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August 28, 2013

How to Defend Yourself from Observation on the Streets

by Luther Burgsvik

[Foreword: This article is for purposes of self-defence and entertainment only. The author does not condone acts of violence or destruction of property except in purposes of self-defence and within the relevant laws of your own country.]

- eradica CCTV camerasIntroduction:
Anyone who’s anyone can see that the intrusive Big Mother state is presently on the ascendency in the West. It’s paranoid snooping nose is everywhere you go: from high streets and supermarkets, to rubbish bins and school toilets. This intrusiveness is no concern for the drone-like people who do not care about their privacy and the fact that they are being violated, but it is a concern for humans who value privacy and value being respected. The UK is the biggest surveillance state on the planet, even trumping Communist China for the numbers of cameras per capita, and as other Anglosphere countries are set to emulate England in the way it ‘manages’ its population, anyone who lives in an English-speaking country should be aware that this type of surveillance will likely be in their neighbourhood some time soon.


The Liberal-NAZI government doesn’t need to give rational justification (they’re far too clever for such trivial things like ‘reason’!) for their heavy-duty surveillance. Indeed they will use ‘any’ incident that they can to further their agenda:

“In the U.S., tragic school shootings such as that at Columbine have led to hundreds of schools installing surveillance cameras. Some school districts have allowed the local police or head teacher to access the spyware via the internet and monitor the activities of students and staff at the click of a mouse.”
Source: Police State Road Map, Michael Nield.


“Never let a crisis go to waste.“  – Rahm Immanuel

With this in mind, it seems prudent to have some knowledge of how to…

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May 31, 2013

Urgent Need for Legislation – Guns vs. Immigration

by sobl1

Roughly thirty kids were shot in Connecticut in December before Christmas. In the emotional time that is the holidays, there was a massive, nationwide call for gun control legislation by the left, the media and countless foot soldiers on social media websites. The bastards who organize the Super Bowl even carted the school’s choir out to take part in the opening ceremonies. Demand a plan. Gun control now. The entire wing of the propaganda arm of the system was doing its best to generate a demand for gun control that appeared organic. Every headline could be summarized as fill in the blank slogan with urgent connotations. Our weakling president led the charge.

Since April, 3rd world immigrants have bombed the most prestigious marathon in America killing a few and injuring hundreds, 3rd world Muslim immigrants were convicted in a child prostitution, abuse and grooming ring, 3rd world immigrants have rioted for a week in Sweden, a 3rd world immigrant + a British born 1st generation immigrant beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight. The initial media reaction is …

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January 16, 2013

“Muslim Patrol” harass White British on streets

by Joe Rebel

H/T Stormfront

A group of Arabic invaders calling themselves the “Muslim Patrol” videotaped themselves harassing white Londoners on the streets.

Could this perhaps be a new nonwhite Gestapo of the future?

January 15, 2013

England: “Youths” with machetes & truncheons attack, rob couple in their home

by Joe Rebel
Machete (film)

Machete (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the British media is clearly censoring the race of the attackers, we can all tell from the name of the young thug that was arrested that most likely the perpetrators are nonwhites.

The term “youths” is nothing but a codeword for nonwhite criminals.

A KENLEY couple have spoken of their horror after machete-wielding thugs ransacked their home and made off with thousands of pounds worth of valuables and cash during a “violent” overnight burglary.

The couple in their 50s, whose identities we agreed not to reveal, have broken their silence in the hope the ordeal will be a “wake-up call” for villagers to be vigilant.

Speaking from their Driftwood Drive home, they told how between four and five youths broke in before coming upstairs to threaten them and two friends with truncheons and a machete.

The man said: “We heard this almighty crash downstairs. I thought at first it was the mirror falling off a wall.

“But then we heard another noise, so my wife opened the bedroom door and then she was confronted with four or five blokes coming up the stairs. They were shouting, ‘give us your money’.

“They came through the door and pushed my wife back into the bedroom, and they just kept on asking for money. I kept on saying there is no money.

“That’s when they pushed me in the chest and they raised their truncheons. We gave them the money in my wife’s purse and they took  money from our friends who were in the other room.

“They didn’t say they were going to kill us, but you know what is going to happen to you if you don’t do what they say.

“My wife is very traumatised, I mean, five people with truncheons and a machete, she feels very vulnerable in her own home. We have been violated.

“It was just disproportionate violence and real aggression for what they ended up getting away with. Nothing like that really happens in Kenley, so we just hope it is a wake-up call for people.”

The couple had been entertaining two friends from Kent, with all four going to bed at about 1am after a meal and drinks.

However, between one and two hours later, the thugs used a rock to smash a rear ground floor window and get in. Two threatened the man and his wife while another  two threatened their friends.

The intruders,  who then trashed the house during the December 15 raid, are then thought to have made off in a vehicle in the direction of Croydon, with thousands of pounds worth of valuables and cash, some of which has been recovered, including items of jewelery.

All the raiders were hooded, with scarves covering up to the bridge of their noses.

Liban Ali, 19, of Moffat Road, Thornton Heath, has been charged with aggravated burglary. Three other men have been arrested and bailed.

January 11, 2013

White British minorities in more town & cities

by Joe Rebel

White British are now minorities in 3 more towns and cities due to the ruling liberal elites allowing nonwhite invaders to disposses native whites.

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