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March 7, 2016

Agrihood Feudal America

by Firepower

This is an indicator in the early stage Feudalization of Murka. This is how the rich and UMC will live. Poor murkans will live as most did throughout history and as they still do in (what I name) poor “Agrinations” – like Egypt with wheat; Turkey with apricots and Nicaragua with tobacco etc.

Now it’s high times, Hipsters and baby unicorn rainbows – all Shallots and Arugula. Fancy Farmin’ is SWPL. But the future is uglier: subsistence crops like corn, wheat and slaughterhouses. McMansions today, towering apartments (and tenements) tomorrow. Like the RED CHIComs and their industries where the slave-workers live as if on stacked plantation shacks.

These fancy farms will still exist for the wealthy, new ruling class of emerging …..

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September 16, 2015

Elite Manhattan Stockbrokers

by Firepower

You don’t have to be a jew to work for jews.

No TDO, but a glimpse from inside on how they live – and more importantly: Why they think of you as shit. The Elite really do view everyone in wasteland flyover country as peasant swine meant to shovel their feces. It cannot be rammed home enough until it becomes ingrained in your brain:

Every year, children learn a valuable life lesson: Santa loves rich kids more,” and “Each comma in your bank account adds an inch to your dick.”

Priceless commentary abounds.

‘Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.”

Note Choate: It’s where all the Kennedy’s went to be groomed as Elite Child Masters.

It’s a whole different level in Hong Kong, where the maids give blow-jobs, lunches are three hours long and include $300 bottles of wine, and white ex-pats basically get away with murder.”

Ah, Labor Day! These are indeed the kind of childish douchebags who fucked you out of ….

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May 15, 2015

Why Do Communists Kill the Intelligentsia?

by Ryu

…because their only concern is their career.

People may be broadly divided into revolutionary or counterrevolutionary categories. The rich and the middle class want stability. The poor want change.

The moneyed professions’ primary concern is making more money and becoming rich. It is they who keep the structure of society intact. Engineers, doctors, lawyers and teachers are among them. They are the intelligentsia.

Many pay lip service to the working man and poor. But that is all they pay. They do not really care about the people or the revolution.

You have all seen the fake-concern of the…..

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April 13, 2015

Twerk dat Taxhole

by doomdigit


“In our movement to cut off the tail of Capitalism we have achieved great victories,” he announced, “but there are sill many problems.  The situation is especially grave in the Number Nine Production Team.”  He paused, and looked around for emphasis.  Then he bellowed, “Guo Lao-da’s ducks are an example of rotten Capitalism!”  He paused again.  “Guo Lao-da, stand up and ask Chairman Mao for forgiveness!”

Guo Lao-da had been sitting in the front row.  Now he got slowly to his feet.  He looked big and gawky up there in front of everyone, but his rage gave him a strange kind of grace.  “What makes you think your cock is any bigger than anyone else’s?”  he shouted in his thick regional dialect.  “If I’m going to kowtow, I’ll kowtow.  But it’s to Chairman Mao, not to you!”  And in a flash, before I ad time to decipher his words, he was down on all fours in front of the posters, knocking his head on the earthen floor with three loud thumps that could be heard all over the room.

We all had to laugh.  He had stood up to the brigade leader so bravely, but he looked so foolish down there on the ground.  Old Li was furious.  “Guo Lao-da!  Don’t think it’s over just because you kowtowed!  If you don’t kill those ducks tonight, we’ll bring your case to the entire commune!”

I never dreamed that this uneducated peasant could render a Party Secretary speechless, but he did.  “Do you know whose ducks these are?” he demanded, shaking his finger.  “These ducks are …

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April 8, 2015

MINO Machine: Chinee Engineer Girl Brilliant Shining!

by Firepower
Never Boned Anybody Below a "9"

Never Boned ANYBODY Below a “9”

Heard of Xiafen “Sherry” Chen, an employee of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) office in… Ohio? No kidding: Ohio.

Even in “The Murkan Heartland” the loyal twofer AND triple-hyphenated Asian-Chinese-American  – and imported gookette – still finds the time to sell secrets to the ChiComs while busily juggling setting birthing house appointments in LA for her 457 family member-sans.

Ever wonder “how” RED China leapt from 3rd World 1999 Shithole to high tech Super-giant EXTREEM!© by 2004?

If Bill XXXlinton founded a financial empire with sacks full of commie~cash night deposited on the back steps of the White House, why not an enterprising Migger…cuz he’s prolly fucked her, too.

It’s doubtless Dark MINO Sith Lord Sir Eric The Holder shalt discover she was a large “campaign donor” to King O and will be quickly approved by now elderly Deliverance Banjo Boy Mitch McConnell’s Senate as the next head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission cuzz THERE’S a guy with a weakness for the Asian poontang…

December 2, 2014

…Drones For The Gander

by Firepower

Told ya so.
So Long Ago…

US Revolutionary guerrillas and snipers shot the shit out of Redcoats and changed warfare – by humiliating the world’s most powerful nation. But, silly America eventually got fuckered by…

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