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August 26, 2013

Without Money, You are Useless

by Ryu

We have to get WN on a paying basis. For now, we reach into our own pockets and work for free. Madness. No wonder WN is so ineffective.

A fact of life in most of the third world is bribes and corruption. This is on the rise in the US. I belive almost any prominant liberal could be bought off. If not, a cop or soldier could be enticed to make the problem disappear.

I am certain that with enough money, WN could do anything. Money is our god as Americans and we will do anything to obtain it. If WN was as profitable as real estate or the stock market, people would BEG to sign up. The USG now pays middle class STEMers to build the surveillance system that will imprison themselves and their children…the power of money.

It’s not only that. Wars cost money. Fighting an insurgency now is pure fantasy because we have nothing. Guns cost money, ammo, food, safe houses, clothing, transport, communications, bribes. I believe Brevik took out loans of about 200,000 Euros to finance his op. That’s one day, a one man op. Longer with more men costs more money.

It is time to focus on the how. Never lie to yourself. Nothing gets done without money. I know that it sounds boring. No one wants to do the boring stuff and lay the foundation. Everyone wants to pull triggers, everyone loves the rush.

For those with the proper risk tolerance and mental wiring, breaking the rules can offer alot of juice. Often the more illegal and underground, the more profitable. Also, this will be good practice. There are two sets of laws today: one for the rich, one for everyone else. There is in fact, only one rule – whoever has the gold makes the rules.

As always, never break the law…God’s law, the only law there is. “With enough power and money, you can do anything.”

I no longer read most WN sites as they are pure fantasy. I have learned more from contemplating the Dolph Lundgren fitness tape. The addition of money, music in the right places, video angles, editing make it what it is.

Manufactured celebrity, all made possible by money. The effect is awesome. How much is substance, how much is marketing? WNs are now like musicians concerned only with our own ability.

June 15, 2013

Soviet Murka

by Ryu

When I was young, I had alot of admiration for the Soviet Union. I admired the military displays, their discipline and bearing, their seriousness. I always used to wonder – what would it be like to live there? Why don’t the Russian people revolt? Surely they must have known that everything was lies and all the numbers were cooked.

The answer is clear now: they were too busy working. The party knew that if a man works many hours, he’ll be grateful just to watch TV or listen to the radio before going to bed and doing it again the next day. Decency, progress, enjoyment – these things are unnecessary. When the body is tired, the mind will also be exhausted. On a smaller scale, interrogators use this tactic to reduce the subject’s resistance and increase suggestibility/cooperation.

A similar situation unfolds in Murka. Wages have not risen relative to inflation since the 1980s. The average American’s pay is so low that he must work long and hard just to stay where he is. In the next few decades, most of our current middle class will disappear. New retail directives call for few full time employees, with everyone under 30 hours to avoid ObamaCare coverage. There is no recovery from the current depression.

It’s very hard to see the decline of Murka if you just look in the obvious places. Superficially Murka looks fairly good today. Federal grants have released alot of “free” money into small towns who have spent it on beautification projects.

You have to look carefully – check employee areas, breakrooms, back alleys, ceilings, bathrooms; where customers do not go. Large cities, when they can get away with it, will actually outlaw the homeless and try to export them to other cities. With the exception of cell phones, car body style and the internet, I believe that most of the US is actually sitting on 80s level infrastructure.

The federal government will grow larger. Imagine more rules and regulations. The type of people working government jobs will be people who obey the rules to the letter – forget Oathkeeping dreams. Thus, any form of progress will be absent, except negative progress. There will be more informants working for the USG. Soon hospitals will be cooperating fully with ObamaCare.

America is a third world country TODAY. Not in 20 years, but now. It’s the same as saying Guatemala and Venezuela are third world – don’t fooled by the malls in Capital City. Ask the man on the street, Joe Sixpack, what he thinks.


I don’t wish to leave WNs unhappy and unmotivated. Nothing in life is all good or all bad; there are advantages to our situation. Relationships will become more important. WN is a way for you to find true lifetime friends. Work will go from being a purpose of living to a means to make money.

Your true life’s purpose has to do with areas where you are special and unique, irreplaceable. There’s not an employee in the world today who isn’t replaceable. To your employer, you are just a part in a machine, one of a thousand. To your family, friends, and other WNs, you’re a person with value. You’ll be remembered.

