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September 27, 2013

Why Liberals Love Censorship: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

Sorry, Georgie: Already Happened…long ago

Liberals – and pure Liberalism – thrive on censorship.

Do you think such a ridiculous, unsustainable “system” and even an ideology could sustain itself on its own merit?

Liberals depend upon censorship to create a vacuum for their ideas.  Liberalism cannot survive scrutiny – not even innocent scrutiny.  They, are Flat|Earthers.

They are the modern version of the Medieval Catholic Church they so love to mock.  Modern Priests of Calcification, burning “heretics” disbelieving their dogma on some beardguy who’ll come n’ make life all bettuh.  Praize-0-Bama.  Praise the Next Big Federal Program & Agency.

That is why “niggernigger-spick-spick-n-n-n-niggering!” on a forum gets you banned.  You do get your “shot” off, but at the cost of it bouncing off a sandbag; it does not strike between the eyes or center mass.  You are sandbagged. You get banned, and the liberals bury you at sea.  The water closes over you:  It’s as if you, or your important message, never existed.  Any future, potential converts you might have made, will never know of your words and deeds.

To those people you’ve let down, it’s as if the written works of Thomas Jefferson or George Orwell were all obliterated.  Every book you ever loved – burned and successfully stamped-out and erased by your worst enemy.

You call that success?  If what you really, truly want is to call a spade a spade – do it in person, or spray-paint it on what they value and where they live.

Writing this, I searched for “related articles” to add.  The only provided were about censorship in China – not America, one of the most heavily censored States in the world.  stfu and learn

Eradicate others don’t let them eradicate you.

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