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February 21, 2014


by Ryu

What does winning wn mean to you? Not in the collective, cosmic sense but the personal. What is the difference between you the wn winner or you the wn loser? What is the change that occurs?

I can answer it for myself. Winning is moving to higher levels, accepting more risk while staying in control. It’s being able to do certain things that were impossible in the beginning.

Think about Andy Brevik. His work was the highest thing he did with his life. Nothing else could compare to it. He had to change a great deal in order to do it. One can see in his manifesto the doubts, the fear, and the personal change that occured.

Even though he is in jail, he won. The inner battle is Andy against Andy. Can I do it? Will I succeed? What will others think? Does this matter? Next to these questions, the training and the action itself were nothing. It’s just going through the motions after the decision is made.

Andy Brevik passed into godhood on that day. He did something that only one in a million could ever do. Many people can fire a weapon. Few can do it in a way that will help themselves, without permission or license, overcoming all obstacles.

I am completely unimpressed by men who need Big Daddy Government to tell that what to do and when to do it. The SEAL training is easier than being able to truly stand alone. Do what they do – without the team, funding, the public worship, without permission, and without their cleanup afterward. That is why the military has so little to teach us.

This is the great problem of wn. Such men do not exist in quantity. In the space of a decade, there might be dozen across the white world. The number of white men who can do it in the US is less than a thousand, making each truly one in a million. It is not the skill that is rare, it’s the mind. The real failure is not trying. The fear is more real than the enemy.

Joe Stack won his battle, and died a man. The last few minutes of his manifesto are excellent.

December 28, 2013

The Point of No Return

by Ryu

Imagine it.

The night before Anders Brevik’s action. He could still have turned back, had a normal life. The love for life is strong. The fear. Fear that he might fail, he might bring shame on himself and his cause, fear for his family. Then the calm as he made and lived with his decision.

Nationalists should use a term other than “suicide bomber.” That is a system demonization of a very awesome act. The Muslims believe enough to die with certainty. Heaven awaits them.

Our police don’t do that. They hold “officer safety” as their highest value. But they’ll let a civilian die on the street. Most “soldiers” today are really mercenaries, working only for the paycheck and bennys. Consultant and contractor are two other system terms for their mercs.

No one really believes in America anymore. One may gauge what a man believes in by how he spends his time. By this standard, Americans value their jobs, TV, and sport fandom above all else. Comfort makes cowards, just as a zoo can domesticate a wild beast.

I have decided to spend more time honoring our own heros in the next year. It’s the least I can do. Their actions spoke to the few that can still hear.

Our heros achieved the highest possible level. They heard an inner voice compelling them; some might call it the voice of God. There is no higher authority. And they had the strength to act upon it. When it is written “you know what to do”, that is the reference.

December 15, 2013


by Ryu

The essential parts of a man are there by the time he is 8 or 9 years old. He may learn some new information or have new experiences, but his essence does not change.

The right ingredients must be present in the proper proportions. Too much guts and not enough brains results in the typical small time criminal who ends up in jail. Too much brain with no courage leads to the conservative type.

A part of nationalism is trying to impart this genetic gift. Some things cannot be given. This is why our writings seem to be ineffective. It’s also why certain writers can …..

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August 26, 2013

Without Money, You are Useless

by Ryu

We have to get WN on a paying basis. For now, we reach into our own pockets and work for free. Madness. No wonder WN is so ineffective.

A fact of life in most of the third world is bribes and corruption. This is on the rise in the US. I belive almost any prominant liberal could be bought off. If not, a cop or soldier could be enticed to make the problem disappear.

I am certain that with enough money, WN could do anything. Money is our god as Americans and we will do anything to obtain it. If WN was as profitable as real estate or the stock market, people would BEG to sign up. The USG now pays middle class STEMers to build the surveillance system that will imprison themselves and their children…the power of money.

It’s not only that. Wars cost money. Fighting an insurgency now is pure fantasy because we have nothing. Guns cost money, ammo, food, safe houses, clothing, transport, communications, bribes. I believe Brevik took out loans of about 200,000 Euros to finance his op. That’s one day, a one man op. Longer with more men costs more money.

It is time to focus on the how. Never lie to yourself. Nothing gets done without money. I know that it sounds boring. No one wants to do the boring stuff and lay the foundation. Everyone wants to pull triggers, everyone loves the rush.

For those with the proper risk tolerance and mental wiring, breaking the rules can offer alot of juice. Often the more illegal and underground, the more profitable. Also, this will be good practice. There are two sets of laws today: one for the rich, one for everyone else. There is in fact, only one rule – whoever has the gold makes the rules.

As always, never break the law…God’s law, the only law there is. “With enough power and money, you can do anything.”

I no longer read most WN sites as they are pure fantasy. I have learned more from contemplating the Dolph Lundgren fitness tape. The addition of money, music in the right places, video angles, editing make it what it is.

Manufactured celebrity, all made possible by money. The effect is awesome. How much is substance, how much is marketing? WNs are now like musicians concerned only with our own ability.