I encourage all WNs to find an area interesting to you and to make it your own. Become better than the experts; you can do it if you stick with it long enough. If you want to make a living off of it, fine. That’s not the point. Everyone needs a reason to live and something to be excited about. The rest – District 1 and their games, the media – is not real.

Even mockery can be a useful ability. It takes a sharp mind.


June 14, 2013

“The Work”: Various Forms of VRW

by Ryu

The pattern is everywhere. This is because it is more profitable to sell fantasy than reality.

For PUAs…”The One”.

For Survivalists…”The Collapse”

For Criminals….”The Big Score.”

For WNs…”Vikings Riding Wolves.”

For Christians…”Judgement Day/Revelations”

For the US Miliary….That one big op that ends terror.

For the MRM…Feminism just up and goes away.

What they have in common is that none of them exist. They are all fantasies that appeal to human laziness and his desire of something for nothing. In all cases, the one in a million miracle cure comes in, solving all problems.

I’m going to be a grinder. I have resolved to eliminate what I can of VRW from my own philosophy. From now on, there’s only the work, the grind. Getting one day better, squeezing out the tiny advantages, winning the expected return. Matching my strengths against the enemy’s weakness.

I see alot of pessimism out there. That comes from helplessness. The first step to curing that is to become excellent at something useful to WN. Doing things successfully builds confidence. No one is above the process. You have to walk before you can run. People are looking at the top of the mountain before they started the journey. No wonder they are afraid.


Put yourself on the line. Make it personal. This is a long term project with no miracle cures. You WILL pay every cent and every minute of time for your wins. Hope and luck are not strategies.

Find ways to motivate yourself. You already know what needs to be done. Everyone here does. It’s not done all at once, it’s not done without practice.

I tremendous confidence in properly motivated WNs. I’d put any of them against the average cop or soldier any day of the week. But you’ve got to put in the work! You need to set yourself on fire; wanting it is not enough, you have to need it. No more bitching about what you can’t do; focus on what you CAN do.


May 30, 2013

Chicken Coop Design: FEMA Camp 1.0

by doomdigit

The “FEMA Camp” series of chicken coops I am going to discuss are designed primarily for the Cornish Rock Cross chicken breed, A.K.A. McMutant.  Always keep in mind competing considerations vying for control over the design: time, cost, space, etc.  The FEMA Camp series was designed to be cheap, constructed mostly out of spare materials.

FEMA Camp 1.0 is 8′ x 10′, with the actual coop being 4′ x 8′.  The prison yard walls, so to speak, are covered with chicken wire.  The wire is not really designed to keep critters out, but the McMutants in.  The wire kept cats and dogs out, but there is no way it would keep raccoons out.  The idea was that we would keep the McMutants concentrated and they could be watched throughout the day.

The coop itself is much more secure, being nearly completely enclosed by OSB, with small vents covered by hardware cloth.  The floor of the coop is covered with hardware cloth, which should be difficult for critters to get through.  There are no guarantees of security, though.

The roof of the coop and some of the yard are covered with OSB with rubber roofing on top.  The roof was secured to the coop and the yard frame.  There were no hinges on the coop side of the roof which made it difficult to access the coop.  We sloped the roof the way we did so we could have easier access to the coop and yard doors.  There is an exterior yard door which we designed because we thought it would be easy to grab the chickens we wanted to butcher as they left the coop in the morning, as well as an easy way to open the coop door.  As it turned out, there was a flaw in the design.  Sloping the roof the way we did allowed water to drip onto the McMutants whenever it rained.  As it happened, there was a big storm shortly after we put the first batch in the coop and they were drenched.  That problem can easily be solved by adding gutters or simply changing the slope.  The direction of the slope is not too big of a deal though, as two iterations later we still have not changed it.  If we were to build a new coop we probably would change the roof, but remember that changing one thing changes other things.  At some point we will install hinges on the roof so we easily access the coop.  By changing the roof, you would only be able to access half of the coop at one time unless you made other changes.

