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December 28, 2015

God Betrayed America

by Firepower

Rene ’78: Same Topics As Today – and Always

“…what role will emulation of Jesuschrist play into the lives of genuine white supremacists? Why are whites entitled for supremacy as opposed to other races?

Christ is defined as the perfect man…only by christians. More than that, he is defined as God. He has help being perfect in an imperfect world where Whites must regain their supremacy and dominate among all the other races who strive for it.

Emulating the meek Jesus destroyed the race, by destroying its fight.  The spirit is gone; is that what God n’ Jesus really wanted? JC may be considered the perfect man, but he’s also the perfect victim, ready to sacrifice for his lessers and creating the doctrine of dying for unworthy scum. That’s what brought Whites low.

Christ taught white men to be cheerful sacrificial victims to coloreds, who – instead of showing respectful repentance – still howl mockingly in the darkness. Is God to be loved when …..

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May 15, 2015

Why Do Communists Kill the Intelligentsia?

by Ryu

…because their only concern is their career.

People may be broadly divided into revolutionary or counterrevolutionary categories. The rich and the middle class want stability. The poor want change.

The moneyed professions’ primary concern is making more money and becoming rich. It is they who keep the structure of society intact. Engineers, doctors, lawyers and teachers are among them. They are the intelligentsia.

Many pay lip service to the working man and poor. But that is all they pay. They do not really care about the people or the revolution.

You have all seen the fake-concern of the…..

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August 18, 2014

Why Don’t the American People Feel the Police State?

by Ryu

…because only dissidents are censored.

There was a tremendous amount of freedom in the old USSR and currently in communist China. You are free to say that you hate America, that grass is green and that the sky is blue. One thing you don’t say is anything against the communists. You may tell who holds the real power by who you cannot criticize.

Conventional thoughts and conventional thinkers present no threat to the system. The public doen’t feel the police state because they have never exercised their political freedoms.

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November 15, 2013

Cold Warrior

by eradican

No other conflict in history was as unique as the cold war. It’s hard to imagine now that the world was once divided in two. Despite shaping the modern world the true impact of the cold war is not well understood. The AK-47 alone is the greatest firearm ever made and changed the fate of nations. A long term struggle is likely what awaits us as well. It would be wise to reexamine this period of history because it may unlock secrets to the future.

Instead of dwelling on the abstracts of communism I’ll give you the reality; it’s a movement of the intelligentsia. It’s not too different than liberalism in that regard. Pretend social hierarchy doesn’t exist meanwhile de facto elites enjoy cream and caviar, everyone else waits in the breadlines. The regime’s apparatchiks and enforcers also lived well almost like a red aristocracy. Despite the horrors of civil war, mass executions, gulags, starvation, and economic ruin I have to give credit where credit is due; red revolutionaries know how to..

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January 8, 2013

Agenda: Grinding America Down (full movie)

by Joe Rebel

A pretty interesting documentary from what I’ve seen so far.

To anyone who is interested, you can watch the full movie here. The video will only be free for a limited time.

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