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April 14, 2016

The Window of Knowledge & Opportunity

by Firepower

i see Good Things for megan n’ ME

As America slides inexorably into the pit, every successive generation will be dumber – more atavistic.  That means it will be harder to recover with each passing year. So, future decades are impossibly dark to imagine.

Those that actually saw a Golden Age of America will die-off, leaving cultural orphans who only ever knew Bill Clinton as the “good old days.”  Then they die and future folks think Obama The Great truly was great.

This is how declines happen. Nobody remains to explain the moments of National Stupidity for World War One or Prohibition. The same now for Our Historic Black President, the Bushite Dynasty and the resulting mess of today.

My comrade Ryu sees Good Things ahead and I appreciate his positivism vis-a-vis my pragmatism. Still, hope is not strategy. The trend towards growing stupidity, venality and degeneration must be addressed when imagining the hope of those future “Good Things” – lest it be just another pipe dream, like religious salvation.

February 26, 2016

Understanding Muzz Through Rooshi

by Firepower

Once Successfully Hooked on Ryu’s Patented “Manson” Opener!

Rooishi made the news. He made Drudge! Albeit for a failure to even rally a hundred national participants to a meetup. More eyeballs show up to see Kylie Kardashian walk in a plastic surgeon’s office to laser the latest venereal wart.

Still, I learned from him. But, I learned more from muh roisshi than teh rooishi. I read neither now. I learned even more from Tyler “Owen” McDurden. Don’t read him anymore, either.

I used to correspond frequently with rooshi pre-Return of Kings when he was plain old ROOSH V on his eponymous blog and his head was 10x smaller. His humor is as dry as an Iranian Cactus (cactii sandniggerus). He takes himself way too seriously – for even a worshiped God MPUAG. As if he’s the prophet of some True Religion. Like Milli Vanilli offing hisself for …..

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May 17, 2015

Eradican Principles, Or…

by Firepower

…how to get a writing gig here.

All writers begin WITH the slot same as everyone gets. Sketchies get contributor slots, (Hipster Racist and conchobar, etc.) while Admin Power is earned later.

As for

…THE MOST PROBABLE OUTCOME if I stayed MY COURSE was anti-administrative privileges and the obvious total exile…

Nah. In a sincere collegial sense, you’re taking a simple probability and conjecturing it into an entire scenario. If you have your own posts or “column” to use as your bailiwick, you could expend your energies dazzling, and recruiting new adherents.

Nothing at Eradica is settled. Time is not of the essence…”

True; Eradica is conceptualized as an academy for leaders to …

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May 11, 2015

Feudal Faggot Frisco

by Firepower

Homoville, USA

What better Fortress Paradise for the ensconced Cali Elite to frolic with your son in Roman Rock Hudson homo orgies?

These aren’t your regular faggots: They’re super-rich elites who can afford to lavishly indulge their perversions.

Told you: Manhattan is the Capital for jews, it has the most in Murka – in both number and percentage. LIUFY.

San Francisco – LN HQ West – has the most faggots.

For those of you too stupid to care, research Zombietime/Zomblog’s photos of their Faggot Follies on the street. [NSFW] Naked, adult males ejaculating from their second story windows onto the crowd below – like some queer jizz confetti in the degenerate parade that is Our Murka. You have to see it so you can testify to the filth; folks simply won’t believe you. Some of the finest investigative reporting ever; FUXNews could learn a lesson on how to smear the fuck out of somebody… with Truth.

Plenty of other stuff from the FFL, commie rallies, OWS nuts and Greenies. Great weapons.

April 25, 2015

Who Runs The World

by Firepower

What Made Kim The Star

This is a roster of The Liberal Nazi Wetdream: Take note of the majority of MINOs, Darlings of Manhattan, coloreds and liberal nazis. The only white males are effeminate hipster faggots or foreigners safer from the USSS.

You see, this is the real Murka. It’s not the pretend one in Dreams of Victory where the LN/MMM simply evaporate without serious resistance, then you put them into camps for eradication. This is the reality of whom you would shed your blood for to preserve for future Murkas…

I’ll do my best channeling of LOTB with attendant, minimalist Fosetism and expect 502 comments.

June 3, 2014

Why All Liberals Must Be Eradicated: Blog Reviews

by Firepower

Hymie Myersteinberg, Ph.D

Pasty & effeminate: Check

Feminist: Check

Atheist: Check

Liberal Professor at a white liberal state college flunking conservative kids: Check

Jew: Check.

This site is a counterpoint to Nationalist VRWism, replete with its own version of “these people should killed” and hoo-ray for us.  The commenters aren’t coloreds or even the wider net of minos. Most are SWPL whites who hate other whites.  The name-calling is delicious. They want “The Government” to round up all NRA members to protect them.

They are Murka’s version of Tories in 1775. They are traitors.

Both camps gather to their respective sides and…

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