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November 14, 2013

What’s Drones for The Goose…

by Firepower

Bring Junior! Fun For The WHOLE Family!

Are Drones… for Ryu?

Nope:  It’s good for The Gander

As I told you earlier in comments:

Soon… other enemies of Uncle Beast would get the goodies.  Unlike domestic enemy non-activity-activists, foreigners have little fear of the Jordie’s On Parade! Show!™  – why, not even on their home soil! Go gooooogle “paper tiger.”

If Third World Toilets can send doom crashing down in Suicide Drones, it’s not too long before…

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June 24, 2013

HeroCOPS!®: Big Government Employees of Bostonistan

by Firepower

Attacks White Guys in Trailers – Not LA Mexican Drug Gangs

Mmkay, I’m gonna shorten it to “Bostan” (pronounced boe-stan).  That is, if anybody remembers The Bostan Bombing what with all the TV that’s been on.  I actually postponed this article because people want to forget about its deeper issues.

Think the Liberal Nazi Regime is gonna start deporting Illegals?  Muzz?  Terrorist Illegal Muzz?  Bet you BIG money they don’t.  All this frustrating crap you TDO about is exactly their plan running to order.  How else do you think such “lunacy²” survives; it’s not lunacy to The Elite.

No Illegal mexican or terroist MUZZ refuse free welfare bennies and Amnestied FREE Citizenship.  Would you refuse free money – say, from Sweden – to bang and impregnate their blonds, then walk the streets with Swagga, dominating their neutered SWPL menfolk?  That’s fucking paradise for any male under 50 – colored or white.  It’s not mainly the fault of the colored illegals – it’s the fault of a white elite.

Murkan “gummint” is greaaaaat at combing through 650,000 acre Boston Municipal Gah-bage Dumps looking for microscopic skin flakes. finding “Female DNA” on pressure-cooker shrapnel shards and documenting 50,000,000 CopCAM Extreem!© views of pedestrian muzz backpackers.

What they suck-the-fuck out of is…

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May 20, 2013

Anti-White Media: Police State TV

by Luther Burgsvik

[Preamble: This and the next four posts will explore the Anti-White Media themes that I touched on in the introductory post: ‘Police State TV’, ‘Red Light District TV‘, ‘Nanny State TV’, ‘Nostalgia TV’, ‘Lord of the Manor TV’.]

‘Police State TV’ is a common programme style that is found on prole television channels like ITV and Channel 5. The most well known series being Cops and Police, Camera, Action!. While these programmes are not explicitly Anti-White because of the race-based content that they show, they do nevertheless degrade they Aryan by cultivating bad ideas in his head (seeking cheap thrills, feeling self-righteous when criminals get caught, and presenting the police as the only standard bearers of justice). These bad ideas have a drip, drip, drip effect on the proles that watch them, simply by virtue of the number of ‘Police State TV’ programmes out there (sometimes up tp 6 hours per day on Sky 3. That drip, drip, drip effect drips right on the viewers pecker, slowly eroding his sense of masculinity one hour at a time.

This article will deal with the following points:
What is ‘Police State TV’?
What programmes make up ‘Police State TV’?
Why is ‘Police State TV’ such a bad thing?
What’s the anti-dote for ‘Police State TV’?

What is ‘Police State TV’?
‘Police State TV’ is a development of the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ style of documentary that sprung out of the ‘reality TV’ genre. They include action-based programmes centred around regular police forces, SWAT teams, bounty hunters; aswell as the less action-packed (more sedate) programmes like Customs UK which televise the antics of the customs and excise people in the UK. The cops themselves are the centre of attention because you rarely have a visible ‘narrator/guide’ walking you through the action like you do in documentaries (like David Attenbrough in Life on Earth).

[Caption: ‘Brit Cops: Zero Tolerance’ shows the type of policing you can expect on a visit to cheery ol’ England. Minus the rock music soundtrack of course..]

The ‘Police State TV’ programmes are designed for the proles who enjoy action, cheap thrills, a mild rush of adrenaline, the chance to watch real men in uniforms (swoon!), or the opportunity of seeing a drug-trafficker trying to smuggle a few grams of cocaine through customs. You won’t catch many <SWPL or respectable Middle-Class types watching this drivel. Oh no, they’d much prefer seeing an hour-long documentary on (and I’m not making this up) <The Secret Life of Ice

What programmes make up ‘Police State TV’?
Examples of ‘Police State TV’ run far and wide and across many continents. Below are a few examples garnered from a TV guide.