June 18, 2013

What Eradica Can and Cannot Do For You

by Ryu

This goes for every other site, every other book and every bit of advice you’ll hear as well.

We cannot give you the cure. That one thing that will make everything alright, the failsafe risk-free system that will allow you to beat the enemy with ease. Such a system does not exist.

Risk can be identified by planning, it can be minimized with proper training, but it can never, ever be eliminated. The best anyone can offer is the suggestion to abort when the risk is above your tolerance if things get too hot. The discipline is being able to abort at any time, living to fight another day.

Nothing we write here is useful without action. Unfortunately, because everything electronic is now monitored, there will be no action reports on Eradica or any other sane site. All we can do is try to gain accurate information about the future, to help motivate you, and to find you like-minded people.

There are some who believe that WN must eventually come to direct action – things like sabotage, assassination, and the like. There is not a person on Earth that gets good at those things in a single day. Like every skill, it takes years and years of progressively more difficult preparation to develop.

Brevik took 10 years of planning and training for one day. He was successful but he got lazy in the capture/evasion portions, which is why he got caught. What’s the ratio there? 3600 days of work:1 day of action. He should have taken another year or two and prepped the escape.

Fantasies need to die, whether it is Vikings Riding Wolves, Judgement Day, or The Collapse. That’s a collective form. Another is the necessity of practice; everyone has to do it. How much talent or natural ability someone has is irrelevant. It cannot be overemphasized that no one is good at anything their first time trying it.

Remember – Clean. Disciplined. Professional. Repeatable. Do the work.


May 23, 2013

Attacking to Motivate, Not to Destroy

by Ryu

It’s important to begin by recognizing that the internet is largely a system tool right now. It’s not safe in any form, not email, not cell phones, not line phones, nothing. As always, watch what you say.

I saw some anger regarding yesterday’s Muzz Nigel attack. It is understandable. Some even called for retaliation. That’s what this post is about.

The problem with attacks against the system is that so few really succeed. No attack, no matter how severe, is decisive. The real goal is to demonstrate that the thing is possible and to empower other revolutionaries. I’m talking about the golden tuna, getting away with it in the long haul. Many pull off the action but show their lack of preparation by making mistakes and getting caught. We don’t need more martyrs as we have hundreds already.

I’ve written before how the action itself is only the fun, small,and easy part; action:capture:evasion preparation ratios should be around 1:3:6. Killing a man is easy in comparison to getting away with it. The reason cops and soldiers can rack up these huge number of kills is because they don’t have to evade capture; they have a badge or flag to hide behind.

It’s very discouraging to watch attack after attack succeed, only for the perps to be dragged in a few days later. That Tammie guy from Boston is probably being tortured as we speak. The FFOL knows this, which is why it publicizes its successes so much. They do not cover their defeats.

When people talk about retaliation, they’re talking about someone setting an example and creating a system that others can copy, that others can copy, and so on down the line until we win. But who has gotten away with it recently, in the long term, other than Kaczinsky? Brevik comes to mind, but he allowed himself to be caught, which may have been because he was unwilling to take another year planning a clean and lasting escape. Similar with Carlos the Jackal, who was active for too long.

The type of man who can actually serve as that example is rare, he is one in a million. He doesn’t post or comment on racist blogs, he’s patient, intelligent, disciplined, drug-free, alcohol-free, woman-free, obsessive, detail-oriented, and studious.

The public mood just isn’t there for general revolt. There is indeed alot of anger toward the system right now, you can see it in any comment section. But that anger could change to patriotism or fear if the media wanted to engineer it. One can see how right now a tornado in Oklahoma is used to cover up the IRS scandal, Benghazi and the AP infiltrations.

Think a bit about how things play out; cause and effect. If there were attacks against the system that were successful, would they be publicized? Would the public cooperate with police? Could the MSM whip up a furor against the perps?

Sniff the wind a bit; determine if victory is even possible. I myself don’t smell it right now. The public is only marginally anti-system. They don’t know WHY they are upset, and so their anger is only a fleeting sensation, whereas for most experienced WNs, the anger is gone, a level surpassed.


I want to instill a level of professionalism in WNs. To really…pay for our victories at the proper cost. Not getting lucky, not relying upon chance, but calculating the odds, learning the rules, and placing a bet with the proper probability of success. To anticipate, to read the tea leaves, to deal with uncertainty and risk properly.

Victory does not happen by mistake. It is the result of endless training, thinking, and preparation. This is true in sport, the workplace, the family, it is true for those seeking a white homeland.

Most WNs are not ready for this level of work. Some will engage in actions impulsively and will get caught. This is a certainty.

I challenge each of you to THINK, not feel. REALITY, not fantasy. The progression to victory, step by step, what’s going to happen next. Clean. Workmanlike. Professional. These ensure than our victories are replicable and not due to chance. Every battle is decided before its fought. There are no second chances in this game. Dead sure…or dead.


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