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February 2, 2015

MINO Machine: Loretta Lynch, AG-to-be

by Firepower

Let’s Play: “Count The Colored Rulers!”

Nah. MINOs don’t rule Murka! When you go from Sir Eric the Holder – Murka’s most fascist henchman in history – to an Empowered African-American Soul Sista, all is kosher, right?

I told ya so about the LN/MMM – the Liberal nazis running the….

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March 9, 2014

Sherrif JOE Edition: Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Persecute Government Employee LEO Minos for



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February 26, 2014

Urban Terrorizing The Elites

by Firepower

It takes balls to threaten The Elite.

They’ve lived so long without fear of The Little People that even spraying graffiti on their mansions warrants the Fascist FBI helping the hundreds of standard local SWATZIs while they’re pulled-off investigating huge caseloads of Miggers murdering whites or cranking out Escalades full of Meth.

The IRS jamming a telescope up the TEA Party’s ass and Imperial MINO Commissar Sir Eric the Holder’s stammering on who ordered machine guns given to Illegal Mexican Miggers will just have to wait while the Feudal San Francisco Elite demand Federal executions for those spray-painting their nine-car Garages.

I wonder if the CCTV surveillance cams will identify these rascals – or if they wore ski masks?  Maybe they even bragged to their Weather Underground profs at Berkeley.  Angela Davis, can ya feel me?

Maybe Hippies re-figured it out that the only establishment government that respects you is the one that fears you.

December 29, 2013

Polar-Bearing To Knockout Game In The FOL

by Firepower

Eric Holder Does Wonders For My Complexion!

The black created the game of assaulting innocent White pedestrians so the black gets to give it a name.  The black called it Polarbearing because the targets are white.

It took Fox News’ Gretêl Vân Süsterën (Sufferin’ Sussturrin) all of ten seconds to create yet another defeat by defusing Righteous Rage with calling the attacks “random incidents” as if the victims were lucky winners in the nigga lottery.  They weren’t random; the victims were deliberately chosen because the black wants to brutalize whites.  We all know this.  So does Greta: she pretends she does not.

Now the Liberal nazi Eric Holder charges the one white guy with Uncle Beast Hatey-Hate Crimes, while 3,501,264 whites beaten by coloreds are….

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December 4, 2012

You have the Right to Remain Violent

by doomdigit
I allow duels

I allow duels

Among the regular officers of the VII District Command of the Army stationed in Munich were men like Major-General Ritter von Epp and his assistant, Major Ernst Roehm who were prepared to give protection and support to these activities as a way of evading the Treaty of Versailles’ limitations upon Germany’s military power.  In the Freikorps and in the innumerable defense leagues, patriotic unions and ex-servicemen’s associations which sprang up in Bavaria, they saw the nucleus of that future German Army which should one day revenge the humiliations of 1918.  When that day would come no one knew, but in the meantime it was essential to keep together, under one disguise or another, the men who had been the backbone of the old German Army, which was now reduced by the terms of the Treaty to a mere hundred thousand in numbers.

If necessary there were highly placed officials in most ministries who had served as reserve officers during the war, or entertained nationalist sympathies, to whom appeal could be made.  It was Poehner, the Police President of Munich, who gave the famous reply, when asked if he knew there were political murder gangs in Bavaria: “Yes, but not enough of them.”

Alan Bullock, Hitler: A Study in Tyranny (New York: Bantam 1961),38-39.

You can tell a lot about a society by looking at who is allowed to engage in violence.  Not too long ago dueling was acceptable, but now there is a push to stop people from defending themselves and their property.  Someone in a McMutant infested country told me about a wannabe gang in his area that liked setting trees and trash cans alight–they were becoming a real nuisance.  One night he heard a noise so he grabbed his baseball bat and went outside.  The hooligan he found was quite aware that the laws were in his favor but was surprised when he was hit a few times with the bat, transported to an area away from the house and dumped in a ditch–he was not left for dead as the wounds were not serious, it was just a message.  He then went back to sleep.  A short while later a policeman knocked at the door and stated that the hooligan claimed he was beaten and dumped in a ditch; this was denied with a convincing yawn, or perhaps the officer approved of the hooligan’s comeuppance.  That was that.

This example is much different than the above excerpt, not just because it did not involve lethal action but because it did not involve a sizable portion of government.  It is important to understand that where there is government there is conspiracy–it is simply a matter of which conspirators win.  There are always things that government, any government, does not want to reveal, but you can get an idea of what they are conspiring by how they engage in and report violence.  How do you think Eric Holder responded when he was asked if he knew that Black Panthers were intimidating voters?

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