Police, Camera, Action!
Brit Cops: Frontline Crime
Brit Cops: Zero Tolerance
Brit Cops: Rapid Response
Brit Cops: Law and Disorder
Brit Cops: War on Crime
Police Interceptors
Frontline Police
Motorway Patrol
Worlds Wildest Police Videos
Road Wars
Traffic Cops
Cop Squad
Customs UK
Nothing to Declare
UK Border Force
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Australia’s Toughest Police

Why is ‘Police State TV’ such a bad thing?
‘Police State TV’ is a bad thing because it degrades the Aryan in three ways: by making him enjoy cheap thrills, by making him feel unjustifiably self-righteous, and by portraying the police as the only standard bearers of justice. All of these are negative female traits, which the viewer will absorb and make part of his own psyche. Out goes his masculinity and up goes his femininity. This is how the Police State TV turns its viewers into low-grade females.

‘Police State TV’ degrades the Aryan by making him enjoy cheap thrills like car chases which often result in crashes and sometimes gunfights all of which involve real people. It portrays police-work like a low-grade action movie complete with real life shoot outs. It’s designed to get the adrenaline going in the viewer, and make them feel rather than think: “Someone might get shot! OMG, it’s real-life action! Wow! What a thrill!”

It degrades the Aryan by making him feel self-righteousness when the Cop arrests a ‘suspected’ villain. This feeling of self-righteousness arises because the viewer only sees the action from the police officers perspective, rather than impartially or from the suspects perspective. If you think I’m being absurd here, then imagine watching a Cops style programme shot from an innocent suspects perspective, you’d see police justice in a whole new light.

It furthermore degrades the Aryan by portraying the police as the ONLY standard-bearer of Justice. If the police are the ONLY standard-bearer of justice, it logically follows that the average John Doe on the street ISN’T a standard-bearer of justice. Indeed it takes the notion of justice completely out of his hands and gives it to someone else. And that’s definitely NOT a good thing! It’s just like outsourcing manufacturing to another country (like the UK & US have both done), or outsourcing defence to another country (like the Romans did); if you outsource your justice to another entity then it leaves you vulnerable to exploitation, vulnerable to being ruled over by them. That’s what ‘Police State TV’ does on a daily basis, portraying the Police as the ONLY standard bearers of justice, and that’s why it is such a bad thing.

What’s the anti-dote for ‘Police State TV’?
What to watch then instead of ‘Police State TV’? What should the recovering ‘Police State TV’ fan watch? Perhaps he should watch vigilante films like Death Wish, Outlaw, or The Punisher. Though it may be tempting to watch such films, and indeed may have a positive effect on the viewer, I offer a word of caution before hand.

If watched in the wrong frame of mind, then vigilante films ‘might’ be just as bad if not worse than watching ‘Police State TV’. Why do I think this? I think this because vigilante films allow the viewer to live out their ‘rebellion’ fantasy through the characters on the TV, rather than actualising their own real potency in the ‘real world’. Like Matrix fans, or Fight Club fans, or porn fans who identify with the lead character in the film. It’s a way of living out their fantasy in a safe environment, and handing responsibility for the risky rebelling over to Tyler Durden or Neo. That way Tyler or Neo take the risks instead of the viewer risking their own necks to get something done. And as Firepower keeps reminding us Tyler Durden fans NEVER get anything done. Oh sure they can discuss the ideas presented in the films (freedom, the nature of reality etc) until the cows come home, but is that really action? Then compare them to other ‘independent subcultures’ like Golden Dawn, or Dutch Anarchists/squatters, or the hippy communes of the 1960s, and wonder whether Golden Dawn were avid fans of The Matrix or Fight Club. I doubt it. They were probably too busy handing out food parcels to the needy. So that’s why I say that you should be wary of your own mind before watching a vigilante film. Know, as best as you can, why you’re watching a film.

But let’s say that you’ve chosen to watch a vigilante film. How should you proceed? By ensuring that you use the correct method of film watching, the Ryu method of film watching: STUDY IT! Does a propane cylinder really burst into flames when it’s shot?  Why is it that in the sci-fi classic Alien the white men are killed first, then the black men, then the blond woman, and the only ones left alive are a brunette woman and a cat?  In short: have presence of mind & ask questions, both about the single-events and the long-term trends[1].

