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July 14, 2018

Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging 2

by Firepower

SPOILER ALERT: Beware! Myths will be shattered.  The Ugly Truth – revealed. You may learn something… you don’t wanna…

The first article described and (I’m such a nice guy) conveniently listed for you The Big Thinkers who get the ball rolling by supplying grist for the mill of millionz of teeny little Blograts – (‘gratz) – who Steal The Cheese.  Spreading the crumbs like good little town criers – just town criers who act to their readership ’twas they discovered The Big Secret.

To recap: Those Who’ve Done It Before – Better:

  1. Charles Murray; William Bennett; Robert Bork; Victor Davis Hanson – These chaps awe and inspire…
  2. Thomas Sowell,  Chas. Krauthammer, who in turn make big bucks for
  3. Pat Buchanan – whose bulldog wrinkled puss inspires TV fashion-talkshow pussy↓
  4. Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin – who give quippy-quip conversational TV Soundbites to talkers
  5. Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity and then,
  6. Brent Bozell & R.I.P Andrew Breitbart who (chiefly by critiquing) give them media coaching/refinement tips.

Don’t be an ass.  This list is a generalization. If you want thorough, scholarly completeness, pay me a million to write a book.

Murray covers science; Bennett, culture, politics & law; Bork does mainly law (and is the acknowledged expert) and Hanson does current events, politics and military.  HBD’ers still prattle on about stuff Murray wrote 20 years ago and they prattle wrong; read the original – make up your own mind. The Bell Curve is still the hub where hibbies work themselves into genetic lathers.  It predates the internets and is widely unknown, so it’s ripe for copycat thought-stealers.  Imagine how a barbarian squatting in the Coliseum was mystified by a…

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December 27, 2012

Men’s Rights MOVEMENT Deposits A BIG One

by jenibear

Big applauses for mras (rhymes with bras) for Victory-Victorying the New Year!  Welmie must be proud his 9,394,450,204,602 articles have LED MENS To MERM Victory!

Biggest MURMER Victory Since Soñiã SotõmãyÔr!!

Murmers have MUCH TO BE MANLY-PROUD about in the cumming new year.

Specially like in this article when Fathers disappear from households across America!~  Ouchie!!  Is that where daddy complex comes from?  Oooh – pretty sparklies.

Go get ’em Manly Menz!  Blogging Will Win!!  I can smell teh speerhed victory – like a Sweat Lodge!  That DROP of 5% in dadeez at home is sort of a win –  Talk, IS victory!

Big Strapping Merican MEN talk tough and act tough by keeping their gummint accountable like the State Dept official who ‘resigned’ after Libya findings never left

With mras bravely pounding their keyboards, it’ll SOON be victory++!!!

Butly, Expressing Anger Can Add Two Years to Person’s Lifespan!  So, keep up teh keyboardz pounding!

Just don’t let Jared Junior spend TOO much time cuz The internet is leaving children brain-dead: Inventor warns ‘Google generation who spend life in front of screens are losing creativity and skills.

Just KNOW that you are rasing your precious baby son-babies to gwow up right!

Like when Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomãyorrrå gives FREE BIRF Conrol to All Da Singa Laydeez (like moi) and Poor Poor Daddy gots to pay for it – awwwwwww.   Guess you got to Bite the pillow harder!

So, here’s to YOU, mermers – you deserve a BIG one.

Your keyboading will Change Teh World!


happy vacation bitches!

December 19, 2012

Obama School Shootings

by Firepower

College Liberal

HRH Barrack Hussein Obama might get one nasty surprise.

He and his Evil Minions might be the ones hoist with their own petard on this one.

Save The Precious Children!!!! Was the rallying cry of one Sick Willie, Sir Bill Clinton.   muah-hah-ha! Steal rights, for the sake of The Children!  Then, all will be fine and we can go back to CBS’ Survivor: Urban Detroit.

However, this sick weaselly little mental fuck was one of them Bill’s Babies.  He was born when Bill was inaugurated – grew up on Clintionian/Liberal Perversions like Oval Office Cumshots.  OJ getting off. Blood-spewing videogames played all day.  Ice-T’s Cop Killa. Vile shit on TV – designer porn online.  Single Mommy World.  These are all perversions championed by liberal Democrats.

Obviously, Ms. Lanza Wasn’t

The One True Enemy now demands Swift Action on all its political demands because it no longer can sustain its evil arguments in the harsh scrutiny of The Internets.   They know americans are so stupid now, they have to pull the wool over their eyes fast – at fiber-optic speed – before their muddied brains have time to think and reason.

