of which they are now enslaved, there is only quasi-sentient acceptance. McDonald’s, KFC, Walmart, all faces scorned by the effete liberals in the OWS movement as “corporations”, own the lives of millions of White American youth.  This is the problem, the youth of today don’t give a shit about what some intellectual shouting atop a tank in the square has to say, they got to check Facebook! maybe they might  even “like” a video posted of what the person had said. This example illustrates the point that these social networking devices and the culture developing around them is producing an all-encompassing herd morality, where intellectual leftists like Lenin and Trotsky, who SHOULD be able with their  shystering ways,  raise angry hordes of hip Walmart drones to form barricades in the strip mall entrances. they now do not even command the people’s attention for any longer than it takes for them to make a video of the incident for Facebook.

Libertarianism has played a larger role in the thinking of the youth due to the large sensation caused by Ron Paul on the new media, during the last election cycle. This idea that the constitution has given us “freedoms and rights” is a shock to many young people who rightly see a monolithic federal government out to get them. this is where they get it wrong, they are against “the government” and “the corporations” and “the fed”, because these people make them have to be sober and go to work and not get paid to lay around and masturbate. these bogeymen really  all do  attack and destroy the white middle class, so they have reason to dislike them, it is just that their reason is not completely sentient. Libertarianism serves a role as  a destructive force against FDR style government, but it does not provide any new paradigm. This is where it becomes a dead end, it merely becomes another outlet for youthful destructive Nihilism, that is why you get degenerates hating on the elite by doing drugs and pooping on taxpayer cars.

Freedom is a key point here, Zarathustra famously asks, “Freedom for What?”  Why do we need freedom? To purchase new shoes and video games? This is how the youth can be engaged,  telling them that they are slaves to materialism, appeal to their liberal sentiments for Originality. This is how OWS got them, it blamed it all on the money, on the corporations, what we need to do is blame it on the way of life, on the entire paradigm. It’s not the boss enslaving the proles, it’s the proles fighting over sneakers and men sitting around  selling  pallets of boxes of shoes made overseas by brown slaves virtually from their home. This is the power that WN holds; a way above the Facebook posts, televisions shows, above the endless circles to be run and hoops to be jumped through.  It provides a meaning; a goal,  to paraphrase N, it is not suffering, but the meaninglessness of suffering that is the problem. Give a young man standing at McDonalds for 8 hours something other than weed and pussy to think about, give him something more than stores and clothes, fourteen words will render the endless hordes of overweight niggers,  gap toothed proles, oil burns  and sore ankles null and void. give the youth of America a path to post-cosumerism and they will jump on board.

January 11, 2013


by Firepower

I started with social media midway into the MySpace boom.  I used it mainly for womanizing and only saw that perspective.  I never even thought to use it for that until I saw an SNL skit; the fourth funny one in ten years not about Evil Bush vs. Clinton Goode.  WTF?  Use it to pick up bitches?  Are Mating-Age Humans really that stupid? Oh well.

It seemed this social media merely reflected extant American values, both positive and negative; there were also plenty of activists, do-gooders and iconoclasts in other corners of that world – duh, just like IRL.  It offered nothing new that didn’t already pre-exist in human communication since the stone age.  Oh, except new ways for chicks to dress slutty, flirt and get more attention.  Why type at either assholes or ass when you can walk outside your door and speak with your mouth.

I avoided FaceBook even though I was an early signatory.  Somewhere, there is an account with my name on it in the low 100,000’s I could sell to some completely valueless, misguided online masturbator.  I joined because I hated MySpace so much and sought an alternative.  But, that smug bastard-kid simply repels me.  I dropped them both.  Besides, if pat gone-again goolagong or ryu knew I consorted with The FB Jew, they’d report me to Staff HQ and deport me to a real shithole like UStralia.

Experimenting with Twitter, I’m suspicious it is merely a “new” incarnation of Ye Olde AOL chatrooms – where each respective camp preaches to its choir.  I finally watched Dee Snyder‘s Strangeland – a good movie.  It was made in 1998 and was about chatrooms in an AOL-like setting.  I can’t believe I ever was so fucking stupid to waste my time on that chatroom shit.

Oppress Me – Down There – Pat Haniggan!

Twitter is a vile, evil nest of PC Liberalism, which means it is run by Evil PC Liberals.  If they don’t like you, they ban you to silence you.  Free Speech there, is the same as The Democratic National Convention Re-Coronation of Obama – but held in San Francisco.  That means:  Free Speech is only for liberals on twitter.

Roseanne Barr and Beyonce can tweet all fucking day about how they as fat jewesses and monkeys desire one of their little minions to assassinate Mitt Romney – and Twitter approves.  Tweet “Obama is bad” and you’re banned in minutes:  Suppression is official policy of twitter, whose bosses are big Big BIG Obamao supporters.

I’ve seen twitterers suspended for complaining about Obama’s Gun Grab XXV, while the same week Al-Queda members tweeted to kill more US soldiers.  Stacey Dash was harassed for her views and she has a fine black ass.

Feel the noose tighten.  Free Speech is today, reserved for rich jews and rich coloreds.  FaceBook is also a Liberal Fascist Ministry of Censors, typified in the link.  Feel the noose tighten.  Obama has blithely tinkered with forces he has no idea how to control.  Is WordPress next?  They seem cool…Feel the noose…

[I do promise to write that post on Liberal Fascism.  Shame patricia won’t be around to see it…]

Stacy Dash (a black female) was threatened with death and it’s OK.  So, it’s OK to demand Whoopi Goldberg be lynched and burned.  I’d like that; I’d roast marshmallows on her char and take pix.  So, it is my Constitutional Right of Free Speech to be the same as the head of twitter and call for and approve of his assassination and torture.  I hope Mr. Twitterberg is kidnapped in his garage.  I’m sure he has lots of Secret Sex Service protection staff making it impossible…

This is why, all liberals must be eradicated.  To those alive in the future, put them in camps and exterminate them.  Never believe they have be re-educated.  They belong frozen in Siberian graves, never paroled.  They are cult members whose blind faith only dies in death.  Long, slow, painful death.  Heil Hillary.

How in the fuckchrist can I actually long for Days o’ MySpace…

November 28, 2012

Why Blogging Will Fail 3

by Firepower

Generation of Lost Bloggers, Lost Generation As Bloggers

Deny it all you want – stick your head in the sand – call me a “buzzkill,” I care not.  It’s true and you will see it come to pass no matter how much you deny.  Americans are kiddies always wanting moar candy and a bigger tit.  Nixon was right – problem is, ain’t nobody left to remember who Nixon was to kick around…

“He who forgets history is doomed to…”  Damn, what was that funny saying again?

Piggy & mangan et al,  present nothing distinguishing themselves from their ‘grecyclers.  More importantly, they do not distinguish themselves from other writersPat Buchanan, Sowell, Rush or Krauthammer.  Having “a blog” is all about saying the harsh, inflammatory words restricting Elite Millionaire Pundits.  They’ll never call A Spade A Spade if it costs them a FAT book deal or gig on O’Reilly Factor.  Blogs such as these are failures (and shall fail) because they are …

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