It must be said that this method has a definite upside because the more you know about something the less awe and romantic (romanticism = the opposite of Realism) feelings you feel towards it. Movies with big explosions are awe-inspiring when you don’t know much about pyrotechnics, but when you have knowledge of pyrotechnics, the wow factor vaporizes: [Points at the TV set]”Nah, that explosion is far too large, and it should be burning yellow-orange rather than red.” [shakes head] “I’m not impressed.”

As an alternative to vigilante films, you could watch programmes like How it’s Made or Mythbusters both of which dissect the components of the physical world which also destroys any romantic delusions. (Just watch ‘How it’s Made’ and see hundreds of pizzas mechanically trundling along a production line, row after row, and you’ll end up seeing ‘flour based products covered in viscous red liquid’, rather than ‘scrummy yummy pizzas, with pepperoni!’.)

[1] The easiest way I find of spotting differences is to focus on one thing and then find its contrasting opposite. Then all you need to do is to find what the context is that the two things exist in. Most of you have probably done this already, e.g. focussed on one thing: the white race; then found its opposite: the black race; and then found the context that they exist in: racial discrimination.

*** End of Programme ***

*** Commercial Break ***

[I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Master-card TV adverts, but if you haven’t seen them before, or need reminding, then click on the link.]


[1/2 body camera shot of a man in a supermarket aisle picking up a plastic bottle of ‘Cornucopia-Cola’. He pulls a face at it and shakes his head. He then notices a carton of orange juice on the shelf, puts the cola back, picks up the orange juice, half-smiles contentedly, puts it in his shopping trolley and walks on.]
“Healthy food for your growing children: $5”

[Full body camera shot of two 10-year old boys in a gymnasium, one blond, wearing protective head-gear and fighting martial arts. The blond kid throws the other to the ground-mat and holds him there. He is victorious and thrusts both of his hands in the air in triumph.]
“Martial arts lesson for self-defence: $50”

[1/2 body camera shot of a 14-year old blond boy wearing ear defenders at a gun range and holding a revolver. A gun instructor looks down range with him and gestures at the target, then steps back out of shot. The kid squeezes off a few rounds; camera shot of the target – near bulls-eyes.]
“Glock 9mm and lessons on how to handle it: $500”

[Camera shot of numerous 18-year olds on a stage during graduation day. Brief shot to two parents in the crowd smiling and looking happy. Shot of their blond son stepping up to the podium and accepting his certificate.]
“Ensuring your kids get into the most prestigious schools: $5,000”

[Camera shot of 22-year old son and his wife carrying boxes into their new, but slightly dilapidated, home. They put the boxes down and wave to the son’s parents who wave back. The parents then get in their car and drive off. They pass a large road sign that says ‘Thank you for visiting Detroit’. The road-sign is being repaired by a group of four white workmen.]
“Your children being the future of the white race: Priceless.”

“For everything else there’s Meistro-Card.”

*** End of Commercial Break ***


May 11, 2013

Best Tool When Moving to a City

by sobl1

Whenever friends tell me they are moving to a new city, I quietly listen to the wife ramble on about all of her wishes and hopes for the apartment, neighborhood, type of house, etc. After my wife has separated the woman from my male friend, I then listen to the new job details and life planning details beyond hardwood floors vs. carpeting. Once he drops the code phrase, “we’re looking for an area with good schools”, I then make my move. If I know the city, I mention areas that ain’t what they used to be. If I don’t know the city, I suggest living outside the city for a year and scoping out places. If city living is an absolute must, I bring out the laptop. Some people cannot be denied the excitement of city amenities. The best tool for picking where to live when moving to a new metro area is the NY Times 2010 Census Maps with the “distribution of racial and ethnic groups in 2010” filter on.

