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June 14, 2013

NSA Big Gov EDITION: Liberalnazis Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Investigate every tiny crumb of (white)

Kitchen Table TEA Party Mommies


Ignore that
Hunky Tamerlan & Dreamy Dzokhar
got FREE Welfare!

Wahabbi Al-AKHBARrrrr!!!


May 23, 2013

Attacking to Motivate, Not to Destroy

by Ryu

It’s important to begin by recognizing that the internet is largely a system tool right now. It’s not safe in any form, not email, not cell phones, not line phones, nothing. As always, watch what you say.

I saw some anger regarding yesterday’s Muzz Nigel attack. It is understandable. Some even called for retaliation. That’s what this post is about.

The problem with attacks against the system is that so few really succeed. No attack, no matter how severe, is decisive. The real goal is to demonstrate that the thing is possible and to empower other revolutionaries. I’m talking about the golden tuna, getting away with it in the long haul. Many pull off the action but show their lack of preparation by making mistakes and getting caught. We don’t need more martyrs as we have hundreds already.

I’ve written before how the action itself is only the fun, small,and easy part; action:capture:evasion preparation ratios should be around 1:3:6. Killing a man is easy in comparison to getting away with it. The reason cops and soldiers can rack up these huge number of kills is because they don’t have to evade capture; they have a badge or flag to hide behind.

It’s very discouraging to watch attack after attack succeed, only for the perps to be dragged in a few days later. That Tammie guy from Boston is probably being tortured as we speak. The FFOL knows this, which is why it publicizes its successes so much. They do not cover their defeats.

When people talk about retaliation, they’re talking about someone setting an example and creating a system that others can copy, that others can copy, and so on down the line until we win. But who has gotten away with it recently, in the long term, other than Kaczinsky? Brevik comes to mind, but he allowed himself to be caught, which may have been because he was unwilling to take another year planning a clean and lasting escape. Similar with Carlos the Jackal, who was active for too long.

The type of man who can actually serve as that example is rare, he is one in a million. He doesn’t post or comment on racist blogs, he’s patient, intelligent, disciplined, drug-free, alcohol-free, woman-free, obsessive, detail-oriented, and studious.

The public mood just isn’t there for general revolt. There is indeed alot of anger toward the system right now, you can see it in any comment section. But that anger could change to patriotism or fear if the media wanted to engineer it. One can see how right now a tornado in Oklahoma is used to cover up the IRS scandal, Benghazi and the AP infiltrations.

Think a bit about how things play out; cause and effect. If there were attacks against the system that were successful, would they be publicized? Would the public cooperate with police? Could the MSM whip up a furor against the perps?

Sniff the wind a bit; determine if victory is even possible. I myself don’t smell it right now. The public is only marginally anti-system. They don’t know WHY they are upset, and so their anger is only a fleeting sensation, whereas for most experienced WNs, the anger is gone, a level surpassed.


I want to instill a level of professionalism in WNs. To really…pay for our victories at the proper cost. Not getting lucky, not relying upon chance, but calculating the odds, learning the rules, and placing a bet with the proper probability of success. To anticipate, to read the tea leaves, to deal with uncertainty and risk properly.

Victory does not happen by mistake. It is the result of endless training, thinking, and preparation. This is true in sport, the workplace, the family, it is true for those seeking a white homeland.

Most WNs are not ready for this level of work. Some will engage in actions impulsively and will get caught. This is a certainty.

I challenge each of you to THINK, not feel. REALITY, not fantasy. The progression to victory, step by step, what’s going to happen next. Clean. Workmanlike. Professional. These ensure than our victories are replicable and not due to chance. Every battle is decided before its fought. There are no second chances in this game. Dead sure…or dead.


May 2, 2013

The Importance of Preparation

by Ryu

I recently had to make a phone call worth some money to me. The duration was estimated to be 5 minutes. To prepare for this call, I took 120 minutes. That’s a ratio of preparation:action of 120:5 or 24:1. Quite a ratio isn’t it?