You’ve seen them fall before when they push too hard, too fast.  Even The Oprah can’t blithely make black racist statements anymore; she gets banned to B-List Cable. Those PC 1990’s died with OJ’s Glove and Bill’s Spectacular Money Shot.  Little Baby Lanza is their product and they can’t hide the guilt of association.  The Guilt of Creation.  Force the Liberals to claim rightful ownership of their warped, twisted Single-Mommy-Monster Gen.

Mighty Drudge simply lists articles…that spread to every corner.  The View Bitches get mocked.  Humor, is a vicious weapon – it’s why I use it as part of my arsenal.  The Stupid, however, are even swayed by NRA-types’ argument.  Too many got left behind since Bill Xlinton and now are forced to live near coloreds; not enough get paid like they used to, to afford that Suburban McMansion today.  Thank you Bill and Bar – economic oppression eventually makes…Revolutionaries.

Diane Fineswine, Liberal Democrat Senator from San Francisco never met a gun from Operation Fast & Furious she didn’t like, (providing it smelled like Her Master’s sweet, sweet nutsack) immediately yaps about guns.  The thousands of Beloved Méxicañs murdered by his guns never seemed to el registrado with her.   She wants a disarmed people subject to Socialist Tyranny who do The Elite’s bidding…like Mexicans who can’t own guns.
[do note, that liberal WordPress “somehow” doesn’t find it necessary to put in recommended quicklinks to Operation Fast & Furious – yet provides them by the thousands to such worthy, topical sources such as Vin Diesel movies, Al Gore, dog food and MLK.  Thank you, wp, for neglecting to put in links to Operation Fast & Furious.  Nobody will ever know about Operation Fast & Furious]

Now you’ll have schools evacuated because some wag phones in a threat to St. Martin Luther King of the Holy Balcony Middle Skool, or a Frito truck backfires.  Craziness will ensue.  Craziness no one can tolerate.  Liberals will make their only argument:  Wild Emotional Jeremiad.  It will make them look insane.  The greatest weapon to use against them is simply let them state their case then counter-attack with the well-honed arguments the NRA crafted by constant attack from Bill Clinton in the 1990’s.

UPDATE: Told Ya So: Authorities crack down on copycat threats after Newtown (yahoo

I may well be incorrect, for it is dangerous to underestimate the growing stupidity of the american people.  Small “a” america…

June 16, 2012

HATE Mail: Who DOES Firepower THINK He Is?

by Firepower

Harry Suit writes:

API Picture Credit: CRUDD-Co. A Subsidiary of Mangan Enterprises

Women are sociopathic aliens who steal our hard-earned money, boo hoo. Just another lame omega blog. Write about something interesting that will advance the cause, like lecture notes to an online chemistry class.

Suddenly…you’re pretty sensitive to “What Rilly Matters!” – for someone who perpetually wallows around in ‘grecycled Pig Slop.  Go take a look at the books I recommend to get you up off your knees.

But you didn’t say anything worth responding to.

You’re still blind, like a baby mouse: you’ve just conditioned yourself to reading ‘grecyclers – like piggy n’ siggy – writing about what sailer wrote about whut mangan wrote about whuut billo riley wrote about (*gasp!*) Obammy-Pappy being an illegal!  Or, gee-whiz Obama’s NEW liberal policy Executive Order Outrage!® Hey!  How about those black gangs beating up whites!? OUTrageous, right???

 And your “book recommendations” are just generic Amazon links to every book written by or even just about person X.

Nope. there’s plenty of individual books listed in the GoodReads widget in the Right Column. → But…is someone in so dire a need of …

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May 16, 2012

piggy STILL Clueless

by Firepower

piggy/aka/c.rudd aka/c.ross/aka busboy/aka St.Derb The Second:

piggy pants down

Actual PHOTO of Piggi Writing about me: NOW I don’t know WHAT to do!

C’mon…Okay, now that’s truly uncalled for. Still, I do have to retaliate after all the ad hominem thrown at me. Thrown bravely by glp on his site, along with his brave comrades, sycophant forum-backslappers and Deep Thinkers.  Can’t resist. I’m tempted to highlight them all in green – the color of envy – but I don’t want to add unnecessary color that spruce up glp’s gray posts. stop that, now!

He starts out (sweetly) by calling me, in his article title, “firefly”

Only fair I call him Miss Piggy. Or my fave: C.RUDD last warning, smartguy!

In all seriousness, the point is, I state unequivocally glp is repetitive. Unoriginal. Fish Sticks to Poached Salmon. Ivory Soap. Oatmeal…pablum…A rehash of the already rehashed Drudge Rehashing Aggregator Rehash. Then I look at The Motive. You always uncover The True Man once you discover His Motive; it’s for fame. Fame based on doing the same repetitive topics 3,000 Prior Derbs have already done-to-death years ago, even.  I don’t begrudge fame. That’s the ultimate aphrodisiac, Henry.  But why, oh WHY should thinking folks read…

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