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November 4, 2014

MINO Machine: Eternal EEOC Employees

by Firepower

It does not matter if St. Ronald Reagan were resurrected and Rush were Ron’s VP. Nor would it matter if it were reversed as Rush N’ Ronnie ruling.

Their policies would be thwarted by the ensconced MINO Machine running the USG’s tiniest gears from the lowliest DC cubicles all the way up to the “czars” wielding the unlimited power of the Great Imperial Lord & Our Beloved Historic Black President.

SCOTUS decreed that Preferential Admissions in colleges granting cut-in-front-of-the-line goodies to MINOs was outlawed – illegal – yet colleges currently still make even more racist judgments against …

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October 24, 2013

Informal Insights

by eradican

Let’s assume for a moment the purpose of the education system is not propaganda. What have government schools actually taught you then? I’d say very little beyond basic reading and arithmetic. I can’t comment on the various alternative schooling movements but I doubt they’re better: Their rise in popularity is driven by white flight and not necessarily higher learning.

The problem is centralization where education is mass-produced. Bureaucrats think one size fits all can work for everyone but the education process is very personal and highly individualized. The majority of my learning never came from a classroom. My first real exposure to Joseph Stalin was in childhood from a PC strategy game called Command and Conquer: Red Alert. The story featured a world war between the west and the USSR. The player could pick either faction, as each had a unique storyline and ending.

The History Channel was another valuable gem. My favorite television network by far; it’s a shame what it descended into, but the premium versions still offer good programming. PBS and C-SPAN are also fantastic with The Charlie Rose Show giving me access to presidents, captains of industry, financiers, scientists, and other extraordinary individuals. Then there is the internet and blogging which you all know about. One thing separating classroom learning and what I’ve described is the latter must be entertaining as well. The marketplace of ideas is superior to the socialized central planning approach. This is perhaps the golden age of knowledge.

Formal education is vastly overrated but they’re still gatekeepers to nobility. Simply nod along with whatever your single mommy teacher says about MLK, Cesar Chavez, and girl power. I recently read an article about the history of academia explaining how it changed over the decades in response to whoever had power. For example Jews forced their way into the top schools. They took over industries looked-down upon (like Hollywood) and after accumulating wealth/power coerced the academic establishment into whatever they wanted. Pawns cannot become queens and kings cannot become players; so change the game.

September 12, 2013

Experimental WN

by Ryu

It’s clear that our current methods are not enough. They only produce hordes of angry internet people, of which I am a part. This, our current mode of living, is not what victory feels like. We shouldn’t be slinking about in the shadows, they should. I’d happily trade places. No matter how many “angry” people there are right now, without results to show, it accounts for nothing. To produce a different type of activist, we need a different method.

Hipster Racist is trying some interesting things at his site. Apparently women are very interested in sex – who would have thought? If writing erotica and BDSM gets women into….

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