But that’s nothing compared to an area where the stakes are higher or when life or death is at stake. I’m struck when I read the Ranger field manual how much….

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April 19, 2013

Twitterpocrisy: Idiot World

by Firepower

Ahhh…nothing like the reaffirmation of a Firepowerian Maxim:

Twitter makes stupid easier – and faster

(that link is for those of you too smart to find the glossary)

The fixation on The Boston Manglers has turned every little twerp into a Junior Ace Cub NewsFlash Scoop Reportah!™  by dint of having the sheer brains to get an ISP and a keyboard.  Give every Moron a Mic, then the trouble becomes how to find audiences of said morons when each is out chasing farts in the wind.

It’s Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging writ smaller… dumber.  Now, not only can a moron with 500 followers and a blogroll tell us how to interpret what Da Derb thinks about what Krauthammer wrote – we all get to bask in 100 Million Idiots killing time at work on their iPhone doing the same copycat routine: When each “news” outlet gets it wrong, we get in real time the response to each idiot getting it wrong.  The land of One Billion Retractions.

The worst insult is seeing all those Lone Wolf Flag Wavas lead the cheering section for SWATZIS in Humvees & MRAPs occupying city streets when formerly they were snarling about the sanctity of the NRA and Our Preshuss 2nd Amendment.

First, they came for the Davidians.  I was not a Davidian so I cared not.  Then, they came for the Weavers.  Then, they came for the Hutarees.  I was not a Hutaree so I cared not.

Again, 2 TeenMuzz Hipsters do more than 20 Million loudmouthed NRA whiteys.

Twitterpocrisy: The Next Power-up in the growth industry of Murkan Stupid

April 18, 2013

Reader Mail: The Boston MANGLER

by Firepower

This charming, mincy Bit O’ Fluff comes from reader Ioaian Maeve-Binchy, Deep Dipsheep, Bora Bunga, BoyQueens, AU:

Here’s a post for you FP:

‘We shall fight them via their marathons, we shall fight in their whole-food markets, we shall fight in their offices and in their duplexes, we shall fight in the cocktail bars; we shall never surrender…’

A. Bomber

Finally a freedom fighter of rare genius!

I only found out about the Boston Bomber today via Ryu‘s post. I QUICKLY switched to ESPN to avoid the nonsense of another yank-wank mass slaughter and to re-watch Adam Scott’s Masters victory for the 1000th time. To my horror even ESPN was showing the bombing incident via CNN’s live feed. Even worse he only got 3 of ’em.

Slowly it occurred to me that the bomber was a chap  of rare disposition. I think we can all say we despise bureaucrats and their fucking outdoor lifestly bullshit. Whether it be the 4WDing, hyking or cylcing they fuck us off with their activity laden ‘weekends’. ‘What did you get up to?’ they fraudgently ask, all the while knowing we’VE been sinking piss the whole time to drive out the memory of our battery hen existence. What else is one to do who does real work?

The Boston Bomber knew all this so he struck at their heart. Not a dumb fuck Al-Qaeda wild eye or Brievik weirdo, this guy has style. Don’t strike the symbolic heart, strike the real beating one. The source of their pride. A bomber with a sense of humour.

Well done sir. Kudos to you.

I love it when a letter-writer doesn’t post on his own post.

April 15, 2013

Etruscan-ization of whites: Marathon Culture

by Firepower

Forsooth ‘Tis Mincing Ribaldry!
Etruscan Art

There are Whites and there are whites – then even lesser wites.

Call modern day bloggerz “e-truscans.” Kwlz.  Twitter…even stupider.

First, it’s 22 dead, then 12 then 2:  So long as there’s a “2” in there it must be right.

Now The Revolution is carried out on the couch.  Tweets fired off instead of muskets.  The Elite know this and see it, which is why they are now openly contemptuous of the mob.  This is the frustrating confusion you see today – the answer to all those repetitive “what the fuck happened to america?” questions.

The Romans displaced the Etruscans from the Italian peninsula after they degenerated into a soft, sissified culture fixated on….

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