Feudal Manhattan: What The Elite REALLY Do

The NY Times took all of the census data and mapped the rise and fall of certain areas. They have a special map, which is the racial and ethnic population dot map, that comes in handy for picking a home long term. Long term because you cannot just use the racial splits of today as a guide. This map also shows you the change since 2000. This is very important because you can see how an area has changed and how fast it is changing. Certain census tracts have undergone enormous change in just ten years. Thinking of moving to an up and coming gentrified area? This map can show you how gentrified it is, and how quickly it is turning over. You don’t want to be a pioneer, especially in our economic decline. One guideline I have formulated is that if you move to an area known for having redneck whites or bluer collar whites, it will probably stay whiter longer than the area with red wine drinking whites. That is unless the area has zoning laws, and they can keep the cost of a small home incredibly high like the suburban enclaves of Boston. Blacks have a word of mouth system for not moving to an area that won’t take as kindly to their antics. Indianapolis is learning this as the black drift northward is slowly destroying the once great northern township schools, while the southern townships schools stay at the same testing + safety level as twenty years ago. The NY Times census maps reveal all.

There is another benefit to these maps. Readers who live in the southwest are already aware, but these maps can show you ground zero of the unreported black vs. brown race war. Sometimes the media spotlights it, but never draws conclusions to a broader problem like in this LA Times article on Compton becoming a Hispanic stronghold. This is happening all across America as Hispanics, while concentrated heavily in the southwest, have infiltrated metro areas and due to simple economics live in poorer hoods, which are predominantly black. Roxbury in Boston was once all black, and now has sections that are nearly 50% Hispanic. Black on brown crime is different from the old black on white crime, as whites would just sell their home and move whereas Hispanics bring guns and knives for round two. Hispanics are often accused of retaliating (the horror for standing up for oneself) and then melting away due to their people protecting them. Sound familiar? Blacks are getting beat at their old game by the Hispanics, and the Hispanics have tighter family structures and make a little bit more money. I don’t have any sympathy for the blacks in this situation. I have even less sympathy for a white person who willingly chooses to move into dodgy areas without even checking the resources available. We may be forced to live in a multicultural society, but it doesn’t mean we can’t walk around fully aware.

April 16, 2013

Media Coverage of the Boston Bombing: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

C’mon! Pretty People hired for their teeth (or tits) aren’t reasonably expected to make cogent comments or incisive observations about This Latest Outrage!™

Hey, Choo!  Stop Estaring Admai Teess!

So now, the MSM response is: Show footage from 20,000 different shaky iPhones…of the exact same event.  But, replayed, over and over.

Cheap sentiment is today’s prescribed depth of shallow Murkan analysis for a deteriorated nation and national mentality.  Imminent worship of HeroCOPS! & HEROFireFighters!® soon commences.  Get ready for the Bagpipes pipin’ and belchin’ out Amazing Grace at funerals – especially Boston ones…

Twitter (once again) proves the Firepowerian Maxim that

An increase in Media Technology means an Increase in Stupid

According to HRH Obama’s dictum of demanding we go full Sandyhook and act rationally in the heat of the moment, wags will note that He won’t demand Banning Arabs.  This story will be yet again the perfect ringside seat to see what Chuck Ross tells us what he thinks about what Rich Lowry wrote about what Krauthammer thought about this particularly (horrible!) TDO.

New York-Centric Media anchors will conduct hard-hitting man-on-the-street interviews telling what this Terrible Tragedy means…to Manhattan.

You should* be able to discern by now between ‘grecycling (of all sorts) and when you learn something fresh.  Cheap sentiment is today’s food for today’s designed simpletons. Next step down the toilet is the empty gesture: Just what kind of Stuffed Teddy Bears will Professional Mourners stuff into the interstices of chain-link fences?  The world…awaits…with bated breath.

Replaying 30,000 different vantage points from 30,000 different iPhones means giving Twits 30,000 different things to Tweet about.  And, after all – isn’t that what it really is all about now.

*(MRAs: note proper usage of word “should”)

April 15, 2013

Etruscan-ization of whites: Marathon Culture

by Firepower

Forsooth ‘Tis Mincing Ribaldry!
Etruscan Art

There are Whites and there are whites – then even lesser wites.

Call modern day bloggerz “e-truscans.” Kwlz.  Twitter…even stupider.

First, it’s 22 dead, then 12 then 2:  So long as there’s a “2” in there it must be right.

Now The Revolution is carried out on the couch.  Tweets fired off instead of muskets.  The Elite know this and see it, which is why they are now openly contemptuous of the mob.  This is the frustrating confusion you see today – the answer to all those repetitive “what the fuck happened to america?” questions.

The Romans displaced the Etruscans from the Italian peninsula after they degenerated into a soft, sissified culture fixated on….

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