Fat as McMutants are, they can still be quick and slightly difficult to catch at times.  Remember, they are still young at eight weeks, the prime of their lives.  Bears and Sumo Wrestlers look like they would be slow, but it is all a matter of distance.  Thankfully, we designed a large screen door over the yard of the FEMA Camp to allow easy access.  We used the door a lot.  We discovered it was far easier to lure the McMutants to their doom than try to grab them as they left the coop.  By using the screen door we had far more control over which birds we wanted to despatch first.  This matters because you may want to give runts a little more time (a couple days or so) to gain more weight.  McMutants should weigh between 8 lbs. (female) and 12 lbs. (male).  We had a lot of decent sized McMutants with this coop design.

The coop door did not work well at all, and there are two reasons for this.  The first is that when we placed the McMutants in their new home, they were not used to it.  Ideally you will keep your critters in their new home for a week or two before letting them outside so that they know where their home is.  We did not do that with his batch, and so when they went outside they had to be herded back.  It was very difficult to herd them into the coop because the door was not very wide, and opened to the left.  Herding was a two man job.  One man held the coop door open as filthy McMutant bodies pressed against it, as another man stood in the filthy yard and shoved the McMutants towards the door with a board.  Herding took thirty minutes the first night, and dropped down to around ten minutes on subsequent nights.  From the perspective time, this coop is a failure.  You should not be spending this much time herding filth bags.   The McMutants finally learned where their home was a day or two before they were butchered.  Some McMutants still stayed outside, because chickens like to go to sleep at sunset, and the roof provided shade and a seemingly secure area for them to sleep.

This coop was designed to be a chicken tractor; that is, it would be moved fairly frequently.  Unfortunately, because we had to scrimp, save, and scavenge, the coop was not really sturdy.  We used few 2″ x 4’s, and ended up cutting those in half.  The structure was rickety, but we were able to move it around.

We concentrated twenty McMutants in FEMA Camp 1.0, and I would not recommend concentrating more than that.  We experienced no serious resistance.  The McMutants became increasingly wary as the week of doom progressed, and some of them hid inside the coop, which meant we had to unscrew the roof to get them.  Most of the McMutants were above their minimum weight targets, and the mortality rate was very low.  Unfortunately, I lost the notebook with all the specific data.


November 25, 2012

The Financial Crisis, Survivalism, and WN

by Ryu

(***I’m very pleased to let a guest writer, Spearo, join us today.  He is a man who is thoroughly acquainted with economics and our financial system.  Identity, organization, action.***)

For starters, I’m a conservative banker in the old German tradition and I simply have not succumbed to the capitalist-consumer hysteria that defines actors in the American debt economy. It’s not in my character or personality. I saw the crisis coming in 2004-2006 and made the necessary preparations. I have not over-extended myself. During the peak I was directly involved (in private banking and hedge funds) in lending to clients. Many of these guys  were real estate rich, cash poor. They were overleveraged and yet insisted on taking out more loans/lines. The numbers at the time made sense. And the banks naturally were happy to accept the fees. But there was a lack of awareness of a downside, both on part of clients and banks. Most of them simply didn’t see it coming. ‘Short-termism’ is a chronic affliction of the modern financial class.

It is a peculiarity of modern people, and Americans in particular, to conceive of history as linear progression, i.e. tomorrow will always be better than today, an infinite upward-sloping line on the graph, which leads in most cases to poor (or non-existent) risk management. Whereas astute investors understand the ups-and-downs of the economic cycle and plan accordingly. This past summer, having waited a few years for housing prices to bottom out, I made some additional allocations to RE, which I will write about soon. In crisis, there is opportunity.

The so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ is something to be concerned about, surely. What this reveals, I think, is that the main risk of investing in the US today is “political risk”, which historically has applied to unstable banana republics in the third world. The American economy is in fairly good shape, and improving. The housing market is improving, too. It’s the political class that we should be concerned about.

I’m not into the ‘doomsday survivalism’ scene. Many of the guys involved in it come across as cranks and misfits, un-clubbable types who imagine themselves fighting a lonely ‘last stand’ battle out on the frontier. This is apathetic, indeed passive, behaviour. All they do is wait, wait, and wait. If WNs were TRULY concerned about collapse they would start networking in a serious way, forming cooperative guilds, neighbourhood self-defence units, charitable initiatives (a la Golden Dawn), resource collectives, etc. Our common protection and survival depend on identity, organisation, and action. I just don’t see WNs taking the steps to achieve it.

WNs *MUST* learn finance and economics if they are to present a reasonable plan that appeals to White elites and